So as in every third-rate, tin horn, dictatorship on the planet, what does one do when one must rid oneself of the primary obstacle to one’s ability to maintain one’s political power. Well, you locate a corrupt law enforcement official, in a known corrupt jurisdiction, where there is also a plethora of corrupt judges, and you then accuse the aforementioned political obstacle of some trumped up charges knowing that the seriousness of the charges don’t really matter when you have put into place the mechanism that, to the greatest extent possible, guarantees the desired result. That being, of course, that the political opponent ends up getting sent to prison.

Now transpose this concept on what is taking place in New York with the rumored looming arrest, and potential indictment, of President Trump by Soros funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The Democrats have tried everything, and I do mean absolutely EVERYTHING, in their effort to forever remove Donald Trump from being able to run for president, or for any other political office. And it has been every single time that they have come up empty. And so now they see this potential arrest and indictment as being their last shot. But as an outsider looking in, and as a complete novice in the legal arena, it would seem to be far from a sure thing.

George Soros, a name I’m sure most are familiar with, has invested vast sums of money in his goal of destroying this country. He stands to lose much if President Trump returns to office. By now, a significant number of American citizens are waking up and starting to become aware of Soros’ activities against this nation. If our elected president is restored to office, I expect a lot more details about the attempt to bring this nation to its knees will be revealed to the American people. I would expect a mass awakening would make Soros, and his co-conspirators feel unwelcome in this nation. Possibly even unsafe if citizens ever start enforcing our Constitution.

Joey’s corrupt Attorney General has, I’m sure, issued orders to various ‘Blue State’ Attorneys General to prosecute whomever it might be that is perceived as being a threat to the Democrat Party quest to maintain its political power. American patriots, regardless of party affiliation, must vote to overcome what has now become cheating that takes place on a grand scale. Our greatest threat actually comes not from the Democrats but from our many RINOs in both the House and the Senate. Words mean nothing, only actions. I will vote for President Trump, or I will vote for no one. Never underestimate the dangers we face from the coalition of Democrats and RINOs.

There will be no plandemic next time around to make it so easy for the Democrats to cheat with double mail-in ballots and all the illegals voting. Then, of course, there are all those dead who routinely vote for Democrats. Democrats need to get President Trump out of the way because after what has been made to take place in this country over the course of the last 27 months, even people that don’t like necessary care for President Trump are simply fed up with Joey B. and are saying they intend to vote for President Trump simply because they had a lot more money in their pockets during his tenure. Many are also tired of Joey’s lies and obvious corruption.

The country is falling apart at an ever-increasing rate, and yet the Democrats remain obsessed with getting President Trump. And what benefit does this have for the country as a whole? Does it lower inflation? Does it reduce the price of gas or lower the cost of heating or cooling your home? Do it is reduce crime in any way or make our Democrat controlled cities any safer? Does it make our border more secure? Of course, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding no! But does getting rid of President Trump give the Democrats a better chance of actually winning the presidential election in 2024. Which proves what this is really all about.    

Democrats are so very fond of saying that “no one is above the law.” Unless, of course, your name happens to be Biden, Clinton, ‘BO’ or any other Democrat. President Trump has been rightfully identified by both Democrats and RINOs as being a threat. And they are correct in that assumption. President Trump is a threat to “business as usual” in our government and he is a major threat because even when he ‘lost’ his re-election bid he got the most votes for president of anyone in history. Giving the voters another opportunity to vote for him would be a major risk. Democrats know they must stop him, but they don’t know how. They’re about to fail again.

And finally, every attempt made by the Democrats to weaken President Trump has only served to make him stronger. So while the Democrats remain quite convinced that this latest ploy will succeed where every other attempt has failed, history tells us that in all likelihood it’s at best they have far less than a 50/50 chance of success. More than likely it’s only going to enhance President Trump’s chances in 2024 as we all, even Democrats, see this for what it is, another Democrat witch hunt. And would it not be the funniest thing if this turned out to be yet another bust on the part of the Democrats in the ongoing quest to finally ‘get Trump.’



  1. We all know just how politically popular this case is pertaining to the far left in this country. And I mean everyone of them. From your garden variety, West Coast Tesla driving couple, to every fake
    Non-News head at any of the channels that I call part of the NNC.

    Network News Cabal. Which is made up by, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN MSDNC. And The entire democrat party is the leader of the pack, of the far left. This case is extremely popular with them. From an emotional standpoint to a political standpoint. Socially,It’s a 10!

    To Pretty much everybody else in the United States. This case is repugnant. To Jonathan Turley, not only an attorney, but a pre-eminent law school professor. To whom, the case is, “Legally Pathetic”. those two words that I just put in quotations belong in a paragraph that he wrote, and published in an article. Titled,

    “ America’s Got Trump” :Get Ready For A Truly Made-For-TV

    “Although it may be politically popular, the case is legally pathetic. Bragg is struggling to twist state laws to effectively prosecute a federal case long ago rejected by the Justice Department against Trump over his payment of “hush money” to former stripper Stormy Daniels.

    In 2018 (yes, that is how long this theory has been around), I wrote how difficult such a federal case would be under existing election laws. Now, six years later, the same theory may be shoehorned into a state claim.”

    I don’t believe people that are rooting for this to happen are prepared for the fallout in this country. Our Nation is already divided so bad. And we all know the big driving factor behind this, is the news media. But this is entirely different. By far.

    This case is definitely a Rube Goldberg case. If this happens, this is not only gonna drive us father apart but it’s going to do unbelievable social damage. I honestly believe that we we’ll see physical attacks over this.

    No, I don’t believe conservatives will deliberately jump on leftist. To deliberately go out and go around, jumping on people physically is not in our Social DNA. But it is on the left among the, ANTIFA / BLM.


    We get people in Wyoming and Montana during the tourist season. And the same in Idaho. Just like many other states. We live in a very remote part of Montana. 5 miles from the Canadian Border. And I know the proprietor of the one and only gas station / mercantile / Small hardware store & lumberyard, tavern is on the far far end.

    And here is where you drop off your packages UPS or FedEx. And also where you pick them up at. Because nobody, absolutely nobody, has paved driveways all the way up, to there home.

    (And, there is several reasons for this that I just won’t get into right now because I would be typing a lot more. Well, I should say, I would have to speak a-lot more into my iPad Pro and let it do my typing for me 😃. Even more than it already does. 😊

    Anyway, the owners of the business,man and wife and grown kids, are relatives of mine. The husband is my 1st cousin. They’ve already said if this shit happens and they go through with this, they are going to be hard pressed not to take their anger out, on everybody that is from the West Coast.

    Simply by not serving them. And they damn well mean it. For example, if they want gas? they are shit out of luck. Next station is 55 miles. And towing any kind of a camper, or even towing a small flat-deck-trailer, with only two sleds on board Will still eat more gas than it will, if you’re not towing anything. Sled is what we call a snowmobile. And I know they do in many other places.

    Anyway , I feel in my gut there’s going to be things that happen that will not be good. Granted fallout will happen more so in red states.

    Anyway, i’ve been subscribing to Jonathan Turley going on now for about 4 years and since that time I can’t swear it, but I’ve noticed him, becoming, more conservative?

    But, it’s like Tucker Carlson said the other night concerning someone that is an old style liberal. You’ve heard the old saying, my party left me. He had on, Michael Shellenberger. Which he’s also had on his show that is on Fox Nation. That show that comes on the Fox Nation App, is titled, Tucker, Carlson Today.

    I forget what the actual topic was at that very minute, but I do remember Tucker saying,

    “So, are you saying that you’ve been red pilled? (then he laughs like he does many times).

    Shellenberger said as he started, smiling,

    (I will paraphrase Shellenberger.)

    “ Well Tucker, I don’t know. You know more about that arena than I do. Maybe I have or maybe it’s just that my party and so many people that I’ve known for so long, so, so long. They have moved far away from me.

    You know where I live in California, well

    (Tucker cuts in and says yeah I know you don’t live very far from a cousin of mine. I think she told me, her and her husband live about two blocks from you.).

    .(Shellenberger picks back up)

    Oh. Ok, The next time you’re out, you’ll have to call me, and all of us can go out and do supper. (Tuck said. “Sure thing!)

    “ well anyway, where was I? Oh yes. You know that it’s a very good area and for years you could say that it leaned slightly, slightly center left. But now.? so much of it has gone far left!! and I’m not the only one.

    I know so many people like me that are old line liberals, and yet I can carry on a conversation so much easier with a conservative then I can what conservatives would consider liberal and they’re not!

    They’re not! You know the kind of people I’m talking about Tucker you’re born and raised in California.

    “ yes, I am. And I know exactly the kind of people you’re talking about. These are not liberal. These are progressives. With a tremendous, fascist bent.”

    Shellenberger said,

    “ That’s it that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. Off and on. If I’ve got to use a label for them, I want it to be proper and you just said it. We both know that they’re definitely not liberal.”

    “I don’t believe in nothing absolutely nothing what these people believe in! And the one thing, the one trouble I have with conservatives is they seem to think that all of us are the same.”

    And we’re not! not even close. You know this! You know this! I’ve come to see that I can vacillate from center left to center right. So many things that the conservatives believe in, I believe too!”

    I definitely recommend everybody going on YouTube and watch the congressional hearing the other day when they had Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi.

    On YouTube, in the search bar, just type these words in. Jim Jordan Leeds, hearing targeting government suppression on Twitter.”

    The entire hearing, is on the Forbes-Channel. And you will see this in the bottom right hand corner. “ Forbes Breaking News” even though it’s A little over 2 hours long, even if you have to break it up to watch it all, I highly recommend it.

    Because no matter how much the Democrats try to attack both of these men, they failed spectacularly. Not one Democrat can’t hold a candle to either one of these men. Both are successful writers.

    I don’t know how high the IQ is of your garden-variety Democrat politician, but up against these 2? Lol they lose and lose big time! and it really is amazing how the Democrats are so much against free speech, and warning to sensor people! And the hatred for white people out of black democrat politicians, Is so obvious!

    (2:24 minutes long. Is the hearing on YOUTUBE. )

    And I definitely recommend not only other conservatives watch this, but also go read Jonathan Turley’s article about this case pertaining to President Trump. One thing about Jonathan Turley I like, even though he doesn’t really care for President Trump, is this.

    He doesn’t let his personal feelings block facts, block real actual facts, actual law. He doesn’t let his own feelings From the truth. Read it and you will see. He appears on Tucker quite often.

    Like Alan Dershowitz more than one time on Tucker he has stated he has no trouble representing President Trump, even though they don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things politically.

    (Speaking of Dershowitz, he said the other day that he’s already volunteered to represent President Trump on this matter in New York.)

    But this case to Jonathan Turley is a complete dog turd. If you go read it, you will see why. From a legal standpoint. He flat out, says it will not survive in the appellate court. And throughout so many places across our Nation, it would get thrown out.


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