As crazy as this may sound it’s these days that if you’re looking for an expert on international affairs you apparently need look no further than ABC’s “The View.” Yup, you heard me! You see, it’s one of these hags who seems to fancy herself an expert when it comes to how best to deal with Russian president Vlad Putin and the war in Ukraine. Who knew that it would be one of these brain-dead morons that would turn out to be the go-to person on such an important issue. So, might it be that those who have devoted their lives to following these idiotic nincompoops have been right all along, while the rest us failed to recognize their true genius? No, I don’t think so.   

And so it was, during Wednesday’s broadcast of “The View,” that that military expert Joy Behar told her both her co-hosts, and their idiot audience of clapping seals, that ONLY she knows what to do about Ukraine. She accused Ron DeSantis and President Trump of being “extremely naive and stupid” for thinking that Putin will stop his military advancements with the invasion of Ukraine. Discussing DeSantis calling the Ukraine war a territorial dispute, fellow moron Alyssa Farah Griffin said, “I think it’s the Tucker Carlson audience. I would say I don’t think leaders are ready to be president if they live in fear of Tucker Carlson and his audience.”

Behar said, “Well, we saw in World War II there were isolationists in this country and not until Pearl Harbor was bombed did we get into the war. So we are seeing a similar thing happen here. For these toddlers in politics, Trump and DeSantis, to think that Putin is going to stop with Ukraine is extremely naive and stupid. My mother used to say, give them the finger. They take the whole hand. My mother knew more about politics than they do.” And she added, “Like he’s not going to go into Poland, which is a NATO country. This is the kind of thing that spreads and gets worse and worse. We didn’t learn from Hitler? How many examples do we have to have?”

Fat, ugly and stupid is no way to go through life. Yet in Behar we have a failed comedian, a failed radio talk show host and a failed actress before she landed this gig where she seems to believe her opinion matters. Is her son going to fight in the war she is promoting? The answer is no, if she has any children. Behar, that great foreign policy expert actually thinks Russia is interested in taking over Europe. Who’s really naïve? It has taken more than a year for the Russians to conquer about 20 percent of Ukraine, so at that rate, Putin should arrive in London in roughly 25 years. That’s the lunacy of the left, they don’t know the history, so they can’t know the present.

Some fun questions for Behar & Co. might be: “Would you be in favor of a massive increase in Defense spending to pay for all of the ammunition, missiles, and other equipment that would have to be sent to Ukraine, and other nations, for their defense? And in exchange would you accept reductions in spending on such matters as gender and racial equity or fighting climate change?” The answer to both questions would likely be a resounding no! So what is their goal? The lack of any intellect on the left is predictable. It would be nice if they actually cared about the people that they represent. Democrats have done nothing to address what the public wants.

And I wonder, is Behar speaking for herself or for the Democrat Party? Is she advocating that we go to war with Russia? Is that now the Democrats’ position? And when, exactly, did they come to the conclusion that Russia is an enemy of ours? Was it back in 2012 When the then Democrat president of the United States literally laughed at the Republican challenger for saying Russia was a threat? Is the 80s now calling? So who are the toddlers of whom she speaks? Is ‘BO’ a toddler as well? I’m really confused by the Democrats and their stance. Are they for war? This is the second presidency in a row that Democrats have gotten us into wars.

Behar and every other Democrat should take their freaking pacifier and shut the Hell up because they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. The most obvious response to those thinking we should continue the pipeline of money and weapons to the Ukraine so that they can maintain their culture and way of life by maintaining an established border is, “why should we take this action halfway around the world when we refuse to do the same here in this country and for its citizens?” Opinions from those who tell us that boys can be girls and vice versa or lecture us on bogus climate change matter not. The left is okay with war as long as the president is a Democrat.

Putin has had 24 years to invade the Soviet era states and hasn’t made a move on Hungary, Poland, the former Czechoslovakia, Latvia, etc. Meanwhile NATO has continuously moved eastward when it promised that it would not, and Ukraine has been engaged in systematic ethnic cleansing of the ethnic Russians that live in eastern Ukraine since 2014. And perhaps Behar should check out how long Ukraine’s current borders have been in place, who established them, and for what purposes. Oh, and check out the Minsk Agreement whereby it was promised that the ethnic Russians living in eastern Ukraine would be allowed to vote on self-determination.

What do these imbeciles know about anything that is important? The answer, very little. It is over their heads to think seriously, but if they had that capacity and did, they would realize that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if Joey and the Democrats did not do virtually the same thing to the White House. The reason for Russia’s reluctance to invade was the same reason for everything else in DC and other power circles, money. You see Russia had none. Certainly not enough to finance a war and the only way they could get that kind of money would be by selling oil and gas. But they couldn’t do that because President Trump had beaten them to the punch.

Under President Trump America was selling cleaner energy than they have and we were producing and selling it for less than they could, so that was that. We were making billions and our allies were saving millions. Gasoline was $1.65 a gallon where I live and I could heat my home for one third of what it costs me now. And one last thing, there was no war in Ukraine, nobody was fighting and nobody was dying. Well at least until Joey cheated his way to victory over the man who received more votes than anyone in American history and in a rare lucid moment found himself ‘installed’ in the White House while simultaneously the world found itself screwed.

All of a sudden Joey wiped out all of the good things, which made his benefactor, Communist China, very happy and made Russia very wealthy, because now they were not only selling to all of our old customers but at three times the price. You see when Joey destroyed our energy sector he caused a tripling of energy costs which crippled the middle class and killed the poor. It also allowed Russia to go all out because now they have money to burn. And now we are weak and all of our enemies see this and are aligning themselves against us while Joey and the Democrats sells our strategic oil reserve to our enemies and has given away most of our weapons to feed his war.

It’s unbelievable. If you had told me in 2021 that this is what my country would come to look like in 2023, I would have told you you were crazy. We better gid rid of these dangerous, greedy SOBs before we’re attacked by Democrat stormtroopers led by Garland. But seriously, all kidding aside, we are in a very dangerous strategic position today and we are still taking on water and we have Democrats in charge of damage control. Joey can’t even control himself or his crooked family, so our outlook is looking mighty bleak my friends, mighty bleak. We need to impeach these fools now and we have legitimate grounds to do so, so what do you all say?


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