It completely boggles my mind that anyone with a brain would waste even a second of their life watching the cartoon news network, CNN. It simply makes no sense to me. And I find myself asking, with its current cast of ‘Looney Tune’ characters, why bother? Because as we all know, it’s those who appear on CNN, either regularly or as guests, that are liars. To be perfectly blunt, you simply cannot believe a single word uttered by any of them. And yet, they persist in their effort to convince us that they are still worthy of being listening to despite the fact that they have the rather nasty habit of allowing their blatant political biases to come shining through.  

For instance, it was during Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s ‘Newsroom,’ that ‘anchor’ Brianna Keilar said, “When I think of something that is very significant, which is in just four years, the number of Republicans who say that the country’s increasing racial, ethnic, and national diversity is threatening American culture has nearly doubled. It is still a minority here, but that’s a big minority, 38 percent, and it’s nearly doubled. What do you think is going to happen here? Will that continue to shoehorn Republicans into continuing to play footsie with white nationalism, even if maybe they don’t want to, but they’re going to go that direction?”

And then it was CNN political analyst, Scott Jennings, who piped up and said, “I totally reject the idea that the Republican Party is based on or playing footsie with or has anything to do with white nationalism. I think that’s completely wrong. And you do not have to do anything with it in order to be the Republican nominee. It has no place in our party, has no place on the American political spectrum. I do think there are legitimate concerns being raised by Republicans out there about corporate endeavors and other, you know, sort of cultural push and pull that, you know, some people on the left want, the people on the right want to go against that.”

Jennings said, “So you’re going to have that kind of debate. But that’s a far cry from saying if I oppose, say, the DEI in corporate America that I’m somehow in bed with white nationalism.” And Keilar said, “Well, Scott, let me just be clear in what I’m talking about. I mean, I think if you think back to McCain and how he would make sure to speak up and push back on maybe something that a voter would say. And this is something you used to hear more from Republicans, that if there was another Republican saying something that they thought was bigoted, they would come out against it. Right. They don’t come out as vociferously as they used to.”

This is all pretty rich coming from a woman who appears to be a proud member of the same Democrat Party that set the historic St, John’s Church on fire, and then tried to rush the White House, to the point where President Trump and his family had to be escorted to a bunker to protect them just in case the Democrat mob managed to break through. It’s all on video, and of course the January 6 Committee, true to their selective memory, uttered not a peep about this Democrat insurrection. So pay no attention to this woke woman, nor any of the many others in this cast of characters on CNN, it is the biggest waste of time that you could ever engage in.

“White Nationalism,” the new buzz phrase for the leftist Democrats to bat around. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ romancing of race and sex revolutionaries is not a thing? A Billion plus dollar’s damage done in the last couple years, compared to some guy with a flag on his pickup?  Letting millions of invading illegal aliens from around the world walk across our borders gives pause to citizens who care about our way of life. They know they will have to care for and educate these hoards that come for the free handouts courtesy of Joey B. That’s not “white nationalism,” it’s the fear of losing our Republic, that the folks at CNN have been cheering on for the last six years.

And just who is it that comes up with such terms? Something tells me these ideas and terms come from some Democrat think tank’s focus group. They find the next Democrat cause in a two-word catch phrase and regurgitate it ad nauseam. Then hand it to the ‘fake news’ media drones to sell to an easily programmable, low-information Democrat dolt to share in their next vacuous conversation over a $10 woke Starbucks. Those who vote Democrat are unable to think for themselves. They wait for the elite leadership to deliver their daily walking orders. In this case, through CNN and MSDNC. The alphabet channels are a little more subtle, but just as dangerous.

And let’s be honest, excluding the tokens that comprise the Congressional Black Caucus, what color is the majority of Democrat lawmakers Washington? Now I could be wrong, but I believe that color is…White! Don’t you dare blame Republicans for any measure of Whiteness, Nationalism or otherwise. Democrats are pushing their own Nationalism model, one to be comprised of materially/emotional weak, indigent, and cheaply paid labor, all through the guise of, “Welcome, we love you and want to take care of you immigration hype.” The Democrat Party have continued to demonstrate where their priorities are, and nowhere do find the American people.

But look, CNN is far from being the only player involved in this pathetic game of disseminating Democrat propaganda. Sadly it’s these days that the American people have fewer and fewer options when attempting to find a reliable sources of accurate and useful information. There is no longer any place where one can feel genuinely confident that what they are being told is actually the truth. Nearly every ‘news’ outlet puts its own spin on what they report on. And leftist boobs like this bimbo Keilar, who claim to be ‘journalists’ are, in fact, nothing more than propagandists of the worst sort. And most act as if they’re on the Democrat Party payroll!


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