I must admit that I’m more than just a bit perplexed about something. We’re all familiar, or should be, with how adept the Left has become in their effort to construct their own version of U.S. history, one that bares little, if any, resemblance to actual events. And yet, if you dare to refuse to accept their version it is then you who can expect to be accused of rewriting history. It really is quite remarkable. All of which brings me to the events of January 6, 2021 and the recently released 40,000 hours of video that captured what happened that day, which differs greatly from what we’ve heard.  

You see, it’s because these videos paint such a different picture of January 6 than what was claimed by a bogus committee that there is now an attempt to convince us that these videos are now being used to somehow rewrite the events of that day. But is it an attempt to rewrite history when the video makes very clear that the events as described by the Democrats never actually took place? So it’s once again that we’re being told to believe only what we’re being told by the Democrats and not what it is that we are seeing for ourselves on the video. Rewriting history? No I’m afraid not.  

It was during a little leftist get together this past Monday on MSDNC’s “Deadline,” that show host Nicolle Wallace said that Fox News host Tucker Carlson had attempted an “Orwellian rewrite” in his coverage of footage from the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot. Wallace said, “The truth is on this topic of editing. It is so contrary to what the insurrectionists themselves were able to present to juries in defending themselves once they were charged with crimes. What Tucker Carlson is doing is detached from the reality as the insurrectionists themselves saw it and presented in courts of law.”

And this dolt went on to say, “It is beyond selective editing, and it really is an Orwellian rewrite of events, as I said, happened before all of our eyes.” And it was then that former Democrat Senator, and now MSDNC paid contributor Claire McCaskill that apparently then felt the urge to throw in her two cents of stupidity. McCaskill said, “It is interesting because to me, what Tucker Carlson did is divide the Republican Party with a really clear line. There are those that are in crazy town that are pretending that his selective editing has some kind of relevance.”

And it was from there that she then went on to say, “And then there is the majority of America and maybe not the majority of the Republican Party but a huge chunk of the Republican Party that knows what a joke it is. They saw what happened. They know police officers were attacked. They know the building was defaced. I saw that guy with the horns on his head. I saw him with my own eyes. I saw him up on the dais of the United States Senate, a place that I know well. I saw him being disrespectful and coming into a room that he was not allowed to be in any circumstances.”

And so I ask you, how is the showing of unedited surveillance video of what actually took place inside of the Capitol in any realistic way “attempting to do an Orwellian rewrite of January 6?” I can only assume that those in the Democrat Party, as well as the ‘fake news’ media, don’t believe that the American people should see ‘news’ that they haven’t first filtered through their leftist lens and make up their own minds as to what is true and what is not. The whole reason the leftists infiltrated and perpetrated violence on January 6 was to divert attention away from the stolen election.

What’s truly Orwellian is doing things like removing statues, changing the definitions of words, winning an election by an astounding all-time record voter turnout increase of 20 percent, without even thanking the American voters. Eight solid straight years of investigating a political opponent even though no crime was actually ever committed, the conducting of multiple impeachments, censoring social media, and total control over regular media. Those are examples of Orwellian type stuff. Or as normal freedom loving people here in America like to call it, the Democrat Party.

And so, once again we are to believe all that the Democrat and RINOs say about the events of January 6, without a shred of evidence whatsoever, but when evidence is shown to us, we are not to believe it because Tucker Carlson is not one of them. Amazingly we watched for two years as Antifa and BLM burned our cities down with the encouragement of Democrats who would then call the January 6 peaceful protest an “insurrection.” The only vandalism was perpetrated by FBI informants, exclusively as an entrapment tactic, that’s why a creep like Ray Epps remains free.

The Democrats propaganda machine is now in full coverup mode. Tucker is showing the truth and the Democrats don’t want the American people to know the truth. And the ‘fake news’ media, of which Wallace is a proud card-carrying member, insists upon treating “We the People” like mushrooms, fed shit and kept in the dark! And you would think that those who are certain of their position would actually encourage transparency, not discourage it. Funny thing about video, it allows people to draw their own conclusions and takes away the ability to mislead or overstate an event.

An effective tool of the ‘fake news’ media has long been its manipulative use of words and phrases as part of its propaganda. Examples of that include the constantly referring to the events of January 6 as an “insurrection”, instead of the protest that it actually was. Turning the abbreviation of a popular Trump campaign slogan, meant only to inspire patriotism, into a symbol of hate, and white supremacy. Even though, Presidents Clinton and Reagan both used the phrase, “Make America Great Again,” without it being interpreted to mean anything other than that.

Finally, it’s once again that a Democrat mouthpiece turns the facts on their head in order to accuse a political opponent of committing the very crime that she, and those like her, have perpetrated. Ever since January 6, 2021 the Democrats have been spewing a narrative of falsehoods concerning the events of that day. Ah, yes, that’s what Orwell was warning us about: the danger of letting people see video for themselves! Especially those charged criminally and whose lawyers were denied access to the footage! Nothing worse than “rewriting” your claims by airing the footage, right?


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