Ok, so let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that President Trump does not end up being the Republican Party’s nominee for President in 2024. That the RINOs, working in concert with the Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media were, however unlikely, successful in their effort to sufficiently damage President Trump to the point where his supporters begin to abandon him. But who is it that would be able to step in? Now I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but there is no one. And for those who view Ron DeSantis as a suitable replacement I, for one, have my doubts. For one thing, any Republican candidate who has the support of Jeb Bush should not even be considered.   

And it was according to a recent survey from The Economist/YouGov, that most Republicans and Republican-leaning voters want President Trump to be the Republican nominee for president in 2024. The survey asked both Republicans and Republican-leaners, “Who do you want to be the Republican Party’s nominee for president in 2024?”  The survey found that among both groups, 63 percent chose President Trump, while only 20 percent said “someone else.” Another 18 percent said they are not sure. Sixty-one percent of Republicans, specifically, said they want President Trump as the 2024 Republican nominee, and 69 percent of Independents said the same.

Additionally, 65 percent of those who voted for President Trump in 2020 also want him  to be the party’s nominee. In comparison, it’s 61 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents want *president Joey B. as their nominee, and it is 62 percent of those who claim to have voted for him in 2020 who chose Joey over someone else. It comes on the heels of several other polls showing President Trump dominating in the hypothetical 2024 presidential primary field. The most recent Morning Consult survey shows President Trump actually gaining in support. According to that survey, his support has increased three percent, to 53 percent in the potentially crowded field.

It was with President Trump in office that most Americans, if they’re being honest, were thriving, living in a country without the constant threat of nuclear war, with gas under $2.00 a gallon gas and grocery shelves full, with a southern border that was more secure than it had been in decades, a strong and well-equipped military and so much more. They enjoyed having respect on the world stage, and being represented by a strong leader who could as easily navigate a flight of stairs as he could speak coherently for over an hour. They prospered under a leader who was responsible for the highest rate of employment in decades. And now, WE ALL want that back again.

It’s incredible to see what this man has had to endure, and for what reason. Because he wanted to “Make America Great Again?” But isn’t that what our leaders are supposed to want to do?  Apparently not! Hence the indictments, the attacks, the betrayals, the lies and on and on. Yet, he’s still standing, ready to do battle against those who seek nothing less than the death of America. And so I hope with all my heart that he gets the nomination and then returns to the White House. He is our only hope because we are totally in the abyss. We have to be resolute and together on this because Donald J. Trump is this nation’s last best hope for the dream that is America.

The Democrats, and their many RINO allies, have been hard at work, day and night, 24/7/365 for over six years in their continuing effort to destroy this man courtesy of numerous weaponized government agencies. Meanwhile the scumbag that is Hunter Biden continues to be allowed to avoid the punishment that he so richly deserves. President Trump did a great job for this country in his first term and if he was now in his second term, we would be miles ahead of where we are now. The morons who voted for this destruction and continue to support it apparently don’t understand that Democrat politicians hate them just as much as they hate we conservatives.

As I mentioned, there continues to be much talk, at least amongst those desperate to come up with an alternative, about Ron DeSantis. But as far as I’m concerned, the RINO supported DeSantis should honor the commitment he made to the people of Florida, and show a little loyalty to the guy who supported him and endorsed his campaign when he ran for Governor of Florida? As much as I like DeSantis as my governor, if he does run my vote will go to President Trump. And I’ve got news for you, if the party does choose to conspire against President Trump, in favor of DeSantis, DeSantis may win the primary, but he’ll be finished. He’ll never win the presidency.

We need President Trump back in the White House so he can finish making America great again. It will be harder this time because of the havoc Joey has wreaked upon us. But if anyone can fix it, President Trump most surely can. No one can argue that DeSantis has not done a great job here in Florida and will one day make a great president, just not now. He must be made to realize that it will be he who will be needed to take the baton from President Trump in 2028. This time around, in 2024, we ALL need to vote for President Trump so that he can be allowed to finish what it is that he started. We know his capabilities. The best president since Ronald Reagan.


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