You know, for a guy who’s spent his entire life as a limp-wristed crybaby, I thought it odd that CNN host Anderson Cooper would accuse anyone of being a wimp. But that’s exactly what Andy did just this past Tuesday. But more than likely it was nothing more than a case of ratings-envy on the part of Andy. You see, the focus of his ire was none other than Tucker Carlson. And as of February 23, 2023, Cooper was pulling in a total of 650,000 viewers while Carlson was totaling 3,000,000 per evening. But a likely contributing factor was Carlson’s decision to show video of the events of January 6, 2021, video that didn’t exactly jive with what Andy had been busy reporting.

Andy, as you may recall, has long been one of those in the business of ‘fake news’ who was always at the ready to do all that he could to assist the Democrats in pushing their lies regarding the events of that day, knowing full well that he was doing nothing more than to perpetuate one blatant falsehood after another that had absolutely no basis in fact. And with the release of these 40,000 hours of video it is Andy, along with just about every other member of the ‘fake news’ media as well as every member on the bogus January 6 Committee, that has been shown to be nothing more than a liar. Not that we didn’t already know that, because we most certainly did.    

On Tuesday during his show “Anderson Cooper 360” Andy claimed that Fox News host Tucker Carlson would have wet his pants during the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. He said, “The idea of Tucker Carlson being in that mob that day and not wetting his pants is hard to imagine. I find it hard to understand somebody who has never put himself in harm’s way in any capacity for anyone or on reporting a story and yet has the audacity to try to rewrite history. I mean, that’s what this is. It is an attempt to rewrite history on what is one of the most consequential, certainly one of the biggest events in American democracy and the biggest threats to American democracy.”

And then some clown by the name of Michael Fanone, a guy described as being a ‘CNN contributor,’ agreed, saying, “I agree. Tucker Carlson is, you know, by his own admission, an entertainer, not a journalist. And on top of that, he has just proven himself to be Donald Trump’s chief propagandist, and that’s all this was, and I think that, you know, most Americans recognize that way before this segment aired, this was propaganda, and it was an attempt by Tucker Carlson to downplay and whitewash the events of January 6.” But then it’s people like Cooper who always seems unable to deal with those with whom he may disagree without resorting to personal attacks.

But then this has long been the typical leftwing tactic when not having a valid argument, simply attack the opponent’s character with names and insults instead of rational discussion about the issue at hand. The biggest threat to our country and to our Republic, is the Democrat Party and their allies in the ‘fake news’ media like Andy. Cooper willingly went along with the false narrative regarding January 6 and now accuses an actual journalist on another ‘news’ network of cowardice. Carlson is almost single-handedly reversing that false narrative. Carlson seems not to care what people like Cooper say, instead he’s laughing because he knows he’s winning.

And since when is showing video of the events that actually took place attempting to rewrite history? It’s simply showing the truth of what actually did happen, as it happened. Tucker showed videos that were hidden from us by both Democrats and RINOs. And you have to wonder, why were they hiding the video in the first place? Because they’re liars. Now the liars have been exposed, and they are striking out like cornered rats. They attack Tucker personally, but not the footage that shows the truth of January 6. How about we use facial recognition to identify the federal agents working to agitate the peaceful protesters and who also opened doors to the Capitol.

The difference in perception as to what really happened on January 6 is astounding. Releasing the tapes has exposed these people and now they can’t handle it. Most of have long known that this goon Ray Epps was a major player, and that the death of two Trump supporters on that day was a result of overzealous Capitol Police. Now we want the truth, especially regarding the manner in which misdemeanor charges have resulted in felony punishments and kept trespassers in jail for two years, with the blessing of judges and prosecutors who are supposed to be fair. Blaming it all on President Trump does require from one a willing suspension of disbelief.

We’re nearly eight years, now, into Donald Trump being a political figure, and for every second of that time those in our ‘fake news’ media and an army of faux ‘journalists,’ like Cooper, have endlessly expressed their outright hatred for President Trump the man, the party that he represents and those of us who support him. For him to now get on his soapbox and call out Carlson as being some sort of second rate on-air personality is nothing but pure jealousy and a case of little-man syndrome when the ratings of their shows and networks are compared side by side. What Cooper won’t admit, but Carlson did, was that there were two aspects to the Capital riot.

There was the part where there was actual rioting, the smashing of windows, the breaking through barriers, the overpowering of the Capitol police and going into some offices and taking some items. But I do wonder just how many of those taking part in such activities were there because they were paid to be? Most of these ‘protesters’ walked in, many under the watchful eye of Capitol police, took selfies, and were basically tourists. Tucker has been trying to show that it wasn’t all about doing damage. He’s trying to show those protesters who did nothing but walk around were guilty of nothing but have been illegally denied their rights to fair and speedy trial.

And I think it’s nothing short of hilarious that these leftist morons refuse to watch the un-edited videos that utterly destroy the leftist narrative of the event, simply because they’re un-edited, but then claim that the entire video is wrong and doesn’t show everything. And yet, they were just fine with the edited versions that showed absolutely nothing. It just proves the point that ALL leftists, every single one of them, are both anti-American and anti-truth. But my effort to point that out is really nothing more than a waste of time, because the Kool-Aid drinking, leftist, sheeple will continue to bleat their approval, in unison, to any leftist agenda presented to them.

Those in the ‘fake news’ media will continue to go apoplectic when presented with facts that blow up their false narrative, What are you going to believe, your own eyes or the Democrats? They are squirming because their lies are being exposed. Every time one of these Lefties crows about “threats to our Democracy,” they need to be reminded of the direct damage that can result from tampering with our elections. Be it Facebook or Twitter or others, manipulating voters to achieve a desired election result is the very definition of a threat to democracy. I’d like to ask Cooper what comes after the vote is regarded as a waste of time? Violence, that’s what.

In truth, the history hasn’t yet been written on this matter because the Democrats on the January 6th committee rigged the membership with no appointments from the minority party, except a couple of RINOs, while hiring a media person to produce a scripted narrative. Release all the video except the very small amount that is relevant to the Capitol security posture and processes. Then allow all parties to present their arguments and to justify how their interpretation of events is the correct one, based on the video. More importantly, let every single American do exactly the same thing in reaching his, or her, own conclusions on interpreting the videos.

Finally, the important thing is that the video be made available to the American people who can then each make up their own mind on the interpretation. The arrogance of those like Cooper to essentially say that the American people should be denied access to the videos, with only the January 6 committee and a select few being the only ones to determine the ‘proper’ interpretation, is appalling. That is not how our free society is supposed to work. Those who continue to support the ‘insurrection’ nonsense need to make their arguments using the video evidence and quit advocating for censorship and restrictions on the distribution of the video to ALL of the American people.


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