It has always been with a mixture of disbelief, frustration and, at times, even amusement that I have viewed the determined effort by Democrats to portray Republicans as being politics’ biggest liars. And it’d in so doing that they have said some of the most ridiculous things, some of which take us back to our grade school days. They seem to think that by using such language they will be better able to convince more Americans to believe their accusations. We know Americans can be pretty stupid, but let’s hope they are not yet that stupid. But we are, today, in a place where those who vote Democrat don’t really care if they’re being lied to. 

This past Monday former Senator and now paid contributor, Claire McCaskill, made an appearance on MSDNC’s “Deadline,” hosted by resident bimbo, Nicolle Wallace, during which she claimed that Republicans now embrace the “value of lying” because they embrace “big fat liar” Donald Trump. Now while Ms. McCaskill clearly seems to know a thing or two about being fat, I would argue that she also seems to be rather adept at lying. But that does not mean that her accusations are in any way true. I mean just because she’s a big fat liar it does not mean that she is actually qualified to label others, especially President Trump, as also being big fat liars.

Wallace said, “I think Claire, you and I are relics from an era when you could disagree about stuff, lots of stuff, big stuff, but you, by and large, shared facts. I think what the Dominion lawsuit lays bare, what the Congressman’s describing about Kevin McCarthy being beheld into the lowest element of his caucus. The people who went on TV and bragged about breaking him to give him the votes to become speaker have no interest in associating anything the Republican Party is with the truth.” McCaskill said, “I think not only are we from a different era in terms of, yeah, disagreeing be on big stuff but agreeing on facts, you know the other thing we agreed on were values.”

She went on to say, “And that’s really what happened to the Republican Party. It used to be a really bad thing to lie. Lying when running for office or while you’re in office, if you were caught, you were in big trouble. They have consciously decided that they would embrace a leader that lying was part of his platform. It is how he behaved in his personal life, in his professional life, and in his political life. He was a big fat liar, and they all were fine with it. So they now have a value, and Fox News is part of this. They have a value of lying that is much different than Republicans used to have.” How is it that any sane person would take someone who makes such comments, seriously?

Anyway, this overweight stooge continued by saying, “And you know, Mitt Romney can confront Santos in the aisle of the House and say, you don’t belong here, and Susan Collins can have her moments, but by and large, the leaders of the Republican Party now embrace the value of lying.” McCaskill, still classless and clueless after all these years, remains a poor excuse for a human being. They do not come any dumber than this clueless old hag. And how entertaining that McCaskill and Wallace, two of the Democrats biggest liars, calling out Republicans on lying. Lying about WHAT? All that they accuse President Trump of lying about has since been proven to be true.

You may, or may not, depending on your political persuasion, remember McCaskill as being one who has pushed a great many lies: the Trump/Russia collusion lie, the ‘BO’ never spied on the Trump campaign lie, the masks will protect you from COVID lie, the getting the ‘vaccine’ will protect you lie, the Juicy Smollett was beat up by white MAGA Trump supporters lie, the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ lie, the Kyle Rittenhouse shot unarmed black men lie, the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation lie and many other lies, and yet she feels somehow justified in calling President Trump a liar. There is a reason why she has been relegated to working for MSDNC.

Observe how it is that these Democrats never cite specific lies that President Trump has supposedly told. Using their same old playbook, they fling insinuations, smears and name calling. Always keeping them broad and vague. No party embraced the lies of Covid more so than the party she represents. For instance they knew the vaccines weren’t going to stop the spread of covid and they pushed vaccine mandates onto specific groups of people causing harm to millions of families who didn’t want to take them nor were going to benefit from them. The only time that you can be sure that politicians are telling the truth, is when they are calling each other liars.

The ‘Big Fat Liars’ are all on the Left, and we all know it. And they continue to lie. They lie about the election steal, they lie about January 6, they lie about inflation, they lie about ‘climate change,’ they lie about our southern border being secure, they lie about ensuring that Ukraine wins its war with Russia is somehow vital to this country, they lie about there being more than two genders, if it can be lied about that the Democrats will lie about. McCaskill simply ignores all of Joey’s lies, starting from his early days in politics right up to today. This guy has lied continuously for over 50 years. But for McCaskill, like all other Democrats, she just gives him a pass.



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