And so it would appear that Democrat Chucky Schumer is not at all concerned about recent polls that show the American people are less than enthusiastic when it comes to Joey B. running for a second term in office. And therefore, I can only assume that Chucky must believe that most Americans really don’t mind paying more than double what they were paying for a gallon of gas just two years ago, or having their grocery bill double, or even triple, over what was that same period of time. And Chucky must also assume that it’s the majority of Americans who also don’t mind at all the fact that their country is being flooded with scum from every part of the world.

And it’s also clear that Chucky believes most Americans prefer that our government run schools focus not on teaching the ‘3 R’s’ but instead focus on indoctrinating our young into accepting all manner of leftwing perversion. And it was as recently as this past Monday that Chucky made all of that very clear during an appearance with the cows of ABC’s ‘The View,’ choosing the very friendly venue to do a little cheerleading for our bogus *president, Joey B. Chucky said he was not the least bit concerned about recent polls showing that a majority of voters would rather *president Joey not run in 2024. Chucky said that any such poll should simply not be believed.

Co-host, and resident bimbo, Sara Haines said, “President Biden has made historic accomplishments in job growth and health care, infrastructure, but an ABC News poll says that voters are even less enthused about Biden running again than Trump. Can you explain the disconnect between what we’re seeing in the successes and the polling is showing?” Historic accomplishments? Historic for who, exactly? That these bimbos continue to parrot such lunacy would be funny if it weren’t so serious. Every time one of these cows opens their mouth, they make clear they are nothing but a bunch of morons, just as are the one who spend their time watching this drivel.

Anyway, Chucky said, “First, you can’t always believe polling. There was a poll in 1983 that said Ronald Reagan would get clobbered, and of course, he won a huge victory. Second, I think part of it is we now have to make sure the American people — they’ve read what we have done, they haven’t seen it. The second year will be the year of implementing, getting the good things we did out. Let me tell you two things that just started. Anyone over 65 will only pay $35 for insulin. That’s a huge thing for people with diabetes. They may have read about it six months ago. Also, free shingles shots. For those of you 55, get shingles shot. It used to be a lot of money, free.”

No one with even a modicum of common sense should ever vote for someone who is borderline non compos mentis. For nearly 50 years those who came into close contact with Joey B, on a daily basis, surely had knowledge of how it was that he was using his office to personally enrich himself as well as members of his family. Chucky and Joey were, and remain to this day, two of our dirtiest politicians. They continue to stand shoulder to shoulder against our Constitution. Chucky is as arrogant as Joey, they know the truth, but choose to ignore it because they don’t care what people think. They’re just going to ram their way forward and screw anyone who disagrees!

Polls tend to indicate what the American people want. Chucky and the Democrats aren’t interested in what they want. And here we have Chucky actually admitting it. It’s just goes to show you how the Democrats no longer even try to keep their true agenda hidden. They freely put it out there for all to see. They do everything but chant, “Death to America.” Chucky claims that you can’t believe polls except, of course, when it comes to the bogus polling done on abortion, the appropriateness of allowing sex changes for children, allowing men in women’s restrooms or polls taken on any issue that is important to him and his demented political party.

People like Chucky treat their constituents like the idiots they are, is it any wonder. Because of their massive spending the average American family now has to spend $4000 more a year on necessities like gas, food, putting a roof over your head and so much more. And yet the idiots keep voting for them. Anywhere else but ‘The Twilight Zone’ in which we now seem to reside, scum like Chucky would be laughed off the political stage for being the fraud that he is. It’s freaking incredible! Chucky say’s don’t believe the polls, but name five of positive things that Joey has done to make America better and that would make people actually want to vote for him.

And finally, it’s kind of sad, really, but Chucky strikes me as the kind of person who, as a Jew, in a different time would have likely proven himself to be someone who was quite willing to turn in his fellow Jews for no other reason to save his own ass. He is, as is every other Democrat, a pretty pathetic individual. And not only that, Chucky has demonstrated on a number of occasions that he is truly an evil man. And like all Democrats, Chucky is consumed by a hatred of this country the intensity of which is unparalleled in all of American history. And just how long can we expect our country to survive when it’s those who we elect to lead it, possess such a hatred of it?


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