Well, it would seem that these days Howard Dean is either off his meds entirely or is, at least, not taking them exactly as they were prescribed, because old Howie was recently out and about doing that which he does best, not making a making a lick of sense. But then, who’s surprised by that? You see, it was just this past Tuesday that Howie made another of his routine visits to MSDNC, this time appearing on “The Beat,” hosted by Ari Melber, a guy who, oddly enough, claims to be both an attorney and a ‘journalist.’ And it was during this particular appearance that Dean claimed that there are those Republicans who genuinely mean to do this country “harm.”

Dean said, “These people are essentially authoritarians. They will say whatever it takes. They’re not that different from Putin. And they like Putin. These are dangerous people. I think Matt Gaetz is sort of a tool in their hands, but there are people in that Congress who mean America harm, and I think there are also some Republicans who want to make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s going to be really fascinating to see what happens when they try to handcuff some of the members.” Dean went on to say, “There’s been some pushback. I don’t think the American people are going to vote for these people. They barely won the House this time.”

Dean continued by saying, “If it hadn’t been for a bunch of screwups in New York, we could have won. Having these people on television, I mean, you can have them on once in a while, but I wouldn’t give them much of a platform because mean evil for the country.” He added, “While Trump is incompetent and psychologically, I think hampered, he has a great genius for this grievance politics. Now there are many mini-Trumps. The guy from Florida certainly has behaved worse than Trump in terms of firing people and fiddling with judges and kicking people off school boards he doesn’t like.” And he added, “That’s really dangerous.” What a complete imbecile this guy is.

This is the sort of over the top, hateful, political rhetoric that we have come to expect from the likes of Howie. The kind of incendiary rhetoric that is essentially the life blood of the Democrat Party and is used in their continuing effort to bring about both a rift in our society and the belief that violence is now somehow justified against those who dare to disagree with you. Dean is another of those ‘never was’ politicians that resent losing and blame everyone but themselves for their rather spectacular failures instead of looking inward for the cause of their failure. Because it can’t be his fault, because he’s just so damn wonderful and cares so deeply about the country!

In listening to Dean it’s obvious that he is, in fact, describing Democrats and Joey B. Democrats have been actively engaged in trying to harm America for decades and no longer even try to hide their hatred of the country. Republicans’ authoritarian? Seriously? Which party voted against ending emergency pandemic powers? Democrats. Authoritarians love power, which is why Democrats are willing to do anything to hold on to their power. Democrats continue to sellout America to Communist China and think we don’t notice. And after all the harm to the American people that Democrats have done over decades, I can live with Republicans undoing those Democrat policies.

Seriously, he can make such a claim when we have all manner of foreign nationals flooding our southern border, trafficking in both drugs and humans, essentially sanctioned by him and his fellow Democrats. And it’s those in the Democrat Party who have been complicit in the deliberate slaughter of over 60 million American babies, so who means America harm? Last time I checked only Democrats burn our flag, call our country evil, and try to dismantle the framework put into place to keep our nation a civil society. All Dean did here was to prove that to understand what the Democrats truly are up to one need only to look at what they’re accusing Republicans of doing.

And that’s an age-old trick that more and more people have figured out. Democrat ideologues and propaganda masters will take everything evil they do, or are going to do, and turn it 180 degrees. They accuse the other side of doing that which they themselves are doing. But everyone knows by now that Russia collusion, pathological kleptomania, planned destruction and sabotage of this country, selling America to China, aiding and abetting crime and vice, plotting huge catastrophic hoaxes against the people, are all their dirty deeds. No other domestic organized group of comparable size does any of the above as part of their agenda, but the Democrats.

But I do agree with Dean to a certain degree. Because we do have those within the Republican Party who do, in fact, mean to do America harm. We all know their names and most recognize them for being the phonies that they are. And thanks to President Trump we are now aware of a great many more of those who, despite claiming to be Republicans, most certainly are not. What they are, are ‘Republicans In Name Only,’ or RINOs for short. Democrats running for office under the guise of claiming to be Republicans. Those with names like Kinzinger, McConnell, Cheney, Romney, Graham and Cassidy along with the many more of those whom we refer to as RINOs.

Lockdowns, vaccine mandates, the forcing of people to get experimental ‘vaccines’ that are proving to be HARMFUL, and even fatal more, with an increasing frequency. Forcing it on those responsible for defending the homeland by giving them ‘choice’ of taking the ‘vaccine’ or be kicked out of the military. And forcing those, like myself, to take the vaccine or lose the ability to provide for my family. Uselessly forcing children to wear masks, closing churches and schools while elites continued to have parties and go to restaurants unimpeded. So who are the authoritarians? And let’s not forget how Democrats wanted to put the unvaccinated into camps like the Chinese.

The truly amazing thing is that he actually believes what he’s saying. Part of it is because the version of ‘America’ that he is referencing is the one he and others Democrats fantasize about and it’s obvious that many Republicans are looking to hurt their version of ‘America’ by preventing it from becoming a reality. However, no one in the Republican Party even remotely approaches the level of authoritarianism actively practiced and pursued by nearly everyone on the Left and most certainly in the Democrat Party. Whenever anyone on the Left refers to ‘America’ we all must keep in mind it is NOT the real America but the image they hold as an alternative reality.

Dean clearly has this ass-backwards, the authoritarians are the ones from his party who are attacking freedom of religion, free speech, the right to keep and bear arms, and all of the other liberties guaranteed in our Bill of Rights. The only people today who are trying to do harm to America are the Democrats. The basis of the Democrat platform is hatred of America, hating freedom, hating the family and hating God. They have promoted every evil under the sun. Yes, there are some bad apples in the Republican Party, but the entire Democrat Party is evil and full of hate. Dean is in denial and chooses to ignore all the harm the *president has caused from day one.

These people need to stop being provided a platform from which they are continually allowed, even encouraged, to make up statements that are clearly not true. The truth is the fact that it’s the Democrats who instill racism every single day. They instill violence that they say is the fault of the Republicans. Since day one Joey has deliberately set about to destroy our country with the overflow of immigrants, conducted a war on fossil fuels, is in the process of gutting our military while at the same time taking us to the brink of a world war. The Democrat Party is like a cancer on this country. But it’s only the American people who will be able to cure it.



  1. These clowns claim freedom of speech when they lie publicly. But they forget how they illegally slander and libel others when they spew their hate.


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