Is it me or does it seem more than a little ironic that the very politicians who support such things as defunding the police and replacing them with social workers, who promote no bail initiatives and who seem to be doing all that they can to keep criminals on the street, also seem to be the loudest proponents for stricter gun control laws. So we have the very same people who refuse to enforce those gun laws currently on the books in the hopes of bringing about a sufficient level of gun violence that will then allow them to convince the American people that all we need are stricter gun laws. Why else refuse to enforce the gun laws we already have?

Democrats claim to be motivated by the need for improved public safety, but nothing could be further from the truth. Democrats couldn’t care less about whether or not Americans die because of gun violence. The Democrats seek nothing more than a disarmed American public that they could then run roughshod over. Democrats continually portray the opposition as being the guilty party when it comes to Americans living or dying by the gun. And we saw another example of this on Tuesday when Democrat Cory Booker appeared on MSDNC’s “Morning Joe” and claimed Republicans’ refusal to pass “common sense gun safety” was a “dereliction of duty.”

Booker said, “There are common sense gun safety things that we can do in this country that majority of Americans agree on, like universal background checks, gun safety locks. There are things we agree on. The problem in America is that we have a major political party that is not willing to do the common sense things that would make us safer.” And it was co-host Joe Scarborough, and one time Republican, who said, “We showed a poll that is very consistent with every poll I’ve seen over the past decade regarding universal background checks for every gun purchased. Post-Sandy Hook, that number shot up to 9 out of 10 Americans.”

Scarborough said, “The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows 89% of Americans support background checks for all gun buyers. Only 8% oppose and only 11% of Republicans oppose it. So my question is, how in the world can 8% of Americans hold all of Congress and Washington D.C. hostage politically?” And Booker said, “It’s this belief that right-wing advocacy groups like the NRA and the money that they have somehow is a formidable political block that makes folks unable to do what is right for the safety of their country. One of the number one reasons, if you turn to the founders, that this nation was formed was for the common defense.”

Booker said, “Now we have more people in America in my short lifetime died to gun violence than in every single one of our wars, from the Civil War and the Revolutionary War to the wars in the Middle East combined. This is a dereliction of duty. This is a surrender to violence. This is not doing your constitutional duty. This is not protecting the nation from threats foreign and domestic.” This is all pretty rich coming from one of those Democrats who supports having the police defunded and replaced with unarmed social workers. You just know the criminals have to be laughing their asses off at the abject stupidity of these people.

It’s odd, don’t you think, to hear a Democrat speaking of duty, when the only duty they seem compelled to adhere to is the duty they feel they have to destroy this country. If you want to see what true dereliction of duty looks like simply take a trip down to our southern border, take another look at how we chose to exit Afghanistan, visit your local gas station or grocery or stroll through nearly any one of our many big cities that are under the control of those in Booker’s party. Democrat DAs who refuse to lock up criminals for violent crimes because they’re minorities, is a dereliction of duty. Sanctuary cities are a dereliction of duty. The list goes on and on.

Democrats had majorities in both houses and the presidency, twice. Under ‘BO’ and under Joey, and they did not pass any such legislation. They don’t want a solution, they want a campaign issue. You’ll likely remember that during the first two years of ‘BO’s presidency when they held by the House the Senate AND the Presidency the priority at the time was to rob from the American people the ability to control their own healthcare. Under Joey the priority was to undo, to the greatest extent possible, all that President Trump had accomplished, from securing the southern border to creating a booming economy.  Now Booker wants to point fingers at the Republicans?

Booker is clearly not in search of solutions, only petty political soundbites. If Booker was truly serious about saving lives, he would support building the Wall on the southern border. He would support classifying drug gangs as terrorist organizations. He would support executions for trafficking fentanyl. Many things could be done, that do NOT infringe on our constitutional rights! Criminals don’t obey laws you idiots!!! No matter what you ban or what law you pass a criminal will still break that ban or that law. Personally, I would rather live in a neighborhood where EVERY family owned an AR-15 than in a neighborhood with single mothers raising sons.

When a Democrat like Booker uses a term like “common sense” when referring to laws of any sort including firearms, or forms of speech, what he and every other Democrat means is they want to take away that freedom from the average citizen! We already have gun laws and background checks! And more laws inhibiting law-abiding gun owners will do nothing about criminals who don’t buy their guns legally and who don’t go through any sort of a background checks! Booker is so predictable; the dereliction of duty is his failure to realize that criminals will have guns long after they have been taken away from we who are law-abiding citizens.

Once again reality is opposite of what a Democrat says. Booker is such a hypocritical jackass. He wants to empty out our prisons and stop prosecuting blacks altogether. Democrats will never pursue a tough line on crime because it will offend their minority base, they’ll lose votes, and they’ll be called racists. Any move by Democrats to get tough on crime will naturally mean getting tough on blacks, and that just ain’t gonna happen. Clearly the Left doesn’t care as much about the guns, and the violence, as they do disarming the law-abiding among us. Those of us who are essentially the last line of defense against the tyranny Democrats wish to bring about.

You have to wonder if any of these genuinely listen to the words contained in the oath of office that they all took to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. When I look at any of these people all I see is someone trying to undermine our Constitution. Democrats don’t just want to control guns, Democrats want to ban guns, period. The only ones to have guns are various government entities and, of course, the criminals. Booker is stupid, if you want to help end the crisis then pass and force the states to pass mandatory prison sentences. If you want to reduce gun violence then you punish the people who use guns to commit crimes.

Finally, the American people must understand that Democrats could not care less about how many of them end up dying because of gum violence, especially, if in the end, it helps them to achieve that which they so desperately desire. In fact, I would go so far as to say that they are hoping for a substantial body count, something they themselves have said would be helpful to them in their ongoing effort to disarm the American people. But you do, I think, have to wonder about the mental status of those who are able to so casually put their political agenda above the lives of innocent Americans. These are truly some of the sickest among us, as are the ones who vote for them.


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