The more any of those in the ‘fake news’ media say, the less they should be taken seriously because it has now gotten to the point where there is no lie they will not tell, no accusation they will not make and no exaggeration they will not claim. It’s as if they watch events taking place in the country, and even the world, and then make up their own politically inspired narrative that has virtually no connection to reality, or to the truth. It’s all nothing more than one insane rant after another. Take for instance how it was that one of these ‘fake news’ geniuses recently described the House Republicans as being nothing more than a “terrorist organization.”

As a lifelong Republican I’m now apparently being accusing of having voted for terrorists, something I can say with a great deal of confidence that I have never done. I have never voted for anyone who could be considered a terrorist by anyone’s definition. And, after all, isn’t that what Democrats are known for. Which brings me to MSDNC and one of the network’s regulars, and one we have spoken of before, Jason Johnson. You see, it was Johnson who, during an appearance this past Monday on MSDNC’s, “The 11th Hour,” claimed that House Republicans were a “terrorist organization” led by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has “no love for this country.”

And it was the show’s host, Stephanie Ruhle, who said, “‘I will never leave that woman.’ Jason that is not a quote from Kevin Costner in the major motion picture The Bodyguard. That is Kevin McCarthy talking about a colleague. What do we do with that?” Johnson said, “It’s one thing to say, that’s my work wife. Right? And it’s something else when you have Stockholm Syndrome. That’s what we have here.” And Johnson went on to argue that, “This guy’s been beat down by the far-right and his own party for so wrong that he’s convinced himself that he’s in love with Marjorie Taylor Greene.” What this guy lacks in credibility he tries to make up in gossip.

Anyway, Johnson said, “Now, look, I make no judgment on who people line up with, but if you want to be in love with the terrorist sympathizer, that speaks volumes about whether or not you should be equipped to be potentially third in line to leave this country and case of a tragedy.” He added, “I don’t really care objectively if the best friends, if their BFFs if they’re in their top five, I don’t care. What concerns me is any degree to which people who have committed themselves to the violent overthrow of our government are in any shape, way, or form normalized by the elected leadership of our government.”

He said, “I don’t care if that’s Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, or hundreds of other Republicans who voted to not verify the 2020 election. So whether or not McCarthy has a particularly special relationship with Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks to the fact that I have been saying for years that you don’t have a Republican Party. You have a dime-store front for a terrorist organization.” He went on to add, “And this is just the public attempt to watch that relationship and pretend that they’re running a party under the guise of this brand-new BFF love relationship that they have because McCarthy has no spine and no love for this country.”

So, this from a member of the party who has consistently turned a blind eye and gives tacit approval to BLM and Antifa when burning down our cities. Atlanta comes to mind. In the years since all of that has been happening I have yet to hear even one Democrat come out against the violence. Johnson is little more than an entertainment fiction writer for a very unique demographic of individuals. His performance generates revenue. His stories are presented in a tabloid TV setting akin to UFOs. He’s become such a leftwing partisan that he has sacrificed his core responsibility as a ‘journalist’ and no longer seems to understand or adhere to the definitions of words.

And considering the fact that it’s the Democrats who have a reputation for inciting violence, who routinely call for violence to be committed and the opposition, who are known for supporting Antifa and BLM terrorism, even bailing them out of jail, who seek tyranny and despotism to impose their views upon the people, it is almost laughable when they start trying to claim that others are the “terrorists.” Especially when those who the Democrats hate are actually standing up for the Constitution. Yes, almost laughable, however it is not funny, because it is so serious and dangerous. The left is the great threat to the Republic, and to freedom and liberty as well.

Frankly, I’m getting more than a little tired of left-wing news nuts regurgitating the same caliber of political BS heard from the likes of Hitlery. Anyone who disagrees with them is a terrorist. Their only strategy is to demonize their opponents. If McCarthy’s a terrorist then Pelosi is a blood-sucking Vampire and Hitlery is a flesh-eating ghoul. This guy talks about the “Stockholm Syndrome” while at the same time being a very proud supporter of the very same party that once enslaved blacks and did everything they could in trying to prevent blacks from ever being able to vote. These talking heads have no filter and make false statements that only further divide us.

While I am certainly no fan of McCarthy, calling the House Republicans a “terrorist organization,” is idiotic at best. This comes from a guy who supports the party of lying, cheating, murdering, and every other form of evil possible. And what should make clear to all is that the news media is truly dead is the fact that people who say such things are never directly confronted and/or challenged to show some kind of proof or evidence to back up their claims. It’s always those on the other side of the microphone that simply stare off into space and nod in agreement. And it’s not just on MSDNC, it the same on every other supposed news network, including Fox News!

As much as clowns like this guy Johnson would have us believe, there was no violent attempt to overthrow our government on January 6. Not one weapon was possessed and virtually no damage was done. January 6 is the most overrated prosecution in American history. It was 100 percent political. The true threat to democracy was when BLM and Antifa were allowed, even encouraged, to burn, to loot and to take innocent life in so many of our nation’s cities, and all in the name of social justice. Violence was condoned by Democrats at every level of government, condoned because its purpose was to sway public opinion in favor of the candidate.

All we have here is more of that openly incendiary, violent rhetoric the left is always blaring while at the same time claiming benign slogans like “Make America Great Again” and “All Lives Matter” are somehow endangering people’s lives. We live a deeply divided nation in which the Democrats, and their allies in the ‘fake news’ media, continue to portray any political opposition as a “terrorist” action. And yet over the last two years Democrats have inflation through the roof, gas prices high, food double and triple the prices, illegals taking American Jobs, crime way up, and so much more. So which party is it, exactly, that is the party of terrorists?

And finally, one doesn’t have to be a genius to be able to recognize who it is that are the true terrorists among us. One needs nothing more than 20/20 vision and be of at least average intelligence. Because there is nothing that any of those who comprise today’s ‘journalistic goon squad’ can say that will be able to alter what people are able to see with their own two eyes. And yet, that certainly hasn’t kept them from trying. Because they actually believe if they can repeat the lie enough times there are those who they will be able to convince to ignore what they’re seeing and to believe only them. But to all but the most ignorant among us, it’s all nothing but noise.


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