The excuses regarding Joey’s ongoing classified documents debacle continue to pour in from many of the very same Democrats who were calling for, and to continue to call for, President Trump to be all but tar and feathered before then being run out of town on a rail for what was a far less serious offense than that committed by Joey. But then, isn’t that always the way it is with these leftist creeps. It’s time and time again that they demonstrate how it is that they seem to think that, because they are somehow so special, the rules were never intended to apply to them.

Take for instance Chris Coons, Democrat from Delaware. It was this past Sunday during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” that Coons made the idiotic claim that the discovery of classified documents in *president Joey’s private residence and office was not “an issue that’s keeping Americans up at night.” And it was ever the faux ‘journalist,’ Martha Raddatz who said, “President Biden said this week that there’s no there, there, and he has no regrets in how this was handled. Twenty-four hours later, federal investigators searched his home and found six more classified documents.”

Coons started out by saying, “It’s important that President Biden is someone who respects the rule of law and the importance of classified documents, and this was a consensual search. The Department of Justice was invited to come to his home and to search every nook and cranny, top to bottom, to find anything they possibly could. And he went on to add, “I think that’s in fairly sharp contrast to the other president, former President Trump, who has also had a real challenge with the Department of Justice because he refused a consensual search.”

He said, “As this plays out, the two special counsels who have been appointed, appropriately, by Attorney General Garland to get to the bottom of this will show us a fairly sharp difference in intent and in response. I’m confident that President Biden has said truthfully that there’s no there there, and in the end, we’ll see this was just an inadvertently matter of filing, in sharp contrast to his predecessor. I also don’t think this is an issue that’s keeping Americans up at night. I think they’re worried about much more day-to-day things, like inflation, prescription drug prices.”

Raddatz asked, “You don’t think there will be any political fallout from this?” Coons said, “Well, I think the fallout is right now. We’re talking about this instead of President Biden’s leadership on confronting Russian aggression in Ukraine or talking about something I do think is on people’s minds, the potential of a debt ceiling fight and a default. The political fallout is that it’s going to take focus and attention.” Coons is an idiot and a leftwing sycophant. A moron. Actually, it’s Joey himself who is keeping some Americans up at night. The man is a complete and utter disaster.

Yup, Joey is so concerned about the importance of classified documents that he’s totally unaware that any were in his possession. How seriously can you treat documents in your possession when you don’t even know you have them? Negligence consists of not doing something one is obliged to do. Joey failed to abide by laws that imposed obligations upon him concerning the handling of classified documents. He failed those obligations through his negligence. That’s a crime. The damage that can be caused by failing to secure classified documents isn’t dependent upon intent.

The bottom line here is that doesn’t really matter whether, or not, the American people care about these classified documents. It only matters that Joey most certainly broke the law and therefore deserves the requisite punishments. We are nation of laws. what the masses care bout doesn’t mean a thing. President Trump’s papers at Mar-a-Lago didn’t keep me awake at night either. It was all of the incessant screaming heard from Democrats, like Coons, that kept me awake. Them, and their many allies in the media, just couldn’t bring themselves to shut up about it!!!

And as long as we’re on the subject of being kept up at night, it’s Coons who, for perhaps the first time in his life, might actually be right about something. It isn’t “classified documents” that keep people awake at night. What actually keeps people awake at night is the fact that useless, non-productive, amoral degenerates keep electing liars, charlatans, and scumbags like Coons to be their ‘leaders.’ It’s mealy-mouthed little pissants like himself who are getting rich while figuratively pissing on this nation and its foundation that keeps any thinking American awake at night.

Joey is purposely being allowed, by those in his party like Mr. Coons, to keep right on destroying America. His clear crimes pertaining to these documents are just another indication of how utterly corrupt he is. President Trump’s documents were all in the same place, under lock and key, and guarded by members of the Secret Service. President Trump had the ability to declassify them and have them. Joey had no such privileges. And with these documents, there was no chain of custody. No one knows how many times they may have been moved, no one knows who else has seen them.

And what is actually keeping many Americans up at is having to choose between filling the gas tank, heating the home or feeding the family because Joey has destroyed the economy. And Joey’s little document scandal is revealing what a lying old scumbag Joey is. Joey has clearly committed multiple felonies ranging from stealing classified documents, to gross negligence handling them to selling influence for political favors for China, Russia and the Ukraine. And yet those like Coon continue to portray it as being no big deal and of little concern to the majority of the American people.

What keeps me up at night is the fact that if we continue to elect those like Coons there will be little hope for this country. Joey should be prosecuted in the same manner that any citizen would be for taking documents that he was not allowed to have. But those like Coons can be counted on to all that they can to prevent that from ever happening. Democrats will pull out all the stops in their effort to make sure that Joey is allowed to walk away from this entire ‘scandal’ smelling like a rose. On the bright side, it was one more chance to “get Trump” that slipped through their fingers.

President Trump, love him, or hate him it just doesn’t matter. Although the swamp kept him at bay for four years, he was able to keep many of the promises he made to the American people. Plus he was able to punch holes in the levee that allowed more and more of the corruption occurring in Washington leak out into the sun. I love how they ALL keep trying to keep the focus on the difference between President Trump and Joey’s “handling” of these documents. That has absolutely no relevancy to the facts. As one ex-Democrat senator said. “There goes our chance to get Trump.”


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