Riddle me this…Is there a more dishonest, more incompetent, more hypocritical, and more useless individual in all of the U.S. Congress than James Clyburn> And the reason I ask is because you’ll remember that it was Clyburn who wanted to essentially lock up President Trump and throw away the key regarding his possessing supposed ‘classified; documents but when it’s his boy Joey who gets busted for having classified documents , in three separate unsecured locations, all Jimmy has to say is, “these things happen.” “THESE THINGS HAPPEN?” Jimmy talks as if these documents accidently stuck to the bottom of Joey’s shoes and fell off at his house.  

You see, it was this past Wednesday that Clyburn stopped by Fox News to pay a little visit to one of the network’s many NeverTrumpers, Neil Cavuto, and appeared on FNC’s “Your World.” And it was during this particular appearance that Clyburn made his claim that “these things happen” when he was questioned about *president Joey’s mishandling of classified documents. Funny I don’t ever recall any of these political hacks, or anyone in the ‘fake news’ media for that matter, being quite so dismissive or matter of fact when “investigating” President Trump for six years straight. Was I simply not paying attention? Did I miss something? Somehow, I don’t think so.  

Clyburn said, “I think all of us are concerned about this. The president has expressed concern about the handling of this as well. I don’t think that anyone of us believe that he packed up his boxes himself to move out of his office. As you know, I just let my Whip office a lot of boxes were packed up. I think I may have packed one of them. So you have no idea who may have put what in what boxes. And these things were self-reported. It wasn’t archives looking for stuff, issuing subpoenas trying to get stuff. He never claimed they were his to own. These things sometimes happen, and we don’t always respond appropriately because there’s always hindsight being 20/20.”

He continued, “I would have hoped all of the searches would have been made at one time and issue all of the documents found at once, but they found something Monday and kept looking and find something else Wednesday. These things happen.” Clyburn added, “The investigations are taking place. We will find out in the final analysis what happened, when it happened, who made it happen, how it happened. These kinds of things, that’s in every investigation.” This just goes to show you how ignorant and partisan Clyburn truly is. But he also knows that many of today’s voters, especially those who vote Democrat, have the memory and processing ability of a goldfish.

Ah, yes, these things happen all the time. It’s just when they happen to someone like President Trump that the Democrats send out their goons to raid his home. But when these things happen to someone like Joey it’s really no big deal because, as we all know, shit happens. Yes, these things to do happen, and people are punished. People lose their jobs, are fined and go to jail for far less irresponsible and illegal behavior than Joey’s. Joey should be charged with the crimes he has committed, impeached and removed from office. But he won’t be, because the law is not applied equally, those in the Democrat Party have a forever get out of jail free card.

A Democrat having double standards? What a shocker! Just the facts that the former vice president never had authority to change the status of those documents, means he had no business taking those papers anywhere. But a President, ANY President, has the authority to change documents to unclassified, or whatever, and be able to put them in their library. I am not saying it is smart, or in this case if any of it was done properly. That’s a discussion for another time. But one being a Democrat and the other being a Republican seems to be what’s making the major difference in the way these cases are being handled. That is what needs to be settled.

As someone who spent 24 years in the Navy and during most of those years had a Secret clearance, it was hammered into your head from day one, through initial and ongoing trainings, how classified material (at all levels) should be handled, maintained, destroyed, and not shared. It was also clear where this material could be kept and who could access it as well as the consequences of not maintaining it properly. There is ZERO reason that any of this material should have been in a box in a garage. And this was anyone other than some politician. they would already be in federal prison somewhere. These things are not supposed to happen…EVER!

Clyburn is just one more example of why it is that this country is in decline. I’m past these Democrat and the blind-to-obvious-fact daily drivel they continually spew along with their sympathetic allies in the ‘fake news’ media. Clyburn once again proves himself to be a man who is nothing more than the most dangerous sort of hypocrite. President Trump, a political foe, needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Meanwhile, for Joey, who shares Clyburn’s politics, it’s no big deal, really. And there is certainly no need to be blowing things out of proportion. This is but another example of how Democrats see themselves as being above the law.


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