How wonderful it must be to be a Democrat, to never have to worry about being expected to tell the truth, and comfortable in the knowledge that there is virtually no one in all of ‘fake news’ media who will ever take it upon themselves to challenge you on what they know to be the lies that you are telling them. And we see that every day, some Democrat invited on and provided a platform from which to spew their political BS and never once asked to provide any sort of evidence, or proof to back up any of their typically outrageous claims. All you ever see is some resident faux ‘journalist’ just sitting there looking all serious and simply nodding in agreement.

And it was this past Tuesday that we once again saw just such a scenario play out. You see, it was then that ex-U.S. Senator, and now MSDNC contributor, Claire McCaskill, paid a visit to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” to explain that the discovery of classified documents at *president Joey B’s home and office now make it “very difficult” to hold President Trump criminally liable for the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago. So apparently the only thing this old cow is concerned about is not that Joey, at least potentially, exposed classified documents to foreign enemies, but only in that doing he makes it “very difficult” for Democrats to nail President Trump.  

Co-host Mika Brzezinski said, “When it comes to these documents, politically, they cancel each other out, which happened before with another candidate, which we can talk about. But at the same time, there are huge differences here. And the difference is that Donald Trump took the documents and refused to give them back.” McCaskill answered, “Those of us who understand that Donald Trump is a fraud and a liar are grasping tightly to those differences, and I get it. I get it that what Donald Trump did is totally different than what Joe Biden did.” So on what, exactly, does this pathetic old cow base her claim that President Trump is a “fraud” or a “liar?”

Anyway, McCaskill then went on to say, “But as a prosecutor, I will tell you, we need to have a sober moment because when a jury is trying to figure out whether someone should be held criminally responsible, that’s going to be in their head. Let’s not kid ourselves here. The easiest case for the special counsel prosecutor to make against Donald Trump were the documents at Mar-a-Lago before this. Now it is no longer as easy. It is probably very difficult because the whataboutism is going to be rampant in that jury room. I think it’s important for us to recognize it may not be fair, it may not be right, but that’s the reality of where we are.”

She added, “I think we all need to be really cold-eyed about this and realize this is not good news for holding Donald Trump criminally liable for all of his misdeeds, including the documents at Mar-a-Lago.” Clearly the pathetic old cow knows that Joey B. will never be prosecuted for any of this, and she is lamenting the fact that it guarantees President Trump won’t be either, not that he would have been anyway. It would be very difficult to hold someone criminally liable when they were allowed to have the files. Presidents have the authority to declassify and vice presidents clearly do not. This is about “getting Trump” so he can’t run for office, and nothing else.

Everything is about how to get President Trump. Joey’s decades of corruption is only an impediment to getting Trump even though he is probably by now the cleanest politician and political figure we have. This is just SICK! Totally deranged. He really does scare them, and for good reason. He can’t be bought and is only interested in doing good for our country. Maybe they should join MAGA instead of constantly tilting at the wind. This is an admission they intend to harm President Trump and want to protect Joey. What makes it difficult to apply the law equitably? A vice president was not supposed to possess secret documents and had no authority to declassify them.

Furthermore, the Penn Biden Center didn’t open until 2018, this was more than a year after Joey left office. Somehow, classified documents that Joey should not have possessed, in the first place, made it there. The classified documents had to have been kept somewhere else for a year before being transported to the Penn Biden Center and left there. There doesn’t seem to be a record of when they moved at the time Joey left office, or when they were stored for more than a year at some other location or when they were transported to the Penn Biden Center or when they were left at the unsecured Penn Biden Center. Now tell me again how Joey is so innocent.

President Trump let everybody know that he had the documents and let the proper agencies examine what he had and worked with them on the proper way to secure them. It all got politicized, but there was nothing secret and unknown going on. The same cannot be said for Joey. But that too seems to matter not to this old cow! Considering President Trump had the authority to take the documents in question, the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was NOT about said documents. It’s my belief they were instructed to search for damning evidence regarding the January 6 demonstration, with the “Classified Documents” as a pretense, a ruse, to be searching his home.

And I have no doubt that McCaskill has no problem with that. However, if the shoe were somehow on the other foot, I have no doubt that she would be squealing like the proverbial stuck pig. Clearly the raid was nothing more a fishing expedition for other potential ‘crimes,’ especially January 6 material. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like a two-fer if they can get a partisan Special Counsel and partisan DC jury to try to put President Trump in jail on the classified document charges. They want to ensure that he never returns to Washington and to use their treatment of him as an example for others who might want to try to drain the corrupt swamp.

Not to mention the sick pleasure they take from causing him great expense and to attempt to strip him of every item related to his time in office and to erase him from history. But now Democrats find themselves in the position where their *president is a liar and a crook. They thought they had a clear field to attack President Trump for all kinds of nonsense. The scary thing is, if the Republicans had not taken back the House, all of Joey’s many crimes would have merely been swept under the rug. President Trump committed the unpardonable sin of defeating Hitlery and Joey committed the unpardonable sin of screwing up the left’s effort to get Trump.

Democrats seem desperate to draw some sort parallel between President Trump and Joey regarding the possessing of classified documents, but there’s just no way. President Trump has not committed any crime. The National Archives knew he had documents because he had declared that he had them, and the FBI had removed much of the material from the locked room in the basement of the private residence that was guarded by the Secret Service. Meanwhile, Joey had no security for documents reported to be classified ‘TOP SECRET’ and they were in a box in the garage where they had been for over five years. There’s simply no comparison at all.

Joey’s alleged illegal activities should be investigated on their own merits and not in comparison with President Trump. The problem Democrats now have is that in trying to pin another so-called scandal on President Trump they once again come across looking like hypocrites when their guy allegedly does something far worse. Both should be aired out without the consideration of the other but, of course, politics won’t allow that to happen. It was always very difficult to hold President Trump criminally liable for this, because there was no crime. Joey left classified documents scattered in multiple unsecure locations and turning them in doesn’t change that.


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    My Momma told me – once you lie – THAT YOU ARE DANCING WITH THE DEVIL and that lie follows you for the rest of your life. Plain and simple.

    This lady is carrying a heavy load for Obama/Biden/Democrats. Sure wish we could witness that at the pearly gates.



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