The way things are going I can only assume that it continues to be the opinion of many on the left that if they persist long enough in referring to me as a racist, that I will eventually come to believe that I am, in fact, a racist. But when it’s the accuser who is more of a racist than is the accused, that things begin to fall apart. But that hasn’t prevented those on the left from using racism as their weapon of choice when attacking those who disagree with them on everything from securing our border, to abortion, to bogus ‘climate change,’ and to the need for voter ID laws. You see, it’s to support any of these issues is to do so because one is somehow a racist.

Because, you see, it’s now considered racist to want to keep out of this country those who clearly don’t belong here. Just as it is racist to oppose the butchering of millions of babies, to think that ‘climate change’ is nothing more than a leftist scam, and to be of the mind that people should be required to prove who they are when voting. And while I can speak for no one other than myself, I certainly am getting tired of being called a racist, especially when those who are accusing me of being a racist are obviously very racist themselves. And the notion that blacks cannot be racist is nothing more than a bunch of malarky pushed by blacks who are clearly racist.

Take, for instance, MSDNC contributor Jason Johnson who, just this past Monday, during an appearance on MSDNC’s “Deadline” actually claimed that Republicans pass voting laws because many white people “would rather have their own lives inconvenienced than run the risk of black people being on an equal plane.” Johnson said, “When Republicans send their random disingenuous gaslighting tweets, I just sit back and say it’s going to be the exact same thing next year. Unless there is a radical change in how Americans decide to see their government, and that comes from the ground, and that comes from the people in office.” What an imbecile.

He said, “Unless people recognize that our democracy isn’t just under threat because of terrorists, isn’t just under threat because of a former president, but is under threat because you have a significant number of people in the House and Senate who don’t actually believe in a functional multicultural democracy, then we will continue to have these conversations on MLK Day about what we wish was happening, but the people in the position to make the change don’t have the strength and the ideological creativity to make any of those dreams come true.” He added, “I don’t think you can take partisanship out of it because, really, the partisanship is just a proxy for racism.”

He said, “I mean, let’s be clear. When you have voter suppression laws in a place like Ohio, you have, and we’ve seen this sociologically, that there’s a certain segment of white people in America who would rather have their own lives inconvenienced than run the risk of black people being on an equal plane. Because frankly, all these voter suppression laws they hurt white people, too. Right? The intention is to keep black people from voting, but it inconveniences everybody.” And he went on to say, “I am very sure that somebody living in Lorain, Ohio, doesn’t like the fact that their ID cards and things don’t work the way they used to as well.”

Johnson said, “So, the way you solve this problem is that the party leadership, now, whether that’s Joe Biden or formerly Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, any of these people, they have to start saying this is not an issue of compromise. The rhetoric has to start there. It has to say voting rights is fundamental. This is not something we can negotiate.” Imagine having a career where your only job to make up lies day and night. And why is everything always about race with weak-minded liberals? Answer, because they’re racists. And if one is truly wanting to know what racism looks like in America here in 2023, they need to look no further than Johnson himself.

Johnson is another of those racist blacks allowed to spew his hate without concern of losing his job, He’s got racial privilege and he knows it. Because for him to be fired would, of course, be an act of blatant racism, because he would be getting fired for no other reason than because he’s black, not because of his incendiary rhetoric that is untrue! And how can this jerk know what is inconvenient for a race that he disparages? What’s inconvenient is having to work with people who have an attitude and no intention of working together. Blame-games and victim cards are far more popular nowadays than forgiveness, brotherhood, and personal responsibility.

Requiring voter ID is not racist by any rational person’s definition. It’s just good protocol for carrying out a proper election. Who said anything about black people and ID cards? The Left. The Left interjects racism into every argument time and time again by implying that blacks are unable to get ID cards. What exactly does that even mean? Does that mean black people don’t fly on airplanes, don’t have bank accounts, don’t have credit cards, don’t purchases alcohol of cigarettes, or apply for the plethora of government services available to them, or and number of other things that require some form of ID? You can’t do any of that without ID or some sort.

But seriously, this boob intentionally conflates “concern for election integrity” with “racism.” In other words, the statement implies that election integrity is just an excuse, or a distraction. It implies that there are no significant voting opportunities that would be abused. And it implies that any concern about honest elections is inherently racist and that unlimited corruption would be far better than an honest election where one person ends up getting disenfranchised. It’s disgusting how these race baiters love to stoke the fire when, in reality, the great majority of voters just want fair elections with no cheating. It’s not at all about racism.

I do have to be honest, the most racist people that I come in contact with on a regular basis, are black. I don’t know a single white person who speak to or about blacks the way I hear them speaking to each, and the names they call each other. We’ve progressed far beyond the time for the black community to stop listening to clowns like Johnson and to come to grips with all that they bring upon themselves and to start solving their own problems instead of scapegoating. Just the facts mam, poverty, drugs, crime, fatherless homes, generational welfare, dominating prison population. When you have that many deficiencies the problems are in the hood.

Despite the best efforts of people like Johnson, America remains the greatest country on Earth, because if you can’t make it here you can’t make it anywhere. People are literally dying to come here and all these lefties can do is to complain about how they are the most miserable people on the planet. And it’s as an old white guy, that having my election stolen and then having a brain dead communist grifter installed as my *president was far more inconvenient than having to show ID when voting. But maybe that’s just me. This guy IS the racist since all he sees is that all white people are racist. He is the personification of racism in America today.

And for those who may be unaware, it’s Sheila Jackson Lee who has introduced a House Bill to criminalize “conspiracy to commit white supremacy,” which includes any criticism of non-white people that influences someone who commits a hate crime. So she now wants the government to control what we say and/or write claiming that it will somehow stop hate crime? What? But it’s ok to commit hate crimes against white people? So does the First Amendment not ring any bells for this dingbat? I’m guessing no, it does not. Democrats tend not to allow themselves to be bothered by allowing something as trivial as our Constitution to stand in their way.

And finally, all ANY American, regardless of race, should want is what our ‘former’ President made possible: lower taxation, energy independence, secure borders that welcomes only those who want to come here THE RIGHT WAY, no spending on wars with no end in sight, a booming economy, and the list goes on. No American, again regardless of race, should tolerate what has been made to take place in such a short span of time, politically speaking. And yet when provided to make their voices heard in the most recent midterm elections, the American people dropped the ball, and in so doing have allowed the Democrats to move us ever closer to the precipice.


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