I cannot be the only one to have noticed how it is that Democrats never wish to turn something into a “political football” whenever it’s one of there own who happens to be the “football.’ Case in point is Joey B. and the continuing saga regarding his inability to properly safeguard classified documents, especially since such information has now been found at three separate locations. I’m sure all will remember the conniption that the Democrats had when it was President Trump who possessed documents that were said to be ‘classified’ to the point where they had the FBI raid his home despite the fact that said information has been declassified.

But apparently, and as is usually the case whenever we have a Democrat involved, it’s according to nitwits like Jamie Raskin, Democrat from Maryland, that the fact Joey B had ‘classified documents’ stored in the garage of the house he ‘rents’ out to son Hunter is really no big deal, whether the documents involved were classified or not. And it was Raskin who, just this past Sunday during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” hosted by none other than Mr. Fake News himself, Jake Tapper, boldly stated that *President Joey B’s mishandling of classified documents should not be turned into a “political football.” Seriously, and why not? Tapper never asks.

But Tapper did ask, “Comer raises an interesting question, why the president’s lawyers, which do not have security clearance, is doing the searching at the Penn Biden center in Washington, at the president’s Greenville, Delaware, home. Why are they? They don’t have the proper security clearance. Shouldn’t FBI agents or Justice officials actually be doing the searching?” And Raskin said, “Well, that’s one of the things we can look at, what is the proper thing for a former president to do if he finds that there are government documents or classified documents that are in his possession.” Raskin, desperately in search of excuses, but there are none!

Raskin went on to say, “My understanding is they did the right thing by immediately alerting the archives and turning them over that day. Maybe there’s a different procedure for dealing with them that we’re unaware of. That’s a meaningful thing we could look at. Obviously, we don’t want to turn this into just a political football. It’s a bit disturbing to me that people who are saying there’s no problem with what Donald Trump did, which was to defiantly reject any cooperation in turning over hundreds of classified documents, are upset by President Biden’s voluntary and a rapid turnover of a handful of documents that they found.”

Let’s be real, shall we? It was perfectly fine for Democrats to create a “political football” when they were intending to use it against President Trump, but when Joey stumbles into creating one they say we should not do anything about it! Excuse me, but Joey B had no lawful right to remove these documents from where they were used in their official purpose! He had no right to possess them to begin with! He was not the President! They should have been left with those who had distributed them as reference material when whatever meeting was concluded! If this were President Trump, everyone knows that Raskin would be leading the parade to impeachment.

Raskin, as is usually the case, is lying, just as does his butt-buddy Adam Schiff. President Trump did not refuse to cooperate with officials. The FBI visited his home months before the raid on his home. And it was at the time of that same visit that they inspected how the documents were stored and ordered President Trump to place a padlock on the area. They left, returned to Washington to concoct the basis for the  raid on Mar-A-Logo. And what Ratskin doesn’t talk about and Tapper, of course, never brings up was the first batch of Joey B ‘classified documents’ was found on November 3 and not reported until two months after the midterm elections.

Suddenly, Raskin doesn’t want to get political when his side is about to be engulfed in flames? What a putz! Raskin is nothing but a hypocrite, he’s been a part of the political thing against President Trump for six years and no one cares what he thinks. And, oh the irony, the same Democrats who were so very happy to go down hard on President Trump are now saying Joey’s classified document debacle should be ignored. Completely different words now than in 2022 when the FBI raided President Trump’s home to confiscate his records stored in a secured room and secure mansion, not his garage where anyone from a crack head son to Chinese had access.

Ratskin is an imbecile, and blatant liar. Donald Trump was President at the time, which means he was the ULTIMATE declassifier. Joey B was not. The archivists packed up President Trump’s documents and knew everything that he had. It doesn’t appear that the archivists even knew that Joey had any of these classified documents. President Trump was working with the archivists, they asked him to put an additional lock on the door and his residence is guarded by the Secret Service. Joey’s were not secured and were available to every Chinese spy in our country. Then the Raskin says that his garage was locked, like that mattered? This is apples and oranges.

Just another leftwing hack, pretending not to know the rules and laws. He’s really trying to establish the left’s defensive narrative which is “I didn’t know” and, “I turned them over as soon as I realized I stole them when I was the vice president.” The typical “oops my bad” excuse. The left uses that position whenever they’re caught with their pants down, like Sandy ‘Burglar’ back in the day. If you ever needed an example of a hard-leftist Democrat lying through their teeth, Raskin can provide great examples day after day. Democrats have no shame. And they think we’re all so stupid. But other than the morons who vote for them, they aren’t fooling anyone.

Democrat totally incapacitated our country with their actions during the Trump presidency. And now they want us to forget what was happening. Everyone who misled, lied and tried to overthrow the best president this country has had in decades must be impeached, stripped from congressional immunity and prosecuted. And, of course, Joey’s mishandling of classified documents should be turned into a “political football.” Democrats created this environment, now they must be made to live in it. The Republicans must investigate  and give up their history of weakness and fight like their lives depend on it. Because the lives of the American people do!

Democrats have no respect for the office of the President, they view it as being nothing more than a means to an end. Now all of sudden they want civility and respect for the office? Perhaps they should have thought about that back when President Trump was in office. And Raskin needs to remember who it was that started all of this political insanity and how karma has now, apparently, proven to be such a bitch. Democrats divided the country when they attacked a sitting president on false allegations and now they don’t want to play a little “political football?” Here we go again, hypocrisy on steroids and CNN right there again fanning the flames.

What I find to be more than a little disturbing is when a hack like Raskin pretends there’s no difference between a president’s power to declassify anything without any input from anyone, versus a vice president’s inability to do the same. Or that a president arguing about what he has to turn over from a secure location is worse than a vice president who had secret documents at four unsecured locations (so far), or conducting an FBI raid on one guy but not the other is acceptable, or that somehow returning documents that have been wholly accessible to anyone for a period of six years even remotely constitutes a “voluntary and a rapid turnover” of anything.

And one final question. How did these documents, from ‘BO’s administration, end up in Joey’s possession in the first place? And shouldn’t ‘BO’ be under investigation and be required to answer questions as well? Why is no one talking about that? There are dozens of questions Americans may never get the answers to. There should no longer be any questions about why we are so divided – trust in government and our leaders is GONE. The same applies to the media who are complicit in hiding answers that don’t fit their political leanings. Can anyone still truly say they didn’t expect a January 6 event? Given the state of our country, it’s only amazing that it didn’t happen earlier.


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