So who was it that didn’t see this coming? It seems that now that he has so much more free time on his hands, ex member of the U.S. House, and known to nearly every as a gutless, spineless, piece of shit RINO, Adam Kinzinger will be joining the Communist News Network, aka CNN, as a contributor. Let’s hope his association with the network goes as well for him as it’s gone for ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace. It was announced this past Wednesday that Kinzinger would be joining the network as, now get this, a senior political commentator. Kinzinger chose not to run for reelection after his Democrat best-buds redistricted him out of existence, after six terms.

It has been in recent days, in preparation for his new CNN gig, that Kinzinger has been busy heating up his anti-Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric, which, as we all know, is the sole reason for his being offered the position in the first place. Kinzinger has been claiming that the party will become a hotbed of extremists under President Trump’s leadership. And it was in speaking with the network on New Year’s Day that Kinzinger went so far as to say that he fears for the country’s future President Trump does not get indicted. He said, “If a president can incite an insurrection and not be held accountable, there’s no limit to what a president can or can’t do.”

And he went on to say, “Yeah, I do think ultimately, when we get to where we’re going to go, I think the Justice Department will do the right thing. I think he will be charged.” He continued saying, “I frankly think he should be. Everything we’ve uncovered, from what he did with the Justice Department to everything leading up to January 6 to on January 6, sitting there for 180 minutes and watching this occur in the hope that maybe, just maybe, that last attempt to stay in power will work.” And it was Kinzinger who in the same interview made the comment that the Republican Party is not the future of the country unless Americans correct it. Correct it?

Kinzinger said, “The Republican Party is not the future of this country unless it corrects unless there’s a change.” And he added, “I’ve got to tell you if you think of a successful America in 20 years, that’s not going to be an America based on what Marjorie Taylor Greene wants or what some of these radicals want. The only way this country can succeed is if we learn to work together.” This is the typical type of drivel that we’ve come to expect from this lying turncoat. So, here we have a network that’s in last place, ratings-wise, that no one trusts, that is hemorrhaging money, who chooses to hire a failure. That’s absolutely brilliant! You just can’t make this stuff up.

And I have no doubt that he will be touted as being a “genuine conservative” by the network, kind of like being fair and balanced, but not really, since it will be both sides that will spewing the same leftist rhetoric. Because, you see, it’s ALL Republicans that are supposed to be like Kinzinger, whose views essentially mirror those of the Democrats. This even though pretty much every Republican voter, who also supports President Trump, doesn’t like a single thing about this guy or his views. But then those folks don’t spend much time watching CNN anyway, so no loss there. But no gains either in these days for a network struggling to maintain viewers.

At this point it’s like those in charge of the network are only trying to make their situation worse. They keep falling more and more and yet seem to think that things like bringing on this political turncoat are going to boost their viewership. I’m assuming at this point they’re going to need to go completely bankrupt before they wake up to what is happening to them. Or maybe they’re expecting to be bailed out by the government or, more specifically, those Democrats and RINOs in Congress. If that were to happen it wouldn’t matter how many viewers they have, or don’t have, and they truly would be nothing more than an official outlet for government propaganda.

From RINO to CNN. How much farther can he go? This is like being hired as a deck hand on the Titanic just as it’s leaving on its maiden voyage and thinking you’ve landed the job of a lifetime. But with Kinzinger, such will likely not be the case. Kinzinger now seems to have gone from being an elected, little weepy effeminate pustule and jumped right into the bottomless pit of ineptitude and obscurity that is CNN. Good luck with that, Adam. And really, was there ever anything more predictable? But when you think about it, where else would a traitorous loser go but to a traitorous network, and one that is dying on the vine. Seems rather fitting.


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