I for one am not sorry to see 2022 finally come to an end, it has been a year that has seen America become another year older and made more than a little more poorer, as well as a little less free, all courtesy of Joey B. and the Democrats. And we really don’t have much to show for it other than the fact that we had another million, or so, illegals that allowed to flood into the country, having the country put trillions of dollars further into debt and the Democrats’ continuing with political vendetta against President Trump. And it was a year that saw the American people essentially take a pass when provided with an opportunity to reel in some of the insanity being forced upon them by a fraudulent *president and a corrupt Congress.

The high point of the year for me was the birth of my granddaughter, but there was some sadness even in that when thinking about how it is that both she, and her two year old brother, will be growing up in an America that will be far different from the one their grandfather grew up in. I fear they will never get to enjoy the same level of freedom that I enjoyed and the level of freedom that so many Americans now seem to have forgotten. Far too many Americans continue to take their freedom for granted, and willingly exchange it for some government ‘freebie.’ And most seem far too content with allowing their government to run roughshod over their lives. Which makes me worry even more about the future that lies ahead for my grandchildren.

And there is already much talk going on about the coming year that is far from encouraging with predictions of higher inflation, a recession, higher energy prices, and even more illegal immigrants being allowed to enter our country. So I have no doubt that things will get much worse before they get any better. And it’s all being done with a purpose, as well as on purpose, by the very ones that we ourselves have elected. And it’s far too many Americans who seem not to care. When you stop to think about where this country was just two short years ago, it’s nothing short of tragic to see where we are today. And it’s clear that our politicians have no interest in making things better, so it’s going to be up to the American people. But they must first want to.


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