So there has been much talk of late about how there has been a sizable increase in the number of Americans relocating from Blue States to Red. And while it does make a great deal of sense, as one who lives in one of those Red States, I’m here to tell you that there is a definite downside for such an occurrence. Here in Florida it seems that there has been a massive influx of people who are nothing but rude. And then there’s the fact that housing costs have now gone through the roof, to the point where many native Floridians have simply been priced out of being able to buy a home.  

And while Blue states experienced the largest population declines in 2022, it was those referred to as Red states that topped the list with the most population growth, according to United States Census Bureau figures. This year, California saw more than 343,000 residents depart the state, which was more than any other in the nation, closely followed by New York, which lost nearly 300,000 residents, and Illinois who lost nearly 142,000 residents. At the same time, it was more Americans who chose to resettle here in Florida, more than 318,000, than any other state this year.

By region, it is the South that had the greatest increase in population and was the fastest growing region of the country this year, adding about 1.3 million new residents, nearly 868,000 of which were Americans who moved to the South and the other 415,000 who were newly arrived ‘immigrants.’ The West, likewise, grew in population, adding fewer than 154,000 residents. Meanwhile, the Northeast and Midwest both saw population declines this year, attributed to Americans moving out of both regions for other destinations in the South and West.

The Northeast, alone, lost nearly 219,000 residents this year, while the Midwest saw almost 49,000 Americans leave the region. In total, the U.S. population climbed to a record 333 million residents this year. More than 80 percent of the rapid population growth is driven by the nation’s legal immigration policy that brings more than a million foreign nationals to the U.S. annually and gives them green cards. Without immigration, the U.S. population would have stabilized at a comfortable 245,000 new residents last year as the result of new births versus deaths.

It used to be called “voting with your feet”. Hopefully most of those fleeing the Blue states and arriving in the Red states are conservatives. And while we can’t yet be sure, that is certainly the hope. But sadly, I think, many of those fleeing California, Illinois, and New York are likely lower income Democrats who can no longer afford to live in the places they voted Democrat. And will they continue to vote Democrat bringing about the downfall of their new state? Take Arizona for example. Deep red for decades now (as of 2022) purple and the way it’s going will be blue in 2024.

Democrats are like the worst form of a malignant cancer. Once they get established they then proceed to vote for those who seek to wreck the economy, raise taxes, increase crime, destroy businesses and increase dependence on government. They are like a swarm of locusts going from field to field. They seek fertile ground to destroy with the liberal politics they bring with them. They infest the schoolboards and get into local politics and turn their new ground into their old ground. Every Red state that is the recipient of these toxic hordes is the next potential victim.

Yet might this all be by some sick design? Enslave the poor and middle class and have the upper classes move to Red states and convert them to Blue states. These people vote for Democrats and then flee from the hellhole they helped to create to more fertile ground. They are little more than carriers, out to destroy the successful Red states with the same elitist and authoritarian policies that made their Blue state homes uninhabitable. Those moving from Blue states to Red States should be made to wait for at least a year before being able to cast their first vote in any election.

How do we send them back from whence they came? Rude, mannerless and self-centered are best descriptions for the vast majority of horn-honking new arrivals here in Florida. You can spot them a mile off, walking around like they own the place. They are destroyers and will lay waste anywhere and everywhere they go. And when there’s no longer a decent place to live anymore, they’ll be incapable of understanding how and why it all happened!! Most certainly not the smartest bunch but they’ll never change and will always think themselves smarter than us!

And finally, Americans are, slowly but surely, being replaced by ‘Third World’ illegals for the very simple reason that they are easier to control. They will gladly live on the measly government handouts/freebies, because it is more than what they had in the countries they left. They aren’t asylum seekers, they are invaders who don’t give a crap for hard working American taxpayer. Without an easily controlled population, the vile politicians can’t continue getting their wealth and power. America is quickly becoming the very third world cesspool that these people are running from.



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