Personally, I’m one of those folks who don’t trust Joe Manchin any further than I could throw him, and so I couldn’t care less when it comes to all the rumors about how he’s supposedly considering a departure from the Democrat Party. If that’s what he wants to do, so be it, it’s still a free country. Now if he were to, for some bizarre reason, chose to join the Republican Party, now that I would have a problem with, for no other reason we have enough Democrats, aka RINOs, in the Republican Party.

And it was just this past Wednesday, during an appearance on CNN’s “The Lead,” hosted by Jake Tapper, that Manchin touted his independence, differentiating himself from the Democrat Party. However, Manchin indicated that, for now, he is in no hurry to follow his colleague Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s lead and leave the Democrat caucus. Manchin said, “Jake, I don’t think there’s anyone more independent than me,” he said. “And that we have been voting in my entire life, over 40 years.”

And he went on to say, “I’m not a Washington Democrat. I have a lot of good friends who are Washington Republicans. This party tribal mentality is killing our country. People are sick and tired of it. I respect Kyrsten’s decision. She made her decision, and she’s very articulate in the way she pointed out of why she did what she did.” He added, “And I think that basically, I will make my decision whenever I make the decision, or if I do make a decision, I will do it, and I’m not in any hurry to do that.”

Manchin continued, “So, you know, the bottom line is I’m not changing how I vote. I’m not changing how I approach a problem. If my Republican colleagues have a good idea, I’m for it. I can go home and explain it.” He said, “If the Democrats have a good idea, I can support that also.” And he went on to add, “And I’m not afraid to say, I can’t support something that makes no sense at all to the Democrats or Republicans. So, people have gotten so. It’s what team are you on. I’m on one team.”

Manchin said, “I’m on the American team. I would like to think we are all on the same side. We just have different branches. That’s all. But the same side as the American side.” I hate to be the one to tell old Joe, but if one is on the side of the Democrat Party there is simply no way in Hell that one is on the American side. It’s just not possible in any way shape, manner or form. If you are a Democrat then you are very clearly an enemy of America, to think otherwise is to be nothing less than delusional!

In other words, what old Joe is saying is: “It depends on the polls. If I can think I can win as a Democrat, well then, I’ll stay a Democrat. But, if I think I’m going to lose, then I’ll either become an Independent or even a Republican, which also depends on what kind of a deal I might be able to get from Mitch.” Manchin has shown that he is a Democrat through and through. He has demonstrated repeatedly that he is not about freedom, liberty, the Constitution, or a fiscally responsible government.

This likely nothing more than a political stunt to stay elected. It’s not going to help the Republican Party or America. Manchin needs to be replaced with a true ‘America First’ candidate in 2024. He’s running scared and simply trying to save his job. He faltered when it mattered most, sold out the people of his state and this country, and should be fired for his cowardice. I don’t care how many spin doctors he’s got, no one can justify what he did in voting for legislation that increased our debt and inflation.

Now I will admit that there was once a time when I thought differently about this guy than I do today. I thought he was a serious man who cared about the country. I was wrong. Like SO MANY other professional politicians, Joe can be bought. Manchin is nothing more than a chameleon. In a state where President Trump won by 40 percent and Manchin’s counterpart won by 43 percent, the only chance he has be being able to win in 2024 is to switch to Republican. He barely won in 2018 by 3 percent.

In plain English what Joe is saying is: “I will make my decision when I make my decision and then I will change my decision when I make that decision, and if need be I will decide to make a new decision if that decision needs to be made. So for now, the matter is undecided.” This is Manchin being Manchin. He instills these nuggets of hope in his conservative supporters, then he caves to the radical Left. He’s far more interested in being a talking point than becoming a conduit for saving the country!

Manchin has gotten a lot of what he wants out of the Democrat Party by being that last vote they need. Now, with Sinema out, he’s in the same position again. There’s no reason for him to give that up. If Manchin truly wanted to do good for his coal-rich state of West Virginia then he would switch to Republican. But whether Manchin decides to join the Republican Party or chooses to identify as an ‘Independent’ it is of little import to the overall disgrace that Congress itself has now become.

Manchin is nothing more than a hypocrite who’s simply trying to straddle both sides of the fence. The problem he faces is his voting base that is more on the conservative side while his true convictions are far more on the ‘progressive side. West Virginia would be wise to dump him and to choose a Senator who has their best interests at heart. Manchin lost what credibility he might have still had when he voted for the bogus Inflation Reduction Act. It’s time for him to be put out pasture.


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