Can someone, ANYONE, please explain to me why it would be that anyone who loves this country, even a little bit, would willingly waste a second of the precious time they have been blessed with on this Earth, watching any of the garbage that passes today as our ‘mainstream news media.’ Because it has now become, in its entirety, much less about providing viable information and actual news, and much more about spewing that which is nothing more than the purest form of propaganda. And it no longer matters who it is that one chooses to watch, CNN, MSDNC or Fox because they have all essentially become clones of one another and therefore, useless. 

And why I bring this up is because it was just this past Friday that Rachel Maddow, one of MSDNC’s many resident loons made an appearance on the show of one of her MSDNC colleague’s, “The ReidOut,” hosted by the racist homophobe, Joy Reid. And it was during that broadcast that Maddow claimed that the Republican Party wants to “go back to the good old days where everybody was the same color.” Discussing President Trump, Elon Musk and Kanye West, Maddow said, “A certain proportion of the American public likes this stuff and falls for it over and over again and discovers it anew, the same way every new generation believes they discovered sex.”

Maddow then went on to say, “Every new generation of Americans believes they have discovered this efficient wave of the future where slow, boring democracy lets all the wrong people have decision-making power instead will be replaced with this efficient leadership who makes everybody believe what we believe, and we go back to the good old days where everybody was the same color.” She continued, “Antisemitism and authoritarianism are always sistered together. Always, always, always.” Really? I get so tired of these people who profess to be so knowledgeable, but when you get right down to it, she, like most others in the ‘news’ media, is dumb as a post.

She said, “When you see not only a rise in the expression of antisemitism but a sort of mainstreaming of it, and one of the major political parties of our two-party governing system flirting with it in a way that doesn’t immediately get denounced throughout the political system, like that, there isn’t a surprise I think that that’s going with the sort of proto-authoritarian movements you’re seeing in that same part of that party. Those things always go together.” In truth, anti-Semitism has always been rampant on the Left. Let’s face it, if Democrats had their way Israel would be roughly the size Brooklyn and the so-called Palestinians would have all the remaining territory.

And what makes Maddow’s comments even less credible is the fact that there has never been such a person as a ‘Palestinian’ for the very simply reason that there has NEVER been a Palestine. But Maddow continued, saying, “The American democratic experiment is that a country that is made up of all different kinds of people, from all over the place, all get an equal say. Outside of these far-right corners, it’s hard to argue we don’t want American democracy anymore. And to the extent that freaks you out, it’s hard to argue, although some on the right now are, some in the ultra-right are, it’s hard to argue we don’t want American democracy anymore.”

Maddow then proceeded to spew what has come to be recognized as her own brand of liberal gibberish saying, “Democracy is uncomfortable because we don’t like everybody having a say. We prefer that just we have a say. It’s easier to say, our country has been hijacked by demonic forces and shady people behind the scenes that you can’t see. That always lends itself to antisemitism or toward whatever kind of cabal you want to try to imagine. But at its core, it’s just something you hide behind when what you don’t want is to participate as an equal citizen with others who are different than you in a group decision-making process. You don’t get to be in charge.”

And she wrapped things us by saying, “You just get to be a citizen among many. For people who don’t want that, the cabal the idea is where they often first go.” Her entire commentary is spent describing those on Left and yet she, nor apparently does Ms. Reid, doesn’t even realize it. This is nothing more than another attempt to project the lunatic mentality of those on the Left onto those of us on the right. And while I’m sure it’s many of those on the left who were, while listening, nodding in agreement, anyone on the right would have been simply shaking their head in disgust at once again being accused of doing what it is that those on the Left do! 

Yes, that’s right, Ms. Maddow, there are those of us who want to return to the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King had, that of being a colorblind society, where everybody had an equal footing in life. Equal rights, equal responsibilities, equal opportunities. A level playing field for all. However, it those people like you, Ms. Maddow, who only look to be able to tilt the pinball machine to favor one demographic over another. Like Dr. King, we oppose that sort of corrosive thinking. And yes, I miss seeing the one color that was called American. We’d like to see the days when people again loved the country, flaws and all, and possessed the values that made this country great!

And yes, we would like to go back to merit-based success, achievement-driven entitlement, back to a time before affirmative action mediocracy lowered standards for everything, including norms of civilized behavior. Back to a time when we were free to win, or free to fail trying. When respect was earned, not awarded by a mob or government. But Democrats need an easy way to sort people into groups in order to set us against one another. If they don’t have color they will have to use something else, like ancestry or religion. Historically they have found color the most satisfactory way of meeting their needs. Don’t ever see human beings as individuals.

But she is right about one thing though, proving that even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now again. Because I agree with her, there are dark, sinister forces behind the scenes pulling the strings to control the American people, and they are, for the most part in the Left. What she needs to confess is that she is one of their spokesmorons. When she talks about the evil of the right and their supposed agenda, she is actually describing the left! What she fails to recognize is that were it not for patriots and people of a conservative bent, she would not enjoy the freedoms she and the rest of the left continued to take full advantage of!

You know, the country was a better place when there was less social chaos, when the deviants weren’t in control of the ‘news’ media and American politics. Before it was deemed to be ‘normal’ for men under the delusion of being women to be able to enter children’s dressing rooms and women’s sports. Who wants to listen to a bunch of HATERS on the Left trash not only the country we were born in, but the country we love, and the people we love, all the while blaming our skin color for everything that is wrong with the country. In the meantime, they personally get rich because they live in America and if they didn’t, no-one would know who the hell they are!

I admit that I long for the old days, when America truly was a melting pot, and what mattered was the person, not their skin color or faith. The days before it was demanded by the government that we all be racists and focused on race above all else. Yes, as a country we always had a LOT of improvements to make in bridging the differences, but the attitude of the MAJORITY of Americans was a lot more accepting than it is today. Dr. King was on the right track, but the Democrats didn’t like that. He wanted us all to be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. How could the Democrats control voters if they’re unable to group them?

And finally, the world is a most diverse place, and if you can’t get past the color of someone’s skin then diversity dies. We are all human beings, no matter the color of our skin. Each and every one of us is different and that makes the world a wonderful place. The right doesn’t want to see the same color in everyone, the right wants to look past that and see the content of character. The Democrats can’t see past labeling someone or putting people in a box. It’s called control, and if the Democrats can’t control everyone, then they lose and continue to lose. It’s the mindset of these control freaks in the Democrat Party that creating hate is their path to victory.


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