She who has been deemed, at least by those on the left, to be “the smartest woman on the planet,” as well as the most qualified person to ever run for President of the United States, and lose, recently declared that by returning the issue of abortion back to the states to decide, the “right” has now simply gone too far. And she also made the argument that the majority of Americans agree with her position on the subject of abortion. It was just this past Thursday, during an appearance on CNN International’s “Amanpour,” that Hitlery discussed her assessment of the abortion issue.

You see, it was then that Hitlery claimed that a “great majority of Americans” believe the conservative majority on the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and Republican-led state legislatures have gone way too far on abortion bans. Hitlery said, “In a democracy when things don’t go your way, when you suffered setbacks. You need to remember that there is no permanent political victory or defeat. You have to keep fighting for these fundamental rights. You have to try to enshrine them in law as best you can in our system, at both the federal and the state level.”

Hitlery said, “So we’ll see what happens in states like Arkansas in so many other states when we face real world problems, as we have seen already seen where women with miscarriages go in for medical treatment are turned away and God forbid, a woman dies because that health care is denied her.” You have to ask yourself, just how stupid does the “smartest woman on the planet” really think the rest of us are? Hitlery has been described even by some on the left as being a congenital liar, and knowing her as we all most certainly do, I think most Americans would agree.

But be that as it may she went on to say, “I just believe that the fervor of the interests that are saying there should be absolutely no choice for women in half the states or more of our country will run right up against reality as it has in elections in Kansas and Kentucky and Montana, California, Michigan where voters got to vote on these extreme measures or trying to prevent them from ever being imposed in their states. Right now, it’s obvious that the great majority of Americans believe the Supreme Court, local states, legislatures, et cetera have gone way too far.”

I beg to differ with “the smartest woman on the planet,” because I would argue that the great majority of Americans believe that it’s those on the left, those like Hitlery, who have gone too far with their infatuation with killing babies when they supported abortions right up to moment of birth and, in some states, even after birth. With Democrats if they are not killing kids, they’re grooming them, trafficking them, or brain washing them! And, of course, Hitlery offers no evidence to back up her claims about this “great majority” of hers. Nor, as is always the case, is she ever asked to provide any!

A great majority of Americans believe the left has gone too far on open borders, grooming kids, transvestite story hour for preschoolers and preferred pronouns in public school. The left has gone too far on a great many things and still Hitlery thinks that it should be a woman’s choice to murder her perfectly healthy baby. That’s just sick! And it was Democrats in California who recently proposed legislation that would allow ‘post-birth abortions’ up to seven days after delivery. Fortunately, the legislation didn’t go anywhere, but it is indicative of a certain wretched mindset.

Democrats, like Hitlery, would like nothing more than for their herd to believe that the Supreme Court somehow made abortion illegal, but anyone with a brain is able to understand that such is simply not the case. All the Court did was to say that Roe was an act of Federal overreach, which it very clearly was. And because of this ruling the states can now make their own rules. If, as Hitlery claims, the majority want abortion on demand until two years after birth they will have it. Hysteria and fear are two of the main tactics that Democrats in dealing with their brain dead supporters.

And so to all of those retarded Democrats who remain able to believe anything this tired old hag has to say, I would only like to say that the ‘right DID NOT go too far!!! The original decision made back on 1973 was clearly unconstitutional, period. This has zero to do with any party. If you believe this liar, that you’re just plain dumb and have been duped. Clearly ‘Blue’ states have not stopped abortions. In fact, many pro-baby murder states allow an abortion up to delivery. So, if you need to murder a baby, there’s always the next state over. Abortions are not illegal nationwide.

And as is always the case, Democrat’s purposely misinterpret that which they disagree with so as to inspire morons to vote for them. The Supreme Court did not issue a ruling banning abortion. They simply ruled that the federal government does not have an opinion one way or the other according to the U.S. Constitution on whether a woman has the right to an abortion. Matters not deemed Federal concerns automatically become the responsibility of the individual States. The Court overreached when it issued Roe. Even the heroine of the left, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, agreed.

Hitlery certainly isn’t the smartest woman in the world. I’m married to her. But that said, she isn’t stupid. She graduated from a good law school and knows that Roe v. Wade was one of the worst decisions the Supreme Court has ever handed down. So all the Court was doing this past summer was to correct the mistake it had made in Roe by concocting a constitutional right to do something which had always been a crime in this country. As with the income tax, prohibition, and women’s suffrage, the only legitimate way to create a right to abortion was to amend the Constitution.

Granted, it took 49 years to fix Roe, during which time 63-plus million human babies were aborted. And what I’ve always found to be rather interesting is the fact that Democrats, including Hitlery, never want to talk about how it is a disproportionate number of those 63-plus million babies, or roughly 40 percent, that were black babies. And when you consider the fact that blacks make up roughly 13 percent of the U.S. population, the numbers do appear to be somewhat lopsided. Could it be that to this rich, powerful white woman, THOSE black lives really don’t matter?


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