While I did think that there was going to be a ‘red wave’ it had more to do with the fact that I figured most Americans were at least able to remember as far back a mere 24 months and remember what it was that the country looked like then, with our booming economy, our energy independence, our low gas prices, our low unemployment, especially for minorities and women, and a southern border that was relatively secure. So, I thought that a ‘red wave’ was simply a no-brainer. I never imagined that there would be anyone but the most hardcore leftists that would even consider voting for those responsible for essentially erasing all of those things.

And while we now narrowly control the House, we’re left to rely on the people of Georgia when it comes to trying to salvage at least a tie in the Senate. And I don’t know about anyone else, but the fact that everything now rests with the people of Georgia, when it comes to trying to limit just how much more damage to the country the Democrats are able to inflict upon this country over the course of the next two years, is something that I find to be more than just a little terrifying. And as amazing as it may sound recent polls there show that the race between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock is either tied or has Warnock on top by four points.

Now I really don’t mean to pick on the people of Georgia, but it’s every conversation that I have ever had with anyone from that state that is what I would imagine a conversation would be like with someone from another planet. And that so much now rests on the upcoming runoff election that takes place in Georgia on December 6 has me not getting much sleep of late. Because it would appear that these people are, at least at this point, on the verge of electing the most worthless piece of shit to ever occupy a seat in the U.S. Senate, Raphael Warnock. And if that is what does come to pass it’s one more bit of evidence that these people are simply not of this Earth.  

And ya know, everyone keeps talking about the massive amounts of money that continues to pour in from outside of the state and into the campaign coffers of this supposed man of God, Mr. Warnock. But why should it matter how much money comes into this guy? If the people of Georgia had even a lick of sense, those who support this sleazy creep, Warnock, could dump a billion dollars into his campaign and it wouldn’t matter. But because it’s perceived by those ‘giving’ all of this money that the people of Georgia are incapable of thinking for themselves, and can be convinced that Warnock is something he is not, the money just keeps pouring in.     

And I simply don’t get how it is that it has not yet dawned on the people of Georgia that this sleazy ‘preacher’ really doesn’t give a squat about them or this country. You would think that even black folks, who have essentially been conditioned to vote for those like Warnock, would be able to figure things out and vote for Mr. Walker. But, again, if recent polling data paints anywhere near an accurate picture of the situation that is apparently not the case. And I can’t help but to call into question their reasoning for not voting for Mr. Walker. Much mud has been slung in his direction, is that it? Or is he another deemed not to be “black enough” for blacks to vote for?

So the way I look at things is that on December 6 the people of Georgia will be taking part in what is essentially a statewide IQ test, the outcome of which will reach to all points in this country. And it’s the outcome of this IQ test that will likely come to be known on, of all days, December 7, Pearl Harbor Day. And on that day we will find out if the argument can be that they passed the test by electing Mr. Walker or, instead, chose to confirm what so many of us already think of them by electing Mr. Warnock. I must admit that I have very little confidence that the people of Georgia will do the right thing, and apparently those giving money to Warnock are of the same opinion.



    HEAR HEAR!! I could not agree more with you my friend. Granted I really believe if more people in Georgia would just watch the 3 people at night, Tucker Carlson Sean Hannity Laura Ingraham, all 3 or if not at least just 1!!

    My problem is, I don’t know anybody that lives in the state of Georgia on a personal basis. I wish to God I did because if I did I know I could talk them into to at least watching Tucker at least for one week straight!!! i’ve done this with other people that are actually good people but believe it or not and I’m talking five different people that are conservatives and yet they don’t, we’ll they didn’t really know what makes / made them conservative!!

    they do now! All, 5 of them. And I’ve been telling all of them to do to others what I did with them. Pass it on!! Pay it forward, if you will. Call it whatever you want to call it.

    But this is how we get people to come to our side. And I know I have two of them doing this and I’m working on another one right now to reach out to people they know that I don’t know but they know that they suspect are conservative and get them to at least watching and listening to conservative channels just for one week and they will see the truth!!

    They will get to know that all the far left lies, con-jobs, about Tucker / Sean / Laura etc etc or just that. Nothing but lies to get the from knowing the truth.

    And all 5 of these people are now so grateful that they stuck it out and they hate the people that lied to them and kept them from the truth!!! and this is what I plan on doing between now and the time I die to try to bring as many people to our side as possible!!!

    But they don’t. If you go and look up the data like I have, you will come to see rather quickly that the majority of the people in the state of Georgia get their news from what I call, THE “NNC NETWORK NEWS CABAL”..

    Which is made up of, “ABC / CBS / NBC /CNN / MSDNC”. Which as we all know, the Democrat party has it absolutely made! Because they are in better shape the Nazi Germany was getting propaganda out for everyone to SEE THEM TO HEAR THEM!!

    They have 5!! FIVE billion dollar $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Separate companies that deal in, propaganda straight up fake ass news outlets that are the mouthpiece for the most dangerous party in America. That being the Democrat Party.

    Granted there’s several things about Fox News today that I don’t care for. But, That doesn’t mean I’m gonna throw the baby out with the bathwater and stop watching them completely. I thoroughly enjoy watching Tucker Carlson and frankly I watch him more than I do Sean Hannity.

    For a big reason Sean continued to have Lindsey Graham on and Mitch McConnell for quite some time. Granted this was back when Trump was President.

    Up till two years ago Tucker Carlson used to tell his audience how much he tried to get Lindsey Graham to come on his show but he would dare come on it.

    Because he wouldn’t get handled with kid gloves the way Sean handled him. Granted, you don’t see Lindsey Graham on Sean’s show like you used to, that’s for sure.

    But getting back to what I said earlier about getting people to watch Tucker, I have as of today, last week, last month, as of 3 months ago, a total of 5 different folks watching Tucker every night he comes on. Went before they had heard all kind of left-wing lies about him. Which I talked about them previously.

    And all of them would tell you to this day that they themselves was almost brainwashed by the left about him and about Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. And now they watched all three of them they like the other two they just prefer Tucker just like I do.

    And these are people that have voted conservative in their local races and national. And they really didn’t know why or what, led them to becoming Conservative.

    I really believe God plays a tremendous part into creating good conservatives. And I know he plays a direct part in bringing us into peoples lives that need to know the truth. Myself I was raised in a Christian family with, “CHRISTIAN—VALUES” Which dove-tail into and with, “CONSERVATIVE—VALUES.” They definitely complement one another.

    And speaking of spreading the word, so to speak, my wife does it too my friends!! BIIIIG TIME!! Even more than I do. She is definitely a Social Christian butterfly. She has a circle of girlfriends that all of them have been friends since early college days.

    And once a week if not every two weeks they all get together with their girlfriends for a dinner 🥘 out at a restaurant that they all vote on eating at.

    And, and each one is assigned to ask somebody another lady to go out and meet them to eat to expand their circle of Christian conservative friends and to spread the gospel of what me and her call,


    The majority of the women they invite or married and they have things in common with. There circle has, Has without a doubt Made an impact, Had influenced certain, various families.

    Because the wife they invited out, After getting a bug so to speak planted in their ears, they took it home to their husbands and their husbands took to it. Over the last several years I have come to know many good husbands like this.

    Because we’ve been or curious creatures and we want to know who our wife is meeting and why she seems so excited about her new friend. And why they have so much in common. And, like most men, they ask, well is she married??? what is her husband like??? I’d like to meet them.

    And it just goes from there. I will admit, where we live, in the very NW part of Wyoming, dictates a tremendous amount all the kind of man you are going to meet out here. And even if some of them don’t hunt anymore, I have yet to meet a lefty lol 😆 i’m not saying I don’t know where some Hollywood folks are over in Jackson Hole. I do. But, I don’t know them on a personal basis.

    In closing, over the years I have met some men out of Hollywood out here and yes they was Conservative. Very very much so!! some of them may have drank too much but they still voted Republican and they definitely like Ronald Reagan when he was governor and voted for him.

    Men like Sam Peckinpah, Of, “THE WILD BUNCH”, “THE GETAWAY”
    Etc etc He died way to young at 59. Alcoholism.

    And out here I feel very proud to have met, and came to know so very well, Ben Johnson & Warren Oates. If you don’t know who these 2 men are, please!! by all means do yourself a favor, and look them up!! and read about the both of them. Especially about Ben Johnson.

    These men was coming up when it was much easier to be a conservative and when people in Hollywood was proud to be American and WHITE!! If we have any reason to hate both parties, it’s because of the 1965 immigration act that changed the face of our nation for the absolute worst!!!

    It opened the door to practically every shit hole country on the face of our Earth! And along the way it all but shut the door on white folks Immigrating from Europe. This is one thing that needs to be changed so bad. And CHANGED BACK!!!!!!!!!

    I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving as we did. We had a 22 pound Bird 🦃 that our youngest son killed. Because all four of our boys was here three of their wives the fourth one’s not married yet. But every Thanksgiving it’s always very big around here.

    We set up one table, a long picnic 🧺 type table, that all the girls set all the food on and we get what we want and we join everybody at our long dining table with all 3 leaves put in. And of course all the girls set the tables. Womens work. My wife and I are old fashion.

    We had plenty of Elk, to much actually, 3 Ducks, and a black-bear-roast me and my oldest shot 3 weeks ago out back from our house about 680 yards. Let me tell you, the way my lovely wife does it, it’s ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDINGLY, DELICIOUS!!!!



    I meant to also say this but I also know that once again my comment had become way too long! but these words could easily fit the people of Kentucky because of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina!!!!!

    And somebody else that has to go as far as I’m concerned, and I’m seeing online coast-to-coast thousands of conservatives agreed with me about this idiot turncoat traitor, Dan Crenshaw that just got re-elected!!!!!

    Until I see the shit for brains in these states vote out these bastards, and several more I could easily rattle off, I don’t wanna hear anything out of anybody.

    I’m of the opinion that with a senator or a congressman goes to work every day, they need to go to work like it’s war and they’re out to WIN! WIN!! WIN!!! And, to be for our NATION 1ST AND FORMOST!!!!

    That is what they mean by America 1st!! Anybody that goes to work every day needs to go in with this on their mind until the time they go home!! AMERICA 1ST Just like Marjorie Taylor Greene!!!
    MATT GAETZ!!! & LOUIE GOHMERT!! (Bless his heart 🙂

    Whenever there is a press conference just like on Tuesday and you see her speaking you will see the other two with her every where she’s at!! IN—TOW!! All the time!!!!

    But these words, fit many locales!!! And many many voters!!!!


    I would like to use this from now on and just change the name of the state because it really does fit certain congressmen and senators from certain places.


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