Yes, I have a dream and please don’t laugh because it’s a crazy one. You see, my dream is that some day soon, I hope, there will take place in this country a mass awakening, and the American people, by the tens of millions, will finally come to recognize what it is that is being done to them and to this country by the very people that they themselves have elected. And it will be on that very day that they finally become pissed off to the point where they will finally be compelled to take action, even action that they would not typically feel comfortable resorting to.

Yes, I have a dream that the American people will finally snap out of whatever trance they have been in for the last few decades and will come to their senses, and be of one voice. And they will recognize how our career politicians, in both parties, have long viewed them as being nothing more than patsies. And I have a dream that the American people will then become willing to do whatever it is that might be necessary to replace every one of these politicians using one very simple rule. Elect only those individuals who promise to make America, America again.

Let’s face it, the days of actually being able to trust any of our politicians, if ever we really could trust any of them, has long since passed. Americans seem in need of being reminded that these politicians work for them, and while no one really ever enjoys firing someone, sometimes it’s just something that needs to be done for the benefit of others, and that should go for politicians as well. We send these people to Washington to attend to the people’s business, not to force down our throats their endless cockamamy schemes the only purpose of which is to gain them votes.

And when it’s that that becomes the priority of our supposed leaders, well then, it’s time for the people to step in and make the necessary changes. It’s either that or allow these politicians to ride roughshod over those who put them into office in the first place. Politicians are like children, they must either be held accountable for their actions, all of their actions, or, if necessary, sent to their room or, when it comes to politicians removed from office, never to be permitted to run for office again. These are the rules that our politicians must be made to play by.

And I have a dream that Americans will come to vote in such numbers for what is best for the country that no amount of cheating will be able to alter the outcome. So, what are the chances of my dream actually becoming a reality? Am I simply being naïve to consider such a thing will actually ever come to pass? How much more must we be made to suffer and how much further must our country be destroyed, right before our eyes, before enough Americans will come to feel the need to come to her rescue. To put everything they have on the line to prevent the country from dying?

And ask yourself, what further indignities must those of us whose only interest is in keeping America, America, be made to suffer at the hands of those so desperate to turn America into something else, something totally unrecognizable compared to what it has always been? And at what point will people finally say enough, is enough, this far and no further. Well, it would seem that we still have not been made to fall far enough to lure enough people into taking the level of action that we all know needs to be taken if there is to be any country left to pass down to our children.

People, your country is now purposely being made to die. And whether you are white, black, gay, straight, Hispanic, a man, a woman, a transgender, a Christian, a non-Christian, it doesn’t matter, you have to see that. And when this ship is made to sink it’s ALL of us that will be going down with it, every single one of us. And if you think you’re somehow safe because you’ve been voting for Democrats your entire life, then you’re as stupid as the Democrats think you are. Democrats care nothing about you. You are nothing but a means to an end. Their “unlimited cosmic power!” 

The political elites, the rich and powerful, the Hollyweird leftists are all laughing at regular Americans who want nothing more than to be left alone to live out their lives as they see fit. They want nothing more than to have politicians do that which they were sent off to Washington to do. They want to feel safe in their homes, they want a steady job, and while they understand that taxes are a necessary evil, they dislike being accused of not paying their fair share by those who very clearly are not. And they want politicians to appear to care more about this country than themselves.

So riddle me this, what sense does it make to not want to get your country back to where it was a mere 24 months ago? What pleasure is to be gotten from being made to endure this misery now being foisted upon the American people by Joey B and the Democrats and a handful of RINOs? And what, if any, sense does it make to turn your back on the man who can take us back? Do you really hate Trump that much that you would purposely choose to forfeit your children’s futures? If so, then you’re also as stupid as the Democrats think you are. It is time to wake up, people!

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