Never has there been a man who has proven himself to be more of a disappointment than has Mike Pence. His supposed Christian values notwithstanding, the man is a liar plain and simple. And he is clearly not an honorable man nor is he a man known for his loyalty to those who depend upon him, which makes him a man who should never be trusted. And that he actually thinks himself worthy of being president is beyond laughable. I think recent polling data has his support somewhere in the single digits, because people know he’s a fraud. And it was recently that Pence was out doing his best to sound the alarm regarding President Trump’s decision to run again.    

And where do you suppose it was that Mr. Pence went off to to voice his concerns regarding the 2024 presidential contest? Well off to ‘Fox News,’ of course, for a little sit down with one of network’s premiere Never Trumpers, who else but Bret Baier. And it was during that appearance, just this past Monday, that Pence was asked to react to President Trump’s forthcoming announcement about his 2024 bid for a second term. After acknowledging his record with President Trump, Pence said he believed different times called for “different leadership,” suggesting that he would not be supporting President Trump’s presidential aspirations this time around.

Anyway, it’s a partial transcript of that conversation that follows:       

BAIER: All right, your former boss, by all accounts, is going to get back into the presidential field. He’s going to announce that he wants to seek the Republican nomination for a third time.

What do you make of that tonight?

PENCE: Well, it’s a free country, Bret, and I — the president’s entitled to make whatever announcement that he wants to make tonight.

But, as I wrote in my book that was just released today, I’m incredibly proud of the record of the Trump-Pence administration. We rebuild our military, revived our economy, secured our border, unleashed American energy, and saw conservatives appointed to our courts at every level, including three to the Supreme Court that gave America a new beginning on the right to life this year.

But, all of that being said, as I have traveled around the country over the last two years, what I hear again and again, Bret, is that people want to see us return to the policies of the Trump-Pence administration, but I — I hear people saying that they would like us to move forward with leadership that will unite our country around our highest ideals and reflect the kind of respect and civility that the American people demonstrate to each other every day.

Once you get away from politics, as we have — Karen and I moved back to Indiana — you’re reminded the people of this country actually get along pretty well every day.

We find a way to work through our differences. And I think it’s time that we had leadership in this country that reflected that commitment to respect for every American, while at the same time continuing to fight for all the policies that I chronicle in that book, the successes of the Trump-Pence administration, of which I will always be proud.

BAIER: So, just listening to you, you wouldn’t vote for him?

PENCE: Well, I just — I honestly believe that we’re going to have better choices, Bret.

I think Donald Trump was the only candidate in 2016 who could have defeated Hillary Clinton. I saw that firsthand. And then, after he won that Indiana primary, I never doubted that he was going to win. And I chronicle that in my book.

BAIER: But you doubt it now?

PENCE: But I think — I think different times call for different leadership.

And, in the days ahead, I just have heard all over the country from people who’ve stopped, expressed support and appreciation for the record of our administration, that they want to see leadership that brings our country together, while still fighting for all the things that have always made this country strong and prosperous.

So apparently, according to Mr. Pence, we are now supposed to nominate only a candidate who will sweet talk Democrats, perhaps sing Kumbaya while holding hands and dancing in the streets. I’m sure the Democrats, those like ‘Shmuckie’ Schumer, want to shake hands, sit around the campfire and smoke a peace pipe. This isn’t your fathers Democrat Party, it’s become nothing less than the Communist Party USA and they want to work with people like Pence because they know they will win in the end. They don’t want to work ‘with’ anyone. They want to win power and have complete control forever. To think anything else is to be nothing less than terminally naïve!

And I would beg to differ with the former vice president, but “better choices” certainly won’t be found amongst the usual suspects from  there within the ranks of the RINOs, we’ve tried that before, and lost! They’ve squandered every opportunity, including the latest midterm elections. When Donald Trump was president, and was busy keeping his many promises, he was also taking fire from all sides. Very few Republicans stood up to defend him. He was literally a one-man show. Pence never uttered a peep in support of President Trump. Pence is just another in a long line of Republican Swamp Rats who stabbed President Trump in the back.

When President Trump was in office, the Republicans had the chance to consolidate power, strengthen the party, and make powerful in-roads. But instead, what did they do? They aided and abetted the Democrats in sabotaging President Trump at every turn because they were angry and embarrassed that President Trump had forced them from the shadows and to reveal themselves as the frauds they had always been. They refused to support his policies and helped the Democrats to put up roadblock after roadblock. They went along with every scheme the Democrats puked up and even lent a hand in helping them carryout the greatest act of election theft in history in 2020.

And one has to ask, why is it that these RINOs must always be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the winner’s circle and then once there, why do they always lay down and do nothing until the Democrats win again? And what Pence clearly means by “better choices” is to vote for any of these very same RINOs. However, it likely won’t work because the nation is on a direct collision course with total disaster (depression, China/Russia nuclear first strike, internal civil disintegration) before November 2024, and with zero effective counterforce, despite a citizenry armed to the teeth but mentally weak due to the Matriarchal- Marxist cultural takeover.

And while we’re at it, how about we hear a few of those on Mr. Pence’s list of who he thinks would be “better choices.” Who’s he got in mind? Romney? Christi? Cheney? Hogan? Which of these RINOs would be a better choice than President Trump? The RINOs have had their chance, and with few exceptions they have all gone down to defeat because we all know they’re lying to us. All of these RINO types who are now whining about President Trump announcing are the very same people who hid in their offices and did NOTHING this year to help with the midterms. These whiners don’t get to complain because President Trump stepped in after THEY checked out.

Perhaps Mr. Pence should consider teaming up with that other proverbial RINO whiner, John Kasich. Together they could create a new TDS party and run for the big office themselves. I’m sure that between the two of them they could likely get hundreds, if not thousands, of votes. And you know I have to laugh every time I hear some politician complaining about Donald Trump’s “lack of civility” as though he was at any point less civil than the raging left wing masses out beheading him in effigy and calling him every name in the book. Republicans who worry about DECORUM while Democrats kick them in the balls will NEVER fight for the average American citizen.

My prediction, for whatever it’s worth, is that Pence will end up like Jeb Bush, defeated, irrelevant, embarrassed and rightfully so. Because he, like most every other RINOs including those likely to be found on his list, is simply too stupid to know we will reject him should he decide to run!! There is no better choice for the country than President Trump. He brought the real villains out from behind the curtain and fought fire with fire. Donald Trump has every right to run for President, just like the rest of them. If he is as bad as they say he will not win the Republican primary. We need him to finish the job he started. Certainly, without a traitor like Pence as VP.

Pence seems desperate in his attempt to create the illusion that he is somehow a ‘hero’ for his actions on January 6. He has been nothing but a politician for the majority of his adult life, creating nothing at all. With his extensive background in politics and the recent histories of presidential screw ups in counting election returns, he failed to recall the Bush/Gore ‘hanging chad’ stupidity that went to the Supreme Court twice and the election wasn’t settled until the 6th of December. Certifying an election by the Vice President has been postponed several times in Presidential elections and Pence failed to live up to his responsibility. Why?

President Trump simply asked Pence not to certify the election, not to overturn it. Pence was in a panic with the demonstration and the 1/2 million Trump supporters outside the Capitol. He failed in his duty and is now trying to paint himself as being some kind of a hero. Pence is NOT the better choice and has no path to the presidency. President Trump is the right person at the most important time in our country’s history. Establishment RINOs will never learn and will continue to disrespect their voters. If Pence had courage in 2021 instead of selling out to the usual suspects, our country would not now be on the horrible path that is self-inflicted!

Look, I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not near smart enough to know whether or not it’s a good idea that President Trump has decided to run again. What I do know is that I rather enjoyed paying $1.65 for a gallon of gas, having a southern border that relatively secure, a booming economy and NOT being on the brink of World War III. And while I hate to bust his bubble, what I am smart enough to figure out is that Mr. Pence is nowhere near up to the task of being president. He’s far too…squishy. So I guess if you prefer the way things are now, to the way things were then, President Trump ain’t gonna be your guy. Which says far more about you than it does him!


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