Let me start out by saying that no one bears more responsibility for the outcome of our most recent election night than our less than stellar ‘leader’ of the Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnell. He, and alone, is to be blamed despite his best efforts to blame others for this debacle. He was very successful in being able to avert what was supposed to have been a ‘red tsunami.’ And in so doing McConnell once again demonstrated, in rather spectacular fashion, that he is nothing more than a saboteur. He has long been one of the Democrats main players working on the inside, ready to do their bidding whenever it is that he might be called upon.

And as such he has forfeited any all claims for continuing in his current ‘leadership’ position. And, I might also add, it’s his rather uncomfortably close ties to the Chinese Communist Party that should also be a disqualifier for holding any type of leadership position in the U.S Senate. And if McConnell is allowed to maintain his current leadership position then I have no doubt that it will reduce further the confidence of those like me that the Republicans will prove to be any more aggressive than they’ve been in the past when it comes to working to place strict limits on the damage being done to this country by Joey and the Democrats.   

Now not that I think it really matters to McConnell what the American people may think of him, but his favorability has hit a record low, according to Civiqs polling released Monday. Just 7 percent of voters view McConnell favorably, while 81 percent view him unfavorably. Among the Republican party, only 18 percent of Republicans approve of McConnell, and 61 percent disapprove. And it’s those numbers alone that should determine McConnell’s fate as leader of Senate Republicans. McConnell clearly prefers to have the Republicans in the minority, less work for him when it comes to governing and it also puts much more money in his pocket!

McConnell’s low favorability rating comes as he is seeking reelection Wednesday as the Republican Senate leader after potentially losing one more Senate seat than Republicans controlled before the 2022 election. If Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker loses in the Georgia runoff, Democrats will gain a seat. But apparently McConnell is quite confident that he’ll be able weather any storm that follows because, at least for right now, no one has demonstrated the necessary balls to take him on. And has we all know it’s a lack of balls that has long been a problem with Republicans as they are always content to go along, to get along.

Under McConnell’s Senate leadership, the national debt has soared more than $20 Trillion, illegal immigration has continued to worsen, real wages for American workers have remained stagnant, Obamacare was enacted in 2010, big banks were bailed out in 2008, and social media companies have silenced individuals without repercussions. What a record of accomplishment and a reflection of his leadership skills. And think of how much more President Trump would have been able to accomplish if back-stabbing McConnell had been out of the picture, and how many more conservatives would have been nominated to the House and Senate.

As I said, McConnell really doesn’t want a real change in power in Congress, the status quo suits him just fine. He is nothing but a sellout and he needs to go. And like I said McConnell could care less what the voters think, he’s not there for us, he’s there for himself. He’s never been on the side of the American people, he’s there to do the bidding of the political elites and the big money donors. McConnell needs to go and anyone that supports him needs to follow. Voters, at least Republican voters, have grown tired of the endless lip service and of the unwillingness of congressional Republicans to take a stand against what’s being done to this country.

McConnell got everything he wanted from the midterms, no “red wave,” and he remains subservient to Chuckie Schumer and in return Chuckie turns a blind eye to his all of his corruption. McConnell has simply chosen to ignore numerous Democrat efforts to cheat and to abuse power. The country is being burned down around us and the Republicans seem unwilling to lift a finger to stop it. For over 70 years, the Republicans Party has simply sat back and allowed the Democrats to walk all over them, the Constitution, and the citizens of this nation. The time has come for the Republicans to have a real leader and not one who only yields to the Democrats.

And frankly, I find it to be rather astonishing that McConnell, the guy who denied tens of millions of dollars in PAC financial support to those he didn’t like, will likely be reelected to a leadership position, in the Senate MINORITY that he all but engineered. The fact that any Republicans in the Senate are even considering retaining McConnell as leader exemplifies their incompetence and misunderstanding of the American people. The problem that we continue to have is that there are still too many RINOs in both the Senate and the House. The priority must be one of getting rid of them. These turncoats need to be purged with McConnell being the first to go.


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