So it’s now from the very same network that, just a few days ago, made the idiotic claim that John Fetterman likely has a presidential run in his future that has also now apparently come up with what it views as being a real ‘dream ticket.’ A ‘dream ticket’ consisting of Liz Cheney and Stacey Abrams, aka ‘Salt and Pepa.’ You see it was MSDNC contributor, and Voto Latino CEO, Maria Teresa Kumar who touted a 2024 joint ticket consisting of Liz Cheney and Stacey Abrams as an “exciting” idea. This same moron then went on to suggest that there is a strong “appetite” for such a movement. With these two there’s only one type of ‘movement’ that comes to mind.

But anyway, it was during an MSNBC segment this past Thursday night that a discussion took place regarding the next potential moves for losing candidates, including a potential future presidential run by defeated Democrat Tim Ryan, that Kumar took the opportunity to float her rather idiotic idea of a “good ticket” for the 2024 presidential election. It was then that she said, “What about if we pair up Liz Cheney and Stacey Abrams and actually start talking about universal voting and election reform?” She went on to add, “I could see them doing kinda a czar thing with the administration that’s completely bipartisan.” What an imbecile!

Kumar also insisted there is “definitely an appetite for this kind of movement.” Abrams, the two-time failed gubernatorial nominee in Georgia, wasted over $100 million in campaign funds after losing again to Republican Brian Kemp on Tuesday. The notion of Cheney, who lost her Republican primary in August, joining a Democrat for a joint run is not surprising after having sent direct mailers to Wyoming Democrats in June, requesting they change parties to be eligible to vote in the August Republican primary. And it was in May that a left-wing political advertising agency affiliated with far-left Democrat organizations began promoting Cheney to Democrats.

And so once again we have MSDNC proving itself to be less of a ‘news’ network than it is a comedy channel! Because whether it’s claiming that a retard like Fetterman would be a good candidate for president, at any time, or touting a Cheney/Abrams, or a Abrams/Cheney, ticket as being a “good ticket,” the network makes clear the fact that it has no interest in being taken seriously. And if you’re someone who watches this network on a regular basis there is something very seriously wrong with you and you should seek out professional help immediately. This wouldn’t be a good idea in any year! Two outstanding losers combine forces to do what? Lose more spectacularly?

And by all means, who better to run for president than two people who can’t even win a House or governor’s seat. Cheney got lucky once, but Abrams is a two-time loser! Yup, exactly what the country needs, a leftist ticket composed of a chronic, whiny loser, and a backstabbing traitor. How appealing. What could possibly go wrong? Two uninspiring, unlikable shrews who are on a downward spiral and yet MSDNC calls them “exciting.” Even with that said, the odds of this ticket being a winning one are not outside the realm of possibility. After all, Joey and Headboard, and Fetterman, all proved that the Democrat base is fine with electing imbeciles.

What we have here is a match born from the current state of politics in America today. And why not? If an election can be stolen for a retard like Fetterman, and people actually buy it, then how hard would it really be for a Cheney/Abrams, or Abrams/Cheney, ticket to win? Before the midterm election I would have laughed my ass off at the thought of a Cheney/Abrams ticket just like I laughed at Fetterman. But now I think they would probably be favored to win. If America didn’t kick Democrats to the curb over what has transpired the last two years under Joey, it just shows the population has been dumbed down sufficiently or they just want more punishment.


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