So out from under his favorite rock crawls yet another scumbag Democrat to add his voice to the choir singing that which is now the very latest talking point was we hurtle toward next week’s midterm elections. You will not hear a Democrat anywhere talking about inflation, the highest in over 40 years, the high price of both gas and food or a southern border that has essentially been made to disappear. Instead, all you will hear from Democrats, as well as from nearly every member of the ‘fake news’ media, and near perfect unison, is how electing Republicans will most assuredly result in bringing about the end to democracy here in America.

And it was Jimmy Clyburn who said Friday during an appearance on “The Situation Room” that if Republicans led by President Trump win majorities in next week’s midterm elections, we are “going to see this democracy come to a crashing halt.” Now if he means the Democrat version of ‘democracy’ then we should most certain hope that that is the case. And it host Brianna Keilar who asked, “You recently compared America right now to Germany in the early 1930s. That’s what you said. And you said that we’re on track to repeat what happened in Germany here in America. Can you explain what you see happening here in America that prompted you to say that?”

Clyburn said, “All you have to do is look at history. Remember, I’ve studied history all of my life. I used to teach it. And what I see lining up in this country, and there are a lot of people who are beginning to say this now, I’ve been saying it since 2018, when I said that Trump was not planning to give up the presidency a lot of people gave me a hard time for having said that. Now we see on January 6, he was not planning to give up the presidency. And I’ll tell you something else if the voters do not intercede, we are going to see this democracy come to a crashing halt.” And Jimmy added, “This democracy has existed because people have been free to participate in it.”

He said, “When you are setting up committees that can overturn the results of an election, that is what autocracies are born of. Saying we’re going to make it a crime to give anybody a bottle of water standing in line for four or five hours that’s the kind of stuff that autocracies are made of. That’s what I’m talking about. So you go back and look at Germany, who duly elected Adolph Hitler to be their chancellor, and then he went about the business of discrediting the press. What did the former president say? The press is the enemy of the people. That’s what an autocracy made of. We better get real.” By all means, Americans had better “get real” or all will be lost!!!

Now it sounds to me like Clyburn might be trying to incite insurrection. It’s clearly a conspiracy, since it’s so many Democrats who are now saying the same thing, including Joey. Clearly the Democrats’ strategy is fear mongering. They have zero ideas, or policies, that actually benefit the American people. And too, I can only assume that this democracy stuff must play really well with their low IQ voters, why else repeat it ad nauseam? Every liberal who is anybody, along with those in the media. is pushing this narrative. But I still can’t see this working on anyone other than those who you see riding alone in their car wearing a mask, on their way to get their 24th booster shot.

Clyburn is nothing if not a relic of a bygone era. He’s clearly not living in this century but in the last century. Perhaps that explains why he chose to salvage the disaster that was, and continues to be, Joey B. Neither of them seem to have a clue. They both live in their own little world, in a past that is long gone. No, Jimmy, electing a majority of the House and Senate sure as Hell does not mean the return of Nazi Germany in America. That’s ridiculous! Thankfully I was born with a brain and am someone who can see things as they are, not as people like you would wish them to be. And unlike most Democrat voters, I am able to recognize when I am being lied to.

And you know, for all of their supposed insight into how this is so much like 1930s Germany, Democrats certainly lacked the necessary insight to prevent the nation from spiraling into such a decline that resulted in recreating the scenario in the first place. They should count themselves lucky that today’s so-called “Nazis” believe in such things as limited government and freedom of speech rather than the socialist authoritarian regime that Hitler established. Look, Clyburn clearly hates America. And let’s not forget that it was his support of Joey B that essentially pushed Joey over the top. So, it’s he too that shares the blame for all of Joey’s disastrous policies.

However, Clyburn is right about the situation in America today being similar to Germany in the 1930s. We have one party who controls the media, who has used the institutions of government to attack their opponent, who has their very own example of brown shirted thugs in the form of ANTIFA who use violence to intimidate and silence, who have control of the education system, who has the media doing their bidding and cheering them on, who have manipulated the vote, who have ignored the rule of law, who have redefined words to obscure their meaning and identified a enemy as a basket of deplorables like the Jews to hate. That party is none other than today’s Democrat party.

Hitler and his Nazis were Socialists, just as are the Democrats of today! Nazi stood for National SOCIALISTS Worker’s Party of Germany! The Democrats are the ‘Nazi Socialist Fascists’ of today, and this clown Joey B, along with the rest of the Democrats and their cheerleaders in the ‘fake news’ media, are projecting their OWN Nazi designs for this country on Republicans. Meanwhile, it’s the Democrats who represent the threat against our ‘Republic.’ Hitler’s Nazi hallmark was the partnership of his Nazis and the media and big corporations. That today is the Democrats who own the ‘news’ media and who collude with Crony Corporations to push the Democrat’s WOKE agenda!

And so it according to Clyburn that by democratically electing the people whom we want to represent us in our legislative body, we are now somehow seen to the enemy of ‘democracy,’ at least how Democrats define it. Now I admit that I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but old Jimmy is going to need to explain that one to me. How, exactly, is Democracy stopped by using a Democratic process. And I would like to remind Jimmy, that our form of government is not a democracy. And I would like to ask him to please point to the place in our Constitution where the word democracy is even used to indicate the form of the government our Founders were attempting to get established.

Sadly, it has been in the past that the American people have demonstrated that we have a very short memory as a country. We will somehow tolerate Democrats destroying our economies while in power, only to get pissed and elect someone to try and fix it. And after it’s fixed, then what happens? The idiot electorate forget how bad Democrats screwed everything up before and once again hand power back to them. All of which is nothing more than the definition of insanity. To fix our country now we need a commitment from ALL Americans to NEVER again elect another Democrat to any position, not even that of dogcatcher. But will that happen? Doubtful!


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