First of all, no I did not watch Joey’s speech last night because, frankly, I just didn’t see the point for a couple of reasons. For one thing I was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to be saying anything that hasn’t already been said by himself, Hitlery or any number of other Democrats. You know, about how it’s me, and those like me, who somehow represent some grave danger to democracy because we support President Trump and oppose the Democrats continuing efforts to destroy this country. And I was pretty sure I’d be able to get the ‘Reader’s Digest’ version the next day, which I was.

And so it was in short order after perusing more than a few of the morning variety of ‘talking-heads,’ regarding their thoughts on Joey’s ‘speech,’ that my decision to not waste my time by tuning in to hear Joey rant about how it is that I represent such a threat to democracy was proven to be the right one. Because you see, as it turns out, it was in what has become typical fashion for our *president, that Joey apparently started out his little rant by again warning that a Republican takeover of Congress as a result of the midterm elections would risk “very soul of America itself.”

Joey said, “We the people must decide whether the rule of law will prevail or whether we will allow the dark forces and … thirst for power put ahead of the principles that have long guided us.” And so it was once again that Joey didn’t fail to disappoint. This idiotic little rant of his was exactly what so many of us have come to expect from the Provocateur-in-Chief, just another rock throwing, paper hanging, dehumanizing, screed that gives tacit approval for violence against MAGA Americans and claims justification through defense of a non-existent democracy.

And, of course, it came as no real surprise that Joey chose to begin his speech by recalling a deranged individual’s attack on Paul Pelosi on Friday after the assailant could not find Speaker Nancy Pelosi in their home in San Francisco. And of course, the *president once again tried to connect the attack against Pelosi to January 6, when Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill to protest the 2020 presidential election. Joey said, “We don’t settle our differences in America with a riot, a mob, or a bullet or a hammer, we settle them peacefully at the battle box — ballot box.”

And as expected, Joey’s speech was purely partisan and ignored completely those Democrats who had protested the results of the 2016 election falsely declaring Donald Trump an illegitimate president elected because of Russian influence. He also ignored incidents of Democrat political violence and political figures who refused to acknowledge legitimate elections. I got the feeling that the speech was less about getting people out to vote for Democrats than it was about setting in motion the corrupt establishment to do whatever it takes to win because ‘democracy’ is at stake.

Instead, he blamed “extreme MAGA” Republicans. He said, “In this moment, we have to confront those lies with the truth. The very future of our nation depends on it,” he said, calling it a “defining moment” in American history. He warned about those running for office had questioned the 2020 presidential election, which symbolized the “appetites of autocracy” versus American democracy. Joey said, “We must with one overwhelming unified voice speak as a country and say there is no place for voter intimidation or political violence in America. No place period, no place ever.”

Joey repeated many of the same talking points about democracy that he has pursued since his inauguration, again blaming Republicans for endangering the future of democracy in the United States. Joey’s speech was not just election year rhetoric. It’s what democrats really believe when it comes to those who are their opposition. They see the rest of us as being nothing “deplorables,” and the “dregs of society” and as enemies that must be expunged from the country. And yet, we seem to have so many Republicans who still believe they can deal with this sort of twisted mentality.

The *president argued that the future of democracy was more important than all other issues, implicitly calling for Americans to vote Democrat if we were to have any hope of saving the future of the country. Joey said, “We must vote, knowing what’s at stake, and not just the policy of the moment.” As Americans struggle with high inflation, higher crime, higher energy prices and a tanking economy Joey gave a speech last night in a crime riddled train station that’s been forced to close its businesses, and focused on the straw man argument of “protecting democracy.”

So here we are, literally less than one week before election day, and the *president of the United States just gave a speech vilifying the opposition party, and claiming it is a danger to democracy because his party has absolutely nothing to run on. Yes, Joey is doing that poorly as *president and the only way for the Democrats minimize their losses is to try to distract attention away from the mess that Joey and the Democrats have now made of everything. And the best way to do that is to accuse those who seek only to save our country of being the ones who are out to destroy it.

Joey and his cronies are the absolute epitome of election deniers. And yet it’s Joey B. who decrees that if you don’t say up front that you’ll accept election results, no matter what, that that’s illegal. Now never mind that he, along with Hitlery, Algore, John Kerry-Heinz, Stacey Abrams, to name but a few who have proclaimed various elections their side lost to be illegitimate and fraudulent, and they refuse to say they’ll accept election results either! Just another example of ‘rules for thee, but not for me.’ But this is how it always is with Democrats, and frankly always has been.

The usurper speaks on TV, lying to America about how he cheated in the election, lying to us about the nature of the person who attacked Pelosi, and lying to us about what and who Americans are. Joey B has succeeded in pushing us to the brink of WWIII, his poorly crafted policies threaten the economic future of millions of Americans, and his pandemic response and his failures are NOT forgotten. He is an anti-liberty person, and Democrats walking lock step with him have come to hate free speech, secure elections, free markets, and the promise of America.

America is a racially Balkanized dystopian mess, where every race fights for its share of the spoils except whites who watch, guilt ridden, as government officials discriminate against their grown children on employment, college admissions and government teachers encourage their underage kids to mutilate their genitals so they can’t reproduce… Shameful!! Democrats and their RINO coconspirators need to go, and if that can’t be accomplished through elections, then I’m afraid that Americans will have to make some harder choices. And Joe, stop stealing elections.

While President Trump is NOT personally on the ballot in the midterms, he is definitely there in spirit courtesy of those who he endorsed. For all of you who love President Trump, and know how hard he worked for America, and for ALL Americans, think of him when you go and vote. I’ll be the first to admit that the Republican Party is not perfect, But at this time, they are a far safer bet than are the Democrats. For me, President Trump is the SOUL of America. When voting in this election vote FOR President Trump and vote FOR America, and rid ourselves of those who hate America.

And finally, I’m not sure who it was, other than the members of the same choir as Joe, who really had much interest in Joey’s little call to arms last night. From all that I can gather it was nothing more than the same old talking points regurgitated once again for consumption by those on the left. And it was another attempt on the part of Joey to stoke the hate that exists on the left and to perhaps prompt a few of the crazies, of which there is no shortage of on the left, to take part in a little last-minute violence. After all, everything is fair when you’re out to save democracy. Right?



  1. “First of all, no I did not watch Joey’s speech last night because, frankly, I just didn’t see the point for a couple of reasons. For one thing I was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to be saying anything that hasn’t already been said by himself, Hitlery or any number of other Democrats.”

    First of all I didn’t watch it because I’m not interested in looking at the piece of shit that is 100% responsible for tearing our nation down, tearing it apart!!

    He is responsible for the reason over 5 million ILLEGAL—ALIENS are now on our land!! OUR SACRED LAND!! ILLEGAL PIECES OF NASTY! DIRTY!! SCUM!!! I have zero sympathy for them or, there nasty dirty kids!!!!


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