Well, here we are with less than a week left until the much talked about midterm elections and with it now appearing that the Democrats are in fact going to have their asses handed to them in rather spectacular fashion. And it’s with each passing day that they become a bit more unhinged, as if that will somehow convince those few who may yet be undecided, to vote for them. Although to still be undecided at this point would require one to be a total and complete moron. And while the upcoming election will not solve everything, it will be an opportunity to push back against the evil and wickedness currently sweeping all across this great nation of ours. 

All of which brings me to that two-time loser in the world of presidential politics, Hitlery, also known in some circles as the smartest woman on the planet. But be that as it may, it was during an appearance this past Tuesday on MSDNC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by the very obviously mentally disturbed Ms. Joy Reid, that Hitlery made the idiotic claim that the Republicans’ “crazy violent hate rhetoric” was a “threat to the heart of our democracy.” Now of course, as is usually case when one of these rabidly leftwing kooks appears on cable news, Hitlery was allowed to make this charge worry free of being asked to provide any actual examples, which she wasn’t.

Hitlery said, “There always been a streak of violence, of racism, misogyny, antisemitism, as you said, but I think what we’re seeing today, and it has certainly been thrown into very high relief by the horrific attack on Paul Pelosi, is not just an aberration where one or two people or a small group engage in that kind of violent rhetoric and urge people to take action against political figures like her, like me, like others, we’re seeing a whole political party.” Right, a wildly Leftist, nudist, gay prostitute, homeless, and drug addicted crackpot is somehow a Republican, despite the fact that his only registration was for the Green party? Seriously?

Anyway, Hitlery went on to say, “The level of just plain crazy violent hate rhetoric coming out of Republicans. You played something from the candidate, the Republican candidate for governor in Arizona. I want viewers. I want voters to stop and ask themselves, would we trust somebody who is stirring up these violent feelings, who is pointing fingers, scapegoating, making a joke about a violent attack on Paul Pelosi.” Hitlery will say and do anything to keep her EVIL mug in the spotlight! The hypocrisy here is pretty clear. What’s also pretty clear is the fact that the attack on Paul Pelosi by a gay illegal alien had nothing to do with a right winger or rightwing rhetoric.

But never to be deterred, Hitlery said, “What we have with the rhetoric coming from the Republican candidates, from their party right now, is so disturbing. I didn’t see a big outpouring on the part of elected officials to stand with Nancy Pelosi the way she has stood with Republicans as well as Democrats in times of real terror, like on January 6. And so, ask yourselves, why would you entrust power to people who are either themselves unable to see how terrible it is that someone would be attacked in their home or don’t really care because they think it will somehow get them votes that will get them elected? This is a real threat to the heart of our democracy.”

But look, there is nothing really new about the type of behavior that we see coming from Hitlery. It’s all quite typical, paint a picture of those things that everyone will agree are evil, and bad, and horrible, but then turn the tables completely and attribute them to your opponent, even though it’s you who are doing them. Classic bait and switch. Yup, it’s we on the right who are the ones who have been burning, looting, beating up people for just walking down the sidewalk and/or breaking into political figures residents. Right, that’s all being done by us “deplorables.” And I know I’ve asked the question before, but does she really think we’re that stupid?

And those who refuse to accept the fact that the Democrat Party is no longer the party of JFK, and use that as their rationale for continuing to vote for ‘Democrats,’ are simply living in denial. Because, if we’re being honest, there is no ‘Democrat Party’. And in its place, while it may still continue to call itself the ‘Democrat Party’ it is now essentially the anti-America, Socialist Party. The party that now uses white, straight, Christian males as their latest boogeyman. Democrats long ago abandoned what few principles they may have at one time possessed. Today they have two objectives, one is political power and two, is the destruction of America.

And somehow Democrats have convinced themselves that the public at large is too stupid to understand what the left has been doing for the last 30 years, and especially the last 15 with the arrival or ‘BO’ on the scene. And Hitlery seems to think that because her fans have put her nasty deeds in the past, we all have. And she thinks herself so special that she never has to say she’s sorry. And while I somewhat enjoy the fear that I now see in so many on the left, I also realize that the danger increases significantly as their fear grows. And what I can’t help wondering about is that if the Republicans do regain the majority in Congress, what is it that they will do with it?

And talk about Republicans as she may, it is Hitlery herself who has gone well beyond merely threatening our ‘constitutional Republic.’ She has damaged this country far beyond what any foreign enemy could have possibly ever hoped to do by force or subversion by her participation in the plot to prevent, and later to impede, the Presidency of Donald Trump. She has colluded with ‘BO’ and her party in the weaponization of the FBI, the CIA and the IRS for use against perceived political opponents. It could take decades to undo the damage they’ve done. And likely decades more before these institutions regain the trust of the American people.

And did you ever notice how Democrats are never able to name those who they claim uttered all of this “violent rhetoric?” The reason is quite simple, really, it’s because it never happened, like so much of what Democrats so frequently allege the Republicans of having said. All their lies, which have become noticeably more desperate with each passing day, are simply examples of Democrat projection. It sounds a bit convoluted but it’s no more complicated than the kid standing by a broken window with a hand full of rocks, pointing at the kid next to him and saying he did it, he was seen doing it. Anonymous sources said they saw it too! These people are pathetic in their antics.

Sadly, being attacked in our homes is no longer all that uncommon for the many Americans living in just about any Democrat run city or state. Not all of us are attacked by left wing political activists illegal aliens in our homes. But it does go with the territory of living under Democrat rule, especially in gun-controlled states like California. Being attacked in our homes, on our streets, in our schools and in our places of work and recreation is pretty much the norm when Democrats are in charge. They’ve gotten so brazen with their lies and the corruption and with their two-tiered justice system that now everyone can see with their own eyes what’s going on.

And so it’s official, in their attempt to avert disaster it’s on the part of Democrats that there is no lie that cannot be told, no accusation that cannot be made, and no blame that cannot be placed as the Democrats work hard in the effort to avoid what would now seem to be the unavoidable. And what’s so strange is that it all could have been so easily avoided. Joey and the Democrats were handed a well-oiled machine, on nearly every level, less than two years ago. All they had to do was to keep it going. But instead, Joey chose to do just the opposite and to purposely dismantle it all. And now Democrats seem shocked that most Americans want everything put back.


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