Yup, by golly, old Joey B says he feels our pain and he’s working just as hard as he can to make things a little less painful for us. And, of course, if it hadn’t been for “that last guy” we would all be very much better off today. At this point in time, it’s anyone who any longer buys anything that this guy, or anyone in the Democrat Party, is selling, is beyond being your average moron. They’re a whole species of moron. Because everything that has happened over the course of the last 22 months has been made to happen by Joey B and the Democrats, making everything their fault!

And so it was that *President Joey held another event focused on the economy this past Wednesday, as he continues to struggle with low approval ratings on that very same issue. And it was after acknowledging the American public was suffering from inflation that Joey said, “I’m optimistic. It’s gonna take some time, and I appreciate the frustration of the American people.” He’s optimistic? It took Joey less than two years to DESTROY a once vibrant economy and to piss away our energy independence. But somehow you can be sure that it’s somehow all President Trump’s fault!

And I’m assuming that when he says, “I appreciate the frustration of the American people,” what he’s really saying is that he rather enjoys seeing the American people struggling with a disastrous inflation that was intentionally brought about, and that he keeps making worse very much on purpose. Joey is a liar, plain and simple. If he had any appreciation for the economic suffering he has caused the American people, he would reverse his Executive Odors on energy companies. Joey has caused all of this, and with the support of every single Democrat in Congress, every single one!

Joey delivered his remarks at the White House and it was at the end of his speech that he closed his notes and tried to empathize with the American people amid their frustrations with the economy. And it was in pointing to the disruption of oil and grain markets that Joey said, “One of the things that I think frustrates the American people is they know the world’s in a bit of disarray, they know Putin’s war has imposed a lot of strains on Europe and the rest of the world and the United States.” And Joey went on to say, “They want to know what we’re doing.” So again Joey blames Putin?

Joey B has been spending time doing all that he can to warn voters that Republicans will seek to “crash the economy” if they are able to take control of Congress, despite the ongoing surge in inflation and two consecutive quarters of economic contraction that took place in the first half of this year. And Joey has also tried to claim the economy is “strong as hell” despite 78 percent of Americans saying the economy is fair to poor, according to a recent Economist/YouGov poll. Yet Joey insisted, “There’s a lot going on that we’re doin’ and it adds up.” Right, but it adds up to zero!

Joey also tried to connect to the reporters in the room on an emotional level. It was in referring to lower and middle class families that he said, “I say to the press here, a lot of you come from backgrounds that I came from.” Joey said most people were thinking about whether or not they could afford to visit family during the Thanksgiving holiday. He asked, “What’s the charge if they’re going to come home from school?” He said, “I mean there’s a lot of money, these are billions of dollars that doesn’t add up to billions from the individual but it adds up to 3-400 bucks for average families.”

Look, let’s be clear, old Joey B has no sympathy for those he, and the Democrats, have forced into having to deal with the fiasco that he has made of the economy he was handed. Let’s face it, he hasn’t had to worry about inflation, or gas prices, or food prices, or anything else for that matter, since he was first elected to office nearly half a century ago. If only leftists were willing to admit their policies simply don’t work. Unfortunately, they have a mental disorder that doesn’t allow them to take responsibility for anything or even admit they’re wrong about anything.

And old Joey doesn’t need to worry about being able to stay nice and toasty warm this winter, and all at our expense while many Americans will likely face the prospect of not being able to afford heating fuel, even if they can even get it. Still think Joey cares? And to be perfectly blunt, Joey’s has proven himself to be a bigger fuck up than even I ever thought possible. Joey and his fellow Democrats have destroyed everything that President Trump built, but your average Democrat on the street is simply too stupid to see that. They go purely off emotions and never the facts.

Joey has stated openly that he will not allow the middle class to have “an increased standard of living.” After all, it’s easier to control poor people with bread and empty promises. Statist partnerships like they have in Communist China is the ultimate goal. Kill the mom and pop. Put downward pressure on the American family. Teach kids in college to have a dog and cohabitate but never get married, and never have kids because of ‘climate change.’ This is all taking place right in front of our eyes, and Mitch McConnell is defunding any candidates supported by President Trump.

Can we all just share a moment of clarity and admit that Joey doesn’t care one iota about the American people? Joey, as does every other Democrat, despises the American people. And it’s in whatever lucid moment that he still has that Joey cares only about himself, his personal power, his corrupt political criminal actions to rake in millions of dollars to the Biden Crime Family from foreign countries and businesses and about his extreme radical left anti-America, anti-fossil fuel and pro ‘climate change’ agenda, his immoral degenerate woke policies, and on and on and on.

This is what happens when criminal Democrats are allowed to acquire political power courtesy of a fraudulent election, thereby usurping the will of the American people, and illegitimately installing a demented career political criminal in the White House who is, along with the radical Left, intent upon destroying America, our economy, gutting our energy industry, encouraging open borders, doing nothing about a crime wave that is being allowed to spread like a virus all across the country and bringing about the highest rate of inflation in decades. And yet Joey feels our pain?

And finally, on a bit of a side note I guess, it’s Democrats everywhere that are just going to have to excuse my ignorance and explain to me how it is that rapidly rising gas and food prices, a skyrocketing crime rate that has essentially engulfed the entire nation, and inflation rate that is the highest in 40 years and a wide open southern border are somehow trumped by the need to ensure a woman as the ‘right’ to murder her own baby. There is something inherently wrong with sucking a baby from the womb before then pulling it apart and selling it off in parts. That’s sick! But then we are, after all, talking about Democrats.



  1. “I appreciate the frustration of the American people,”



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