I must admit that there are those times when I don’t really blame blacks for what has long been their blind devotion to the Democrat Party. After all, it has been for decades that there have been a great many blacks in our ‘fake news’ media who, for the right price, have been only too happy to sell out their fellow blacks. They have willfully and, often times purposely, lied to a group of people attempting to convince them to vote for those politicians who mean them nothing but harm. And if that were not enough, to vote against those under whom they would have a much greater chance to prosper. And that they do so merely for a buck, is pretty disgusting.

And it’s MSDNC that seems to attract so many of these blacks, much in the same manner that sh!t attracts flies. One of those blacks is guy by the name of Jason Johnson who is pretty much a regular on the network, especially when the network is need of someone to bash whitey. Now make no mistake Johnson is in no way a journalist of any kind, instead he’s billed as being an American political scientist, commentator and writer. And it was Johnson who, this past Monday during another appearance on MSDNC’s “Deadline” said Republicans want to “imprison women” and “don’t think black people should have a right to do anything but play sports.”

Discussing a poll on the issues likely voters are prioritizing in the midterm elections, Johnson said, “The problem that I see with polls that talk about people fearing about threats of democracy unless your polling is sophisticated, you’re catching multiple people in that. Because you have election deniers who will say the same thing and they’re liars and disturbed, right? In addition you have regular Americans who are saying, ‘Hey, I went to vote in Georgia and found out that someone who has never met me, seen me, can launch a voter challenge against me early voting just based on my zip code and demographics.’” The problem I see is that he hasn’t got a clue!

And he went on to say, “Those are two people who can say my number one concern is the protection of American democracy but they’re coming from it from completely opposite ends. That’s part of the problem we have sometimes in our discussion of these issues. You have one side, which is the majority of the American people who just want to go to work, eat dinner, stay safe, pay less in gas prices and know that they have their same medical rights that they woke up with earlier this year.” He said, “And then you have another group of people who are essentially fascists and they want an authoritarian government.” Right, and that would be the Democrats!

Johnson added, “We have to stop pretending that we’re talking about friends and neighbors. You’re talking about people who want to basically imprison women in their bodies and make them completely subjected to men. You’re talking about people who don’t think black people should have a right to do anything but play sports. You’re talking about a group of people who on a regular basis attack everybody of a different religion.” Johnson comes across as nothing more than a racist and a Democrat who, while devoid of any actual facts to back them up, feels free to make all manner of outlandish and untrue accusations. Which is why he’s essentially on retainer.

Fear of the bloodbath, politically speaking, that has been predicted to be awaiting them in November has those like Johnson absolutely frothing at the mouth with hysteria. I can’t believe the length these people are willing to go in their effort to spread absolute bullshit the only purpose of which is to rile up the ignorant. But hey, it’s what they get paid to do by their masters back on the plantation. It’s just all in a day’s work for scumbags like Johnson. And it’s never once that you hear one of the supposed ‘journalists’ on the network ask people like Johnson, “What the Hell are you even talking about?” That would be because they’re get paid not to, or they agree.  

Before Johnson goes about trying to figure out who is racist, perhaps he should spend some time working on trying to figure out the difference between a man and a woman. And might I also mention the fact that Republicans didn’t burn down their neighbors business and didn’t create nationwide destruction to the tune of over 2 billion dollars for a violent criminal scumbag who deserves everything he got, and more. Johnson is a hate filled fool who associates with only other hate filled fools. And another thing, in order to comment as much as he does, he would have to be a grade A loser with no life outside his silly media manufactured hate.

And I would also like to point out that it’s Johnson’s own beloved Democrat Party that is solely responsible the rapid rise in inflation now underway, the endless riots in our cities and the skyrocketing crime rate taking place all across the country. Not to mention an imminent WW3, the gutting of our energy industry and then gutting our strategic oil reserves to cover up the fraud, our open borders which is destroying jobs, drug and human trafficking, terrorist infiltration and gutting our military. President Trump gave blacks their lowest unemployment in history and opportunity zones to start businesses. Joey gave them crackpipes. Johnson is nothing, if not a complete moron!

These racist propagandists are forever trying to put words into the mouths of those they hate, words which were never spoken. MSDNC has demonstrated that it has a real knack for hiring some of the most extreme and intellectually challenged hosts and guests of any network. The result is terrible ratings because they cater to a small group of imbeciles who, for whatever reason, continue to watch their shows. And despite the fact the network is essentially a ratings nightmare, nothing ever seems to change. I can only assume that the network is being subsidized by some outside entity, how else would it be able to exist with fewer and fewer people watching?

Let me just say that as a Republican, I firmly believe that every American, regardless of race, gender, faith or sexual persuasion should have the absolute freedom to pursue any goal they choose so long as they operate within the laws of the United States. I also firmly believe that the United States government should have no laws that favor one American over another. I believe that all charity in America should flow from individuals and private organizations, with no charity being driven from the federal government. Finally, on a personal level, I believe that MSDNC and its staff of propagandists, is absolutely the most racist ‘news’ organization in the country.



  1. Nothing new here. He’s just your garden-variety Democrat. Politicially insane, and every minute this thing is awake like all other Democrats they run their entire life on frothy emotional appeal.


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