And so it was the Nostradamus of American politics, Howie Dean, who was, after having studied much of the recent polling data, able to come up with a totally different conclusion than have so many others in terms of predicting the outcome of this November’s midterm elections. You see, it’s Howie who is now very confidently predicting, not a red wave, but a rather impressive BLUE wave come this November. Now granted, Howie’s record when it comes to making such predictions has been far from stellar. But that appears to mean very little to the folks there at MSDNC.

Personally, I’m not one who understands why it is that anyone to fancies themselves a serious journalist would waste the time that it would first take to track this moron down, and second to listen to anything he has to say. I mean, just who is it that’s going to believe old Howie anyway? But be that as it may, it was Dean who claimed Thursday on MSDNC’s “The Beat,” hosted by that dweeb Ari Melber who’s billed as being the network’s legal correspondent, that the Democrats will increase their majorities in both the U.S Senate and House in November’s midterm election.

Dean said, “I’ll make this prediction right now we’ll pick up two to three in the Senate and pick up House. We will pick up seats in the House and not lose them. I think we will take two more than we have today n the House. It’s just because when you see these early turnout figures, and you better be one of them if you’re watching this, that is a very good thing for people who are angry, and people who are really angry right now are the Democrats.” Melber asked, “You are saying the early surge you think is a product of Democratic galvanization and mobilization?”

Dean said, “Obviously, young people and women are incredibly engaged in this election, and we’ve got to get the young people to the polls because they’re the group that’s most reluctant to go.” Dean added, “But I think a lot of this is about Trump. Every time Trump opens his mouth that helps us. You’ve got people like J.D. Vance, who’s a pretty bright guy, but he sounds like Trump. The numbers in Ohio are incredible. Last poll, I saw Ryan was ahead.” But then, if a man can now be a woman, then I suppose losers can now be winners and lost seats can now be gained seats.

So, the people who are really angry right now are Democrats, which means what? That Republicans aren’t? NO. That Democrats are blaming Republicans for all that is wrong? NO. So this means a huge Democrat turnout to save their country from Republicans and get more of the same as they have been getting because things are just great with Democrats being in control? NO. Perhaps it means that Democrats will turn out in huge numbers only on paper rather than in warm, breathing bodies or it could mean that Howard Dean is a reprobate and a moron at the same time.

Look, of course the Democrats will pick up seats and increase their majority in both houses of Congress! Why wouldn’t they? I mean, does anyone REALLY believe that people are worried about the DIRE state of our economy, about surging crime figures, or the millions of illegal immigrants now streaming across our non-existent southern border. Are folks really all that concerned when it comes to unaffordable gas prices, food shortages, and the billions of dollars in taxpayers money being shoveled into the Ukraine in the biggest money laundering scam on earth? Seriously?

And the American people don’t really care, or worry, about going hungry, or sitting in the cold and dark during the coming winter, nor do they worry about being brutally attacked when simply waling down the street. The REAL issue facing everyone today is women AND men (who can apparently both get pregnant) losing the right to butcher babies in the womb right up to the moment of birth. So, there you have it. The unquestionable, and unvarnished truth! Now get out there and vote, and hand to the Democrats even more power to totally fuck up the life of every single American.

Finally, on a more serious note, it’s every time, and I do mean every single time, that the Democrats are placed in control of our government that the American people are made to regret it. To the point where one has to wonder just what’s it going to take to make them understand the importance of never again electing a Democrat to any political position no matter how trivial or insignificant that position is thought to be. Americans need to understand that Democrats excel at only one thing, destruction. They create nothing but poverty, misery and pain. And they survive solely on hate.



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