Those in the ‘fake news’ media continue to act as if their only purpose in life is to provide Democrats with a platform from which to make some of the most ludicrous claims and allowing them to go completely unchallenged. And they seem to have abandoned entirely even the pretext of being a viable source of news and information for those in the voting public and instead are now viewed by those in that same voting public as essentially being nothing more than a part of the Democrat Party. There is now simply no point in continuing to listen to anything that they have to say.

And we can no longer afford to trust that what we are being told by those in the media, is the truth. These days ‘journalists’ simply sit there and nod in agreement with whatever it is that any Democrat has to say, regardless of whether, or not, it makes any sense. Case in point would be what took place during a recent appearance by Sen. Mark Warner, a Democrat, on CNBC. You see it was during this particular appearance, which took place this past Tuesday, on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box,’ that Warner was essentially allowed to demonstrate what nitwit he truly is.  

You see, it during this appearance that Warner described the claim that Congress spent too much money over the last couple of years and the Federal Reserve is behind the curve because it enabled this spending as nothing more than “Monday morning quarterbacking” and that most of the coronavirus spending was done during the tenure of former President Trump. Warner also noted that he voted for all of the coronavirus spending packages and declared that he would vote for all of those spending bills again, “Because we didn’t know where COVID was going to end.”

Co-host Joe Kernen asked, “You don’t think we overspent, you don’t think that the Fed’s behind the eight ball because they enabled all of the spending in the last couple of years?” Warner answered, “Monday morning quarterbacking on the level of –.” Kernen then cut in to say, “Well, people said that long before. They said that on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.” Warner added, “Of the dollars that were spent out over COVID, 80 cents on every dollar was spent under President Trump. I voted for all of that. I’d vote for it again. Because we didn’t know where COVID was going to end.”

Now if you were thinking that the supposed ‘journalist’ conducting this interview should maybe have been a bit more aggressive and perhaps pointed out to the good senator that his analogy made very little sense, then I’m afraid that you’re more than a little naïve regarding how it is that ‘journalism’ works today. Warner, as is usually the case with Democrats, was free to make his idiotic argument free from worry that he might be forced to actually explain just what the Hell he was talking about and to justify the idiotic point that he was so desperately trying to make.  

Look, Warner is a multi-millionaire. Our now high rate of inflation isn’t affecting his daily life or his offshore bank accounts. He’s another of your classic Democrats, those that will gladly give you the shirt off someone else’s back. Just another weak pandering politician who looks out only for himself. What he needs to realize is that anyone with a brain could easily see in real time that the governmental spending during the lockdowns was out of control. Additionally, we could all see that the lockdowns were out of control. No need for “Monday morning quarterback.”

But none of this qualifies as “Monday morning quarterbacking” because there were plenty of people on the benches who were screaming to stop the madness. You can’t halt economic productivity by locking down businesses and simultaneously spend money like we just inherited a windfall and think there won’t be consequences later. Democrats are economically illiterate and irresponsible. And it’s not “Monday morning quarterbacking,” it’s irate taxpayers watching their hard-earned dollars being pissed out the window, destroying the economy and their retirement accounts.

“Monday morning quarterbacking” is typically a critique offered up by using hindsight to judge the events of the past, but when you say that you would choose to make the very same choices even WITH the benefit of hindsight, then you dismiss that defense and choose to take upon yourself the consequences of those choices. That, my friend, is a special kind of stupid right there. Also, “Monday morning quarterbacking” takes place AFTER the Sunday game, but people were complaining about all of the out-of-control spending during all of last season. So where was this guy?

Democrats were warned that the unnecessary spending would lead to inflation which is why why not one Republican voted for it, not even the RINOs. The Democrats knew the ‘Chinese virus’ was already addressed and inflation was a big problem when they recently passed the falsely-named “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.” Democrats also knew that more government spending would exacerbate inflation, not mitigate it. However, they wanted to give away taxpayer money to their pet projects and green energy boondoggles. Democrats deserve blame for knowingly making inflation worse.

Nearly every Republican and independent in Congress foretold that Joey B’s reckless spending and trillion dollar give aways were going to cause runaway inflation, but since the Democrats controlled both the Legislative Branches and the Executive Branch, the warnings simply fell on deaf ears! If Joey and his leftist pals had kept the President Trump economic rules going, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine would only be a tiny blip on our radar and we would still have very supportive allies! Not the debacle that Joey B and the radical Democrats have now placed us in!

Warner is simply lying, which is what all Democrats do when cornered. He expects all Americans to be as stupid as Democrats. Look at all the Democrats have funded with absolutely ZERO return. They lied about their ‘Inflation Reduction Act,’ and Joey slit the throat on American energy. Joey has embarrassed the United States throughout the world and the Democrats continue to spend money without limit. The Democrats are clearly on a mission and it’s those like Warner who somehow seem to think they can fool enough Americans just long enough to avert disaster in November.


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