There is, in this ever-changing world, the one constant known as Barack Obama (BO). ‘BO,’ the man who is never the least bit shy when it comes to accusing Republicans of behaving as if they were Democrats. You see, it was recently that ‘BO’ once again slithered out from under his rock to accuse Republicans of not only being racist and angry, but sexist too! Now based purely on my own observations it would at least appear that those who tend to be the most racist, the most angry, as well as the most sexist are actually those who, politically, call the Democrat Party home. So ‘BO’ can take his idiotic accusations and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

You see, it was recently, while hobnobbing with the rich and famous, that ‘BO’ took it upon himself to describe his political opponents as being angry, racist, and sexist during a private conversation with some of Europe’s elites this summer. It seems ‘BO’ was heard to say, “Sometimes it just turns out they’re mean, they’re racist, they’re sexist, they’re angry.” And it was then that he went on to say, “And your job is then to just beat them because they’re not persuadable.” Interesting verbiage used by our ex-president, not saying that you need to ‘defeat’ Republicans, but instead to “beat” them. Leave it to a Democrat to call for violence against his opponents.

‘BO’ apparently offered his ‘candid’ advice privately to European leaders in June after speaking publicly at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit in June. But he also warned attendees away from sometimes getting too “filled up in our own self-righteousness.” He said, “We’re so convinced that we’re right that we forget what we are right about.” Details of his rather arrogant remarks were revealed in a new CNN report about the ex-president’s political activities during the midterms. ‘BO’ is expected to limit his appearances on the campaign trail for the midterm elections, according to the report, despite his concern about the future of ‘democracy.’

If Democrats lose big in the midterm elections, ‘BO’ is preparing a summit to rally his party two weeks after Election Day. The event is described as a “Democracy Forum” which will focus on the future of ‘global democracy.’ It was in a letter to the left’s big money donors that ‘BO’ wrote, “We’ll explore a range of issues – from strengthening institutions and fighting disinformation, to promoting inclusive capitalism and expanded pluralism – that will shape democracies for generations to come.” Now stop and think about it, is this guy the guy that you want to have any kind of say in anything related to shaping democracies for generations to come?

It doesn’t take any sort of a genius to recognize this as being a very thinly veiled call for MORE violence by the unhinged Leftist goons. After all, this is what losers do, especially when they know can’t win. Looking back, this punk-ass Negro hasn’t changed a bit. If nothing else, he’s become even more violent now that he’s been pushed into a bit of a corner. He’s not campaigning for any of the sinking Democrats because he doesn’t want to suffer the embarrassment of his endorsement being the kiss of death for their campaign. So what else has be got but to demonize their opponents because the Democrats certainly can’t run on their record or policies.

And so because I oppose the Democrat agenda, the goal of which is the destruction of my country, I’m now labeled as angry, as a racist and a sexist. First of all, damn straight I’m angry, what patriotic American wouldn’t be? But I’m curious about what it is that makes me racist and sexist. Am I made a racist because I’m tired of people who do not belong in this country encouraged to come here and then I’m forced to cover the cost of the very generous social services they are then provided with. And am I sexist because I believe that, yes, there are only two genders and that those men who think they’re women, or women who think they’re men belong in a psych ward?    

It’s these Democrats and social-revenge racists who are generally the least persuadable people. They suffer from the delusion that a never-ending redistribution of resources is mankind’s only hope for peace and fairness. In other words, “fairness” means stealing from the successful to reward the unsuccessful. No matter how violent and destructive said process is, it is now to be classified as being “fair.” I’m sure they would have been on the Titanic with axes and measuring devices, ensuring ‘equity’ by making certain that all lifeboats had the same number of nails and the same number of boards. And they would all be at the bottom of the ocean as a result of such folly.

‘BO,’ to this day, remains, by far, one of the most racist individuals that this country, past or present, has ever seen. His eight years in the White House were spent turning blacks against whites, and blacks against the police. And it was in those same eight years that he did absolutely nothing to allow those in the black community to better themselves. ‘BO’ succeeded in nothing more than to set race relations in this country back 60 years. And now he reverts to the Democrat playbook, vilifying conservatives because Democrats have nothing positive to run on. It’s the old “vote for us because we’re not those mean, racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic Republicans!”

‘BO’ to this day is still one of the leading voices sewing racial poison in American politics, and he again bares his America-hating soul to his fellow elitists. When preaching to the Democrat rubes, ‘BO’ is another of the party’s self-professed “unifiers,” but when sitting around kibitzing with his fellow ruling class elites he feels free to share his real opinion of the American people. We’re all just a bunch of fat, angry left-behinds brandishing our guns and thumping our Bibles, hopelessly forever ignorant and racist, etc. Wonder which of his multi-million dollar mansions this victim of racism flew to by private jet when he was finished this latest rant?

And so once again it’s ‘BO,’ “the forever victim.” Privileged childhood, wealthy grandparents, schooled in Hawaii, attended expensive Ivy League universities. He never had a real job until he was given his Senate seat in Illinois, and subsequently elected to the Presidency because of his skin color. There’s not one substantive reason this man should be allowed in front of a microphone or a camera. His ideas are pedestrian and superficial. The man was, and is, a fraud. When progressives are unable to support their ideology through the success of their programs, they always resort to name calling and identity politics. What a pathetic, weak and divisive man.

And finally, I have absolutely no doubt that over the course of the next few weeks we’re going to be hearing a lot more from this racist fraud who was, before Joey came along, the guy considered my many as being the single worse president this country ever managed to elect for itself. In the end this guy will be little more than a shit stain on the history of this great nation. He is a man who after being elected president came into office with so much promise, a black man that could have finally closed the chapter on slavery. But nope, instead of healing the wound he purposely caused it to fester and all to score political points. He truly is a very twisted man.


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