So, what is it, exactly, with the people of New York City? Was Bill de Blasio, formerly known as Warren Wilhelm Jr., not enough of a fuckup that they felt it necessary to go in search of a guy who has, thus far, proven himself to be even more of a fuck up? I mean, I’m only asking because that certainly seems to be the case here. This new guy, Eric Adams, is now whining about the few thousand illegals that have been bussed to his city and yet he seems not to be concerned in the least about the tens of thousands that are being allowed to cross our southern border every single day.

This boob has now been forced into dealing with what is only a very small fraction of what the mayors of those cities along the southern border are forced to contend with because of Joey B. Cities that have not declared themselves to be sanctuaries, which New York City has. And it was this dolt, Adams, who recently criticized Joey B & Co. for ignoring his request for support after a recent influx of illegal immigrants being bused to New York City. New York City is currently struggling to support thousands of illegal immigrants which forced Adams to announce a state of emergency Friday.

Adams told Politico on Thursday that he had reached out to the White House for support but has not yet received any aid from Joey B & Co. He said, “I think they have been not understanding the full depth of this crisis. This is a national problem that should not fall on Washington, New York and Chicago. This is a national problem and it must have a national solution. And right now I don’t feel we received the level of immediate response that we need.” Adams declared a state of emergency Friday and called for political unity while his team works to address the influx of migrants.

And he said, “The far right is doing the wrong thing. The far left is doing nothing.” Similarly, Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said she believes a federal response is necessary for solving the migrant problem in New York City. It was on Tuesday during an interview with Bloomberg Television’s, David Weston that she said, “We have been working almost hourly with the city of New York since the migrants started arriving. And it’s something that we’re working first of all to say human beings should not used as political pawns.” And yet it’s ok for Democrats to use these people?

So Adams, the hypocrite, is asking for federal money to house illegals in the city where American citizens don’t have enough housing, medical care, means of child care. Where American citizens suffer from crime, can’t use the subway, and can’t walk the streets without fear for their life. And Adams is former policeman! What a fraud! He misled the voters, promising law and order and has thus far delivered on neither. Why do New Yorkers keep voting for the likes de Blasio and Adams? They bring this shit on themselves and in so doing forfeit the right to ask for my money!

But this is what these Democrats always do and I’m so tired of it. Nothing is going to change, because Americans are too stupid and lazy to vote them out of office. This is not really a political issue, it’s a voter problem. It’s stupid voters putting stupid people into office. While we continue to complain about our government and the people who allegedly work for us, the true issue is, and will continue to be, voters get what they vote for. He has no idea how much worse it can get.  Maybe he should compare his numbers to the border state numbers to learn what real desperation is.

This is but another typical example of Democrats wanting to have their cake and eat it too! They want to call New York a “sanctuary city’ because they think it makes them look good, but then they don’t want to provide that sanctuary, because it’s both inconvenient and costly! They can’t have it both ways! If you wanna talk the talk, then you gotta walk the walk! The hypocrisy and the irony of a sanctuary city and state complaining about illegal alien criminals. This lying fraud is fine with illegal aliens as long as they do not flood his city. The answer is simple. Secure the border.

Adams declares an emergency while ignoring completely the 15 percent of the city’s population that are criminally trespassing in the U.S. His already has an estimated 500,000 to well over 1 million illegal aliens. The leftist vermin who run the city want to be a sanctuary city, So I would argue that we end them half a million more. And I would only tell Mr. Adams that if you don’t want this problem, call your buddy Joey and tell him to close the border and finish building the wall. Otherwise, you’re going to get a lot more of your pet illegals bussed to your wonderful sanctuary city.

I can only laugh. This is not rocket science, this is a very simple solution to all of this. A solution that we know works because it was less than two years ago that it was working! What we are now seeing play out is a very purposeful attempt on the part of Democrats to forever alter the ethnic makeup of this country. And so, you would think that as a Democrat, Adams would be only too happy to do his part! Perhaps his city’s claim of sanctuary City status should actually stand for something unless he’s a hypocrite. Or, I suppose Adams could always build a wall around New York City.

And finally, isn’t it amazing how quickly the liberal bleeding-heart facade crumbles whenever it’s put to a true test? All a big farce that is used to project an image of compassion and humanity to their low information, low IQ voters. Democrats are the very definition of hypocrites, and their followers are the epitome of sheeple. No exploitations, No Politics, Adam’s state is a sanctuary state. Texas is not. If Joey B wants these people in this country, then perhaps they need to go where they are most welcome. This situation, and its response, is literally hilarious to watch!



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