So, just what might the average IQ be of those who insist upon wasting even one second of their life watching MSDNC, a supposed ‘news’ network that become overrun with some of the most unhinged, most radical and downright nutty individuals that you will find not only on cable, but anywhere on the entire planet. Because just when you think they couldn’t become any more unhinged, radical or downright nutty, they do! And yet, no matter how unhinged, radical or downright nutty they become, there are still those people who continue to tune in. And what I find worrisome is that there are those who actually believe the drivel spewed by those on the network.

Case in point would be the truly brain damaged bimbo, Nicolle Wallace. And it’s this moron who is yet another example of all that’s wrong with ‘journalism’ here in America. She proves that point nearly every single day. In in so doing she fits in quite nicely there at MSDNC. And it was just this past Thursday on her show “Deadline” that Wallace said, “The sign of rot in white Independent women voters voting for Donald Trump and the numbers they did after he committed on tape to being enthusiastic about grabbing women in the — because he is famous and they let you, he is describing enthusiasm for sexual assault, and they voted for him anyway.”

She continued, “J.D. Vance, who did an interview, not with me, not a mainstream journalist, where he articulates support for women staying in violent relationships and marriages, says that is better for the kids. The tragedy is that women will vote for him. Women saw to it to vote for Trump. What is the thing to wake people up from some sort of sleepwalking trance that says, ‘Well, he gets me where I want to go on life, or he gets me where I want to go on tax policy,’ and understand that the norms are held up by having people with some modicum of decency and morality.” Wallace asked, “How do you make women voters understand that to be the case?”

And it was during this same program that ex-Rep. Donna Edwards, a Democrat, was heard to say, “I think this is been the great struggle, especially in this environment. Once Donald Trump got that nomination in 2016 and then went on to win the presidency, even in the face of the allegations that were coming from multiple sources over multiple kinds of behaviors regarding women, not the least of which was the “Access Hollywood” videotape. But I think there is no longer a moral bar in the Republican party, that Donald Trump essentially opened the door to candidates like Herschel Walker.” This coming from the party that can’t define what a woman is.

Wallace likely makes millions every year. And she just as likely has armed security at her job, and I am sure at her residence. And she undoubtedly does not take the subway through the rough parts of town. She exists there in her own little echo chamber and has no clue what high energy costs do to the budgets of working families. She’s just another limousine liberal trying to act as if she cares, but she doesn’t, not really. It’s sickening how those like herself carry on like someone is listening. It’s pure madness and another sign of depravity in our society. Just an empty-headed bimbo merely doing her part for her beloved Democrat Party.

Divide and conquer by blatantly insulting those who dare to oppose you. It’s a failing playbook that, with luck, is about go up in flames. It’s a rather sad thing that there remains anyone willing to listen and, worse, believe in them to make a difference in this country. It seems as if this world truly is upside down. Racism and segregation are now actually considered acceptable again, and abolitionists of today are racist. Evil is praised, while good is demonized. Lies are believable, while the truth is not. The law bidding citizen is degraded, and the criminal is praised. And there are more and more examples of this nonsense. I have to believe that more people can see through it.

And so I guess women who prefer liberty to tyranny, prosperity to austerity, lower prices to inflation, safety to increased threat of violence/theft, a colorblind society to a divided one, secure borders to open borders, a God-based moral code to the perversity of feelings and ‘tolerance, merit to entitlement, and happiness to misery are all now to be seen as rotten? Then, of course, there’s the growing violence and crime right outside their door that has become so bad in Democrat run cities that they’re afraid of becoming just another crime statistic. Their child is taught to be a racist bigot and told they can be any gender they wish. But that’s ‘journalism’ today.

And could it be that white woman voters are more concerned about the rising rate of of inflation, that significantly reduces their patient, the rising price of gas, a shrinking economy, illegal’s pouring across our southern border, rising food prices to the point where they have to choose between a roof over their head, or their daughter being raped in the girl’s bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt. These are the Democrat policies that should be driving ALL women, regardless of color, to vote for President Trump who, despite his rather checkered past, demonstrated, during his tenure as president that he was very much the friend of women, regardless of the skin color! 

Ok, so Donald Trump said some raunchy things to another guy many years ago, not knowing it was being recorded. Sometimes guys talk like they’re in a locker room. And Donald Trump never advocated grabbing women, he simply said that rich and powerful guys could get away with that in Hollyweird and, as far as I can see, that’s true. But did he shower with his teenage daughter? Did he swim naked in front of his female secret service detail? Neither of these guys is perfect, but one is a plagiarizing socialist who is suffering from dementia with his finger on the nuclear trigger, the other is a pro Blue collar businessman who wants only to put ‘America First!’

And talk about tunnel vision! Imagine if instead of it having been Hunter Biden, it was images of Donald Trump, or one of his sons, that was splashed all over the world wide web shamelessly exposing their genitalia, standing over hookers, down on all fours on their bed, lounging in their bath stoned out of their skull with a joint hanging from their mouth. And who can erase from their memory one of the worst images where a very young Chinese girl was photographed sitting on the floor between Hunter’s open legs as he sat butt naked on the edge of his bed. Imagine if President Trump, or one of his sons, had done that? But it wasn’t, it was Joey’s boy, so it’s not news.  

So I guess I would put it right back in the lap of the tone deaf Ms. Wallace. How would SHE go about convincing women voters to open their eyes to all of the outlandish behavior of the *president’s son, because surely as a “mainstream journalist” she can’t possibly condone his lewd, sexist, drug-taking behavior. Or can she? Or is she another of those who think that because it’s a Biden it simply doesn’t matter to white women, or to anyone else? Untouchable…squeaky clean…out of bounds…even though the entire world has now had sight of Hunter’s genitalia splashed all over the internet and any number of other examples of his drug induced behavior.

But with that said, there is rot. Plenty of it. It’s at MSDNC, and it talks! That’s all you need to know. The question that Wallace should be asking herself, as a “mainstream journalist,” is what’s going to make HER understand that what’s been dangled in front of her eyes, which no amount of denial can sweep away, is INFINITELY more heinous, more disgusting, and more perverted than what she’s accusing President Trump of. But, of course, she DOES understand, she’s not nearly that stupid, she’s just “owned.” Bought and paid for. Paid to stick to the “get Trump” narrative and deflect, deflect, deflect. Nope, nothing to see here. Move along, move along.


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