Looking back over the last seven years perhaps the single most important thing to have happened was in how, in winning the presidency, Donald Trump prompted so many of those who had spent years, perhaps even decades, professing themselves to be true believers in the conservative agenda, to expose themselves as being the complete and utter frauds that they are. And it’s still to this day that many of these losers still persist in attacking President Trump and his millions of supporters, but also those politicians who believe in the ‘America First’ agenda. And one of the more vocal groups is a rather odd assortment of misfits that calls itself, the ‘Lincoln Project.’

And it’s the members of this group who seem to hate those who want nothing more than to prevent their country from being lost for future generations. And it was Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson who said Wednesday on MSDNC’s “The Beat” that “society” has to “strap up and decide we’re going to push back against” the dangerous Republican Party. What a remarkably childish and dishonest piece of human garbage this guy is. Wilson will say anything that gets him in the good graces of those in the ‘fake news’ media and puts money in his pocket. He cares nothing about voting rights or any other rights for that matter.  Only about lining his own pockets!

Anyway, it was guest anchor Katie Phang who said, “Election workers are increasing security around polling places before the midterms. Is this the new reality in America now where we have to have armed guards for people to exercise their right to vote?” Wilson said, “I think we may end up in that position at some point. There is an increasing movement on the far-right to intimidate voters, whether it’s on the legal side in the beginning by raising the standards and by eliminating drop boxes or early voting, eliminating absentee ballots. And they’re going to end up with the big MAGA guys from Meal Team Six standing just outside that line to intimidate people.”

Phang asked, “Some experts think this rhetoric is more symbolic, calling it a cold Civil War, measured by mistrust and intractable polarization, rather than a hot war with conflict. Is that what we’re seeing now? It already feels uncomfortable hot to me.” Wilson said, “January 6th struck me as a hot God damn day. What Stewart Rhodes said himself, we should have brought more rifles. These people are ready to go. It doesn’t matter if a tiny fraction believe this. And this moron went on to say, “It matters that the rest of the Republican establishment doesn’t care. They are silent. They will not speak out.” And he added, “They will not stand up.”

Wilson said, “When Mitch McConnell is threatened by the former president this weekend, he cowers in fear. He doesn’t stand up. They have decided that the cancer inside the party is something that they can live with long enough to seize power again. They hope the alligator will eat them last, if I may mix my metaphors. This is a dangerous party with a dangerous belief that power alone justifies any excuse to get there. And it does not. And is it going to be something where we pay the price as a country and a society unless we strap up and decide we’re going to push back against these people? It’s got to happen sooner than later.”

The Lincoln Project is another of those groups that, while it claims to be supportive of Republicans, its members are in fact nothing more than closet Democrats who have simply been pretending to be Republicans for years. And contrary to what this buffoon says, it’s easy enough to verify which party is the more violent, commits more robberies, more assaults, rapes and murders. We all witnessed the BLM riots, the looting, the public and private property destruction, the taking over of city blocks and the blocking of city streets and highways. And we saw how all of it was enthusiastically cheered on by Democrat politicians, even our current vice president.  

The Lincoln Project is operated by a group of gutless wonders and hypocritical political bigots who have absolutely no problem with our nation being turned into a global plantation with rampant corruption at every level of our government, and our population being turned into impoverished serfs. They are the very same bullies we all knew on the playground that used to steal our lunch money with threats of violence. We aren’t the diseased haters, we aren’t the violent masses, we aren’t the lawless criminals running roughshod, and we aren’t the ones who have turned our nation into an insolvent bankrupt third world nation of a Hell hole.

Back in the 1950s and early 60s, the Democrats made the claim that they were for the “workin man,” and that Republicans were the ‘elite’ fascists. Fast-forward 60 years and we find the Democrats doing everything they can to CRUSH the working man, to Crush the middle class, and it is THEY who are now our elite ‘betters.’ Almost every one of them now have no link to the average working person and just go through the motions. It’s the Democrats, as well as Republicans like those of the ‘Lincoln Project,’ that are now working feverishly to sell our country right out from under us. They are desperate to finish the task before we can elect enough allies to stop them.

And so, it’s those in the ‘Lincoln Project’ who seem to think that all those who value the founding principles of this country, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are dangerous and must be stopped at all costs. So can we then conclude that the ‘Lincoln Project’ is nothing more than a bunch of radical Marxists who would rather see a Soviet/Mao’s China kind of a society here in America. And if so, we must vote accordingly in order to remove those politicians who choose to stand with groups such as this. The only reason for such ramped up rhetoric, to the point of absurdity, is that the internal polls must show a red tsunami coming in both the House and Senate.

The ‘Lincoln Project’ is nothing more than a Communist front group. Wilson is unable to cite one instance of Republicans intimidating voters. He, like Hitlery, says Republicans are “dangerous,” but never defines, specifically, what that danger is. Are Republicans going to unleash the FBI dogs on Democrats? Are they going to deny free speech and press? Mr. Wilson’s party is already doing that to this nation right now. The FBI is now a Soviet KGB. Republicans don’t do that. Are Republicans going to overthrow the Constitution and impose a single-party dictatorship? Are Republicans going to abolish individual rights? It’s your party that is doing all of that Mr. Wilson.


  1. “ And they’re going to end up with the big MAGA guys from Meal Team Six standing just outside that line to intimidate people.”

    (The ones I’ve seen standing just outside that line to intimidate voters, have been, “BLACK-RACE-DINGLE-BERRIES.” Wearing black berets with the “BLACK-POWER-INSIGNIA”, on each one.

    And wearing the cheap Walmart black-satin type zip-up jackets with the words in gold on the back stating this.

    “MEMBER, NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY.” and yet not one polling place has ever reported in any kind of white race organization outfront trying to, intimidate voters. NOT. ONE. POLLING STATION HAS EVER REPORTED THIS IN.

    YouTube is not full of videos showing my race, destroying Hardee’s or McDonald’s or Popeyes fried chicken joints etc etc. It’s the other race.

    The Most dangerous race in our country, THE BLACK RACE. From coast to coast they physically attack, physically assault my race and the Southeast Asian races.


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