I must admit that I have a difficult time understanding those who are able, courtesy of their rather unique brand of sophistication, to look at what has taken place in this country over the course of the last 20 months and are still able to make the argument that the most important issue in need of being addressed is a ‘mother’s ability to murder her unborn child, right up to the moment of birth. And that also seems to be the only issue that our *president is willing to discuss. Not high gas prices, not high inflation, not the southern border, only abortion. And in so doing our *president refers to any attempts to place limits on this gruesome procedure, as a “crisis!”

Apparently Joey’s primary concern as we head in to midterm elections is not the price of gas, our open border, the economy or even the highest rate of inflation in over 40 years. What Joey is most concerned about is that there were not enough abortions allowed in the United States after the Supreme Court ‘overturned’ Roe versus Wade. Although we all know they ‘overturned’ nothing, they simply returned the issue to the states, which is what should have been done back on 1973, where it rightfully belongs! The *president warned that “extremist laws” in Republican states were limiting abortions across the country, which he complained was backward.

And in what was essentially a warning that the right to contraception would soon be questioned, Joey said, “Folks, what century are we in? I mean… How? What are we doing?” Joey met with his “Reproductive Rights Taskforce” at the White House, which we’re told was put together in order to help women find access to abortions despite bans across the country. And Joey insisted, “As I’ve said before, the court got Roe right nearly 50 years ago.” The *president met with abortion doctors to discuss their own experiences of women in Republican states begging them for abortions, praising them for serving “on the front lines of this crisis.” Begging for abortions???

And it was Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona who warned that the Supreme Court ruling was creating a culture of “fear and confusion on college campuses” warning of a “chilling” effect on universities. And it’s anyone who’s the least bit familiar with this kook that understands all too well that he should not have anything to do with the ‘educating’ of our children! He’s just more nut on the long list of misfits that comprise Joey’s cabinet. And it was a number of hand-picked ‘doctors,’ and I use the term loosely, visiting the White House who also voiced their opposition to the Supreme Court decision. In truth they are nothing more than a bunch of quacks!

And it was one quacks who said, “My colleagues and I have to think about whether we’re going to be criminalized and imprisoned, whether our licenses will be taken away, whether our livelihood will be threatened for providing compassionate evidence-based care (abortions).” One abortion doctor complained that abortion was outlawed in the state of Wisconsin, except to save the life of the mother. She said “Pregnant people don’t have a warning light when it crosses that threshold,” She added that “the effects are chilling.” And another of these physicians who identified her pronouns as “she/her,” said, “Abortion is healthcare. It is our human right.”

But to answer Joey’s question regarding what century it might be that we are in, it would seem that we have been taken back to the days of child sacrifice cults and angry mobs of males attacking ‘unwelcome’ people for refusing to submit to perversion. We’ve apparently been taken back to a century where the mental capacity of many people is clearly limited. Remember folks, God gave us a superior brain to distinguish us from the animals. Apparently, those who believe they have a superior brain (those attending college) cannot control themselves as much as some animals. But that would seem to be where have now gotten ourselves.

And isn’t it pathetic that the Democrats signature election issue is the murder of the unborn? Vote for us and you can kill your baby anytime you like, pretty sad. But, believe it or not, it’s even more sinister than that. The abortion industry is all about getting baby parts and stem cells for researchers to study, this requires the murdering of babies, and there are fetal stem cells for every organ, which is why they want to be able to abort a baby right up to delivery. It makes it all sound a little less unsavory, and a little less guilty, if these ‘physicians call it a fetus, or “just a blob of cells,” which is why they insist upon calling it anything other than an unborn baby.

Democrats continue to lie about the real reason that they continue to fight for abortion so hard by claiming that what they’re really fighting for is a “woman’s right to choose.” And it’s all nothing more than BS. Democrats care about women about as much as they care about blacks, which is zip point shit!!! What Democrats are all about is making it easier for some of their wealthy supporters to harvest fetal stem cells which in turn makes them even wealthier and often times turns into big dollar donations to the party. What century are we living in? The century where we have the technology to view the baby and listen to its heartbeat before you murder it.

Contrary to what we continue to hear from Joey, and supposed medical professionals, the true crisis in this country is the fact that over 4,000 babies are murdered every single day in our nation, that’s over 1.6 million dead babies every year! Also, it’s 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s abortion activity that takes place solely in minority neighborhoods, mostly in Black neighborhoods. And there have been over 58,586,256 ABORTIONS in America since Roe versus Wade signed into law by President Kennedy and the Democrats 1973. And yet according to Joey, because we wish to place tighter limits on the murdering of our young, we’ve created a crisis in this country!

And let’s be honest, the vast majority of abortions are the result of irresponsible, people who insist upon having unprotected sex and who are not the least bit concerned about possible pregnancies nor their consequences. Not because of rape and/or incest! They are simply too lazy/irresponsible to get the free birth-control provided by taxpayers. Then, without any compassion, shame nor guilt, they simply allow their unprotected unborn child, a living human being just as they themselves are, to have their arms/legs torn off, their brains crushed, being murdered and carelessly discarded as if they are nothing but garbage. No personal responsibility!

Democrats don’t believe in the death penalty except where the unborn are concerned. They claim to be tough on crime, yet allow dangerous illegal, unvetted immigrants to flood into this country. They say we should house illegal immigrants, just not in their neighborhoods. And now they claim the single most important issue in this country is abortion followed closely behind by ‘climate change!’ And as Americans are faced with higher gas prices, higher food prices and with inflation rising faster than their paychecks they’re supposed to be more concerned about abortions and ‘climate change.’ The next two elections will determine the fate of our country.


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