During ‘normal’ political times, if there is such a thing, we’re told that it’s the party of the president that always loses seats in Congress in the midterm elections. But we most certainly are not living in a time that can, by anyone’s definition, be described as normal. After all, we have a fraudulently ‘selected’ *president and his party who are desperately doing all that they can to destroy our country. And yet as we hurtle toward the next election we continue to hear how it remains a toss up regarding who it will be that controls Congress once the dust settles, despite the fact that the *president as lost the confidence of roughly one third of the American population.

You see, it’s according to a ‘new’ poll that just 39 percent of registered voters currently approve of *president Joey just 36 days away from the midterm elections. That would mean that nearly 40 percent of voters actually approve of this dumpster fire Joey B, and the Democrats have created for us! So just what is it that they approve of? Anyway, it was 52 percent of respondents who disapproved of Joey, a high number for the leader of a Democrat Party desperate to hang onto control of both the House and Senate come this November. A presidential approval rating is usually a bellwether for how the president’s party performs in the midterm elections.

And yet you may ask how can this be? After all, Joey has cured cancer, he has brought everyone out of poverty, he chooses truth over facts and let’s not forget the fact that he was the most popular *president ever ‘selected.’ Oh, and there is how he has managed to bring us all together and united us as a country. But it’s according to CNN’s ‘senior data’ reporter, Harry Enten, that Joey’s approval rating has been impacted by a drop in the level of support from black voters. Since Joey assumed office, he has lost support among black voters by 23 points, from 87 to 64 percent. And as we ALL know, Blacks make up a significant portion of the Democrat vote.

And of course, for some bizarre reason, the vast majority of blacks, 74 percent, still prefer the Democrat Party over the Republican Party. In 2020, 84 percent preferred the Democrat Party, a ten point swing and a massive amount of lost support. In 2018, 85 percent of blacks preferred the Democrat Party. Conversely, Republicans appear to have picked up three points in that timeframe from nine percent to 12 percent. Yet despite being the ones who bear the brunt of Joey’s idiotic policies on immigration, the economy and energy, the majority of black still choose to stand by their man. And, quite frankly, that says far more about them than it does Joey!!

And what’s hard to understand is why minorities still prefer the Democrats over the Republicans. It’s amazing to think that the black voters actually believe that Democrats actually care about them when the entire Democrat Party is a sham. But the black vote is not the only segment of the electorate in which Democrats are struggling. Hispanics prefer the Democrat Party less by six points, 60-54 percent, since the 2018 midterm elections. Meanwhile, Hispanics have moved toward Republicans by seven points, 26-33 percent. The total difference between Democrats and Republicans is only 21 points, down from 34 points in 2018.

We have now been taken to the very brink of economic disaster and yet there are those who continue to support the man, and the party, who are most responsible.  And so I can only assume that it is they who are actually in favor of record high inflation, records high food and fuel prices, record high taxes, the sexualization of our children, rampant crime, a corrupt FBI and an even more corrupt White House. A *president who genuinely loves his country would not insist upon putting working Americans out of work and then turn around and launch a hostile foreign invasion upon those Americans! Is it me? Am I the one looking at all wrong?

Even with all that said, I suppose the 39 percent number could be accurate. But we would need to assume that 39 percent of the country is comprised of evil people and/or idiots, which would explain a lot. Republicans often make the mistake of assuming that such a large number of people could not possibly be this deranged, but the evidence would seem to say that that is likely the case. I mean, look at our rising crime statistics and the millions of Americans who actually believe that abortion is somehow this country’s most important crisis in need of being addressed. The country seems full of illogical, brainwashed morons who think theirs is the more just cause.

Also within that 39 percent are the takers, the ‘fraudulent’ welfare recipients, and those who are always on the lookout for their pound of government cheese. But it’s seldom, if ever, that any of these scumbags are, or have ever been, considered contributors. They have no concern for the direction of this country or her demise at the hands of the Democrat Party, as long as they continue to get ‘something for nothing.’ Never doubt the power of taxpayer funded freebies given in exchange for votes. Democrats have been doing that for decades. There will always be those interested only in themselves and could care less whether the country survives.



  1. The trouble with our party the Republican Party, where would I begin. Besides the fact the entire party does not have a message. And it doesn’t know how to sell itself.

    Furthermore it seems to be scared shitless to take a real stand on good values regardless of what the damn media or what some evil piece of shit democrat will say to them.

    That party better be glad that I’m not in the house or the senate because I would tell them real quick, Screw you. You are the enemy of the United States. You are my enemy.

    And I would expose every single thing about them. Somebody I’ve been watching that knows how to go straight for the jugular is Kari lake out in Arizona.

    Why in the name of God members of the Republican Party don’t call out the evil Democrat party is beyond me. And I would not back one damn thing that this usurper of a president wanted. When I look at our cities how horrible they look compared to Chinese cities it pisses me off to no end.

    I’ll never forget what Tucker Carlson said back when they were gonna pass out a little bit of money to everybody because everybody was having to stay home because the country shut down.

    “ What is this about giving a single person $1000 on average or a family $2500 on average? Why don’t they give everybody let’s say $25,000?

    If we had a government that really cared about the people they would see how this little bit of money is nothing more than a mere pittance. Small amount of pocket change. And concerning the lock down, why lock our entire country down? how insane this is. This is sheer insanity. We’ve never locked down our country for any reason.

    But getting back to this abysmal peanuts they want to pass out, look at all the billions and trillions of dollars our government has gave over the years to so many other countries, it should enraged you to no end. Especially, when you look around and see the state of our own nation, the condition of our own people. “

    Tucker Carlson.


  2. I also meant to say that I don’t believe these polls whatsoever. And concerning the black race they are truly shit for brains. Besides being the most dangerous race in our nation. They are a lawless plague on my white race and, the, “ South-East Asian-Race.”

    But I agree with this entire article. In the name of God how could anybody support Joe Biden after everything this administration has done.


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