If you’re one of those who insist upon hanging on every word uttered by that supposed political genius James Carville, then I have just three words for you, “Are you crazy?” I’ve never really understood why anyone continues to hold this guy in such high regard. After all, just what is it that this guy has ever done other than to succeed in getting his guy across the finish line in a three man race. And considering who the other contenders were, how tough of a job was that? It’s like back when everyone was so keen to hear what Bob Beckel had to say, the guy who engineered a presidential campaign that succeeded in winning only his candidate’s home state! But I digress!

So it was recently the Carville again reminded us all of just what a waste of time it is listening to anything he has to say. You see, it’s according to Carville that some wild things in American politics could be coming over the next two years. During a talk, part of Alabama-based PARCA’s Speaker Series, held at the Red Mountain Theatre in Birmingham, Carville said he did not expect President Trump nor Joey B to be on the 2024 presidential election ballot. He said, “I don’t think Trump or Biden will be on the ballot in 2024.” And he added, “I’m going to be 78 in less than a month. The country needs a generational change. I think they’re going to get it.”

And it was later in the same presentation during what was the question-and-answer portion of the program, that Carville made two more rather bizarre prognostications when asked what the future of the January 6 Committee was should the Republicans succeed in taking back control of Congress in the November 8 elections. He said, “I’m going to give y’all two predictions.” And he went on to say, “First prediction is within a year, Biden pardons Trump. [Biden] says you have to ask for it, and you have to admit guilt. I think at a point you say, you know — now, you have to talk to the Fulton County [GA] DA. That’s not part of the deal. That’s not presidential.”

And he continued by saying, “The second prediction is, the next Speaker of the House is — drumroll, please — Liz Cheney,” he continued. “It is a very possible outcome that the Republicans win the House by three seats. Y’all have got to remember something: The entire House elects the Speaker. Being Speaker is like being Pope. You don’t have to be a Catholic to be a Pope.” According to Carville, Liz Cheney could win the speakership by swaying four Republicans and all of the Democrats if the Republicans were to only win the House by a three-member majority. Talk about a hypothetical. Besides the fact that Cheney won’t be in Congress, Democrats would never go along.

As I said, Cheney won’t be in the house in 2023 and even if the RINOs win the argument that the Constitution says they can elect anyone they wish to be their officers, she would have no vote in the House, hence no utility. And anyway, good luck with getting the radical Democrats on board with such a notion. All of the Democrats in House are leftist radicals as proven by their support for the Joey B/Pelosi agenda 99.9 percent of the time. The only time they are not radical is during the four or five months leading up to the next election when they all morph into moderates and try to cast themselves as being something other than what they are.  

Carville is the perfect example of what the Democrat Party has become essentially since the election of ‘BO.’ They are so out of touch with reality that they actually believe this sort of thing. It’s why you see them continuing to get more and more radical as things don’t go their way. In the fantasy in which they live they are loved and that their policies are making everything better. And while I’m not the political genius that Carville is supposed to be, he’s gonna have to explain something to me, just what is it that President Trump has done that would warrant him in need of being pardoned? Because compared to Joey B, the man is an absolute saint!

And Carville apparently assumes that when the dust settles after the election the Republicans will have only a 2 to 3 seat majority in the House. As for Cheney at the end of her term she will have outlived her usefulness to the Democrats and her services will no longer be needed. And besides, there are those members of the Democrat caucus who would never vote for any Republican for Speaker, regardless of who it is! Carville, 78 years old and suffering from the same debilitating disease that Joey is suffering from. And yet he still gets hauled out to spew such drivel because it’s what the leftwing loons want to hear. Carville seeks only to be relevant again.

Carville is simply engaging in a little gallows humor. He knows that he’ll probably be dead, before the Democrats are able to make their way out of the hole that they’ve managed to dig for themselves. As for Cheney, she’s likely finished in politics, and will soon be forgotten and will have to be content with making her empty threats against President Trump and his supporters. She was unremarkable at best and at worst an abysmal failure as a member of Congress. Now, she’s openly detested. Carville insulted President Trump by suggesting he’d have to admit to a crime, so that Joey could pardon him. Carville’s not crazy, it’s just that he simply no longer cares.

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