When you get right down to it Democrat politicians, as well as those who support them, are pretty disgusting individuals. So we shouldn’t be surprised that Democrats, right down to the very last one, along with every leftwing loon in the ‘fake news’ media, again were so eager to use the victims of Hurricane Ian as fodder in their continuing effort to push their cockamamie theory of manmade ‘climate change.’ And it was those of us in Florida who pretty much expected Democrat Charlie Crist, now trailing Ron DeSantis by double digits in his quest to be Florida next governor, to jump on the bandwagon, claiming that we must do something about ‘climate change.’

Now while Charlie’s plan may work to get more nutty Democrats to the polls, I don’t think ‘climate change’ is important enough of an issue to get Republicans to vote for this political chameleon. At least, as a Republican myself, that would be my guess. Or, for that matter, to vote for that nut who wants to defund the police, Democrat Val Demings, who’s running again Marco Rubio for the U.S. Senate. But in getting back to Crist, the political opportunist by which all other opportunists are measured, it was this past Thursday on MSDNC’s “Hallie Jackson Reports” that Crist said he wanted to address ‘climate change’ to reduce the size of storms like Hurricane Ian.

Crist said, “When you compare this to Hurricane Charlie, similar strengths, obviously, but the massive size of this storm, Ian is incredible. Three of the five have hit Florida. So one factor in all of this is climate change. These storms are getting bigger, they’re getting stronger, and they’re affecting many more lives as a result of it.” He added, “It is remarkable what we are witnessing, and as we get through this, hopefully, we’ll have an opportunity to make sure that we do things so we can address going forward to try to reduce the size of these massive storms that Florida has suffered from so brutally.” And he said, “And so that will be a focus as we’re moving forward.”

Crist added, “It’s going to take a lot of time to get through this because it’s touched almost every corner of the state, on its way now to the Atlantic and heading up to the Carolinas. The magnitude of this is hard to imagine, but this is what we’re facing. It’s not going to be weeks. It’s not going to be months. It’s going to be longer, and it’s going to take a relentless concerted effort by the federal, the state, local government, all hands on deck, and those who can help the private sector as well to do everything we can to not only pray for our Florida, but to do everything we can to help those affected throughout the southeastern United States.”

These ‘climate change’ alarmists scream ‘climate change’ any time there is a storm, a flood or a forest fire. Crist thinks history started when he was 12. Apparently so do a great many other Democrats. And if we don’t rid ourselves of all the BS going on in our public schools and start teaching real history and real science what we’re going to end up with is generation after generation of complete imbeciles. This ‘global warming/climate change’ narrative has had the same effect as did the fake plandemic. It will reduce our population to nothing more than mind-numbed little robots, which is exactly what rabid leftwing Democrats, like Crist, want.

Unfortunately, government sponsored science has been compromised by a lack of integrity. Which is tragic, because much of what is produced is honest work that is important. But politics has now been allowed to infect the body by those scientists with an agenda, and a healthy amount of greed. It’s absolutely amazing that people who cannot define what a woman is, who that think men can get pregnant, who think there is no difference between men and women when playing sports, who believe you can change your gender on a whim and believe every evil in the world is caused by white supremacists are now ‘expert’ climatologists simply because they say so.

There is NO consensus in the scientific community. Furthermore, there’s an organized resistance, by those in the ‘fake news’ media and political hacks, to data and scientific evidence that refutes ALL of the supposed ‘models’ and the false unscientific climate claims from what a cadre of those who are nothing more that rabid left-wing ideologues. ‘Climate Change’ has become the Left’s religion. And dare I say that it’s rather naïve to expect politicians to first learn something about a subject before they open their mouths. Crist obviously knows nothing about hurricanes and his promise to reduce the size of hurricanes exposes his ignorance.

And so Crist misses yet another opportunity to sound like a real leader and not just another political hack. Oh well, you can’t sound like something you ain’t, and can’t help sounding like what you so very obviously are. And just as I suspected, Crist is a bigger idiot than even I originally thought. The strongest hurricane that has ever come ashore in Florida, since such data first began to be recorded, was in 1926, It had 180 mph winds, the pressure was 100 mb below Ian, and the population of Florida was 1.3 million people. This is not a global climate anything but simply another year in Florida and we had a hurricane strike a heavily populated area. Remember in November!!!

Yup, vote Democrat and succeed in changing the weather. Meanwhile pay no attention to the high gas prices, the highest inflation n 40 years, a southern border that essentially no longer exists, the lunacy of there being more than two sexes and so very much more of the insanity being perpetrated on by those on the left. What a great scam the Democrat have going, the weather always changes and so Democrat voters will think that they are doing a great job! Wake up people! If only Florida was a blue state, this hurricane would never have happened, right? Now send more of your hard earned money to Washington and help to stop all this manmade weather!

And so, we must address ‘climate change’ by spending trillions more dollars that we don’t have so Democrat Party special interest groups can get even more funding which they will turn around and use to donate right back the Democrat Party. It was every government on the planet that orchestrated idiotic lockdowns and unscientific measures in a feeble attempt to thwart the spread of COVID, and failed miserably. Now we have this moron, Crist, trying to tell us that if we pay more taxes the Democrats can control the Earth’s temperature and minimize the impact of storms. It’s insane! And it’s anyone who pushes such drivel that needs to be voted out!!!

And finally, as a Floridian for the last 24 years, I want to thank Charlie Crist for the many laughs he has provided to us over the years. Watching his desperation to avoid the real world and stay in politics for decades has been most amusing. The party switches, the multiple marriages, the begging a Democrat candidate to drop out so he could win, the garbage that has been coming out of his mouth in this last desperate campaign have all been very amusing. But enough is enough. The time has now come to away, Charlie. Thanks for the laughs but it’s time for you to go. We’ve all grown tired of the antics. Things have gotten far too serious to vote for the likes of you.



  1. “ These storms are getting bigger, they’re getting stronger, and they’re affecting many more lives as a result of it.” He added,”
    He can add all he likes, but it remains a flat-out-lie!!

    “ If true, the paper (which I’ll call G19, using its lead author’s initial and year of publication) would overturn decades of research and observations that have indicated over the past century or more, there are no upwards trends in U.S. hurricane landfalls.

    And no upwards trends in the strongest storms at landfall. These conclusions have been reinforced by the assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), U.S. National Climate Assessment, and most recently of the World Meteorological Organization.”

    “ From 1900 to 1958, the first half of the period under study, NOAA reports that there were 117 total hurricanes that struck the mainland U.S.. But in contrast, G19 has only 92.

    They are missing 25 hurricanes. In the second half of the dataset, from 1959 to 2017, NOAA has 91 hurricanes that struck the U.S., and G19 has 155, that is 64 extra hurricanes.”

    (please read the entire article at the link. Also inside the article are links that Back up, this article.)


  2. Chuckie Crist is a power hungry slimy weasel. The Democrats should nominate him to be their next Presidential candidate. That way, we can watch another clown show go up in flames with plenty of wasted cash getting burned in their faces. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


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