I think it fair to say that since he first arrived in the Oval Office, courtesy of what was clearly a fraudulent election, our *president, Joey B has consistently been viewed by what has been a majority of the American people as being something of a disaster. And it’s been over the course of at least the last 18 months that Joey’s approval numbers have, just as consistently, been in the very same basement that Joey himself spent so much time in back in 2020 when running for the job that he would come to be ‘selected’ for in November of that same year.

And it has been since day one that Joey has seemed to work very hard in returning our country to a situation that it had seen since the days of another Democrat president, none other than Jimmy Carter. Whether we’re talking inflation, the price of gas or tensions in the Middle East, Joey has proven himself to be even worse than Carter. And I believe that it was Hiltery who once boldly declared that our economy always does better when there’s a Democrat in the White House, but Joey has proven that that is most certainly not the case, just as every Democrat president before him.

And I’m sure many have noticed, just as I have, that it’s the vast majority of those who are supposed to be in the business of reporting the ‘news’ that these days have simply begun making shit up in what has clearly been a continuing effort to keep Joey propped up by endlessly trying to convince anyone stupid enough to listen that he doing a spectacular job, especially when compared to his predecessor. To the point where you almost have to wonder just what it might be that any of them are now smokin’, snortin,’ or shootin’ up. Because nothing else makes any sense.

But then along comes a guy like Joe Concha, who is a contributor to both ‘Fox News’ and ‘The Hill’ and who has graded *president Joey B’s presidency with an “F” on addressing the coronavirus pandemic, economy, and national unity. Concha evaluated Joey’s presidency in a Wednesday interview. And it was in speaking of Joey that Concha said, “On Covid-19, he did horribly in 2021.” And he went on to say, “Donald Trump in 2020 had no vaccine. [Trump] kept saying at the time that we’ll have one by the end of the year, then fact-checkers would say ‘No, that’s impossible.’”

And he said, “They somehow time-traveled into the future to show Trump was wrong in saying a vaccine wouldn’t come in 2020, and sure enough it did in December of 2020. I would know. My wife got a shot at that time. She is an ER doctor treating COVID patients on a daily basis.” He continued, “Then Biden promises he would — quote — stop and control — unquote, the virus when he got into office, which is a lot like his promise that he’s going to cure cancer. You can’t say that about something that you truly cannot control, and sure enough, what happened in 2021?”

He said, “More people died of COVID than they did in 2020, despite having vaccines, despite having monoclonal, despite having treatments that we didn’t have then because he could not stop and control it. So on that front, F.” Concha said Joey sowed seeds of political division by denigrating as “semi-fascist” the Republican theme of “Make America Great Again.” He said, “He called 74 million people who voted for Donald Trump ‘extremists, a major ‘threat‘ to this country, ‘semi-fascist‘ — which I didn’t know there was like a Diet Coke of fascism, but apparently it exists.”

Concha concluded by saying, “Even though the media refuses to admit this, we are in a recession, because the traditional definition used by Paul Krugman and everybody else in media when it happened under a Republican president was, if you had two straight quarters of the economy contracting, of negative growth, therefore, that is a recession.” He said, “We are at 8.5 percent inflation.” And he added, “That is the highest in 40 years. On that front, F, as well, and this is based on numbers, not Joe Concha’s opinion.” Unless his intention is to destroy America, then he gets an A+.

As one who’s been a fairly attentive observer of U.S. politics for 40 years, I can say with complete sincerity that Joey B is the last person I would ever have picked to be president. So it’s rather fascinating when meeting those who voted for this man, not having any idea that he has been the most unexceptional, most unaccomplished, most cartoonishly corrupt figure in national politics for the last half century. Moral of story: if you’re a clueless, ignorant rube, please don’t vote. Those who tell you high voter turnout is good for the country? They are lying. Ignore them. Stay home! Please!

But look, Joey has scored an ‘F’ his whole pathetic plagiarizing, lying, racist , perverted joke of a political career, but nobody seemed to care, until now. Because now he’s *president. Joey’s another on the list of failed U.S. presidents, most of whom have been Democrats. All he has created is chaos, a failing stock market, inflation, recession, etc. No one can name ONE thing that he’s done to help America or Americans. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Joe is an enemy of this country and its people. And you can’t help but wonder if we can survive another two years.

Now there are those who would give Joey an A+. The inner city felons adore him. They have more economic opportunity than ever. They are making up for what was taken from them during 400 years of slavery. The mentally ill, they love Joey too. Now you can be any gender you feel like and the rest of the world has to acknowledge your choice. The doctors who help reassign genders are making out like bandits. And let’s not forget the Mexican drug cartels, Joey is allowing them to make billions. And Joey B is also the No.1 proponent in trying to ‘Make China Great Again.

And finally, you don’t grade someone who has painted a target on your back and then declared war on you. That’s because it leaves the door open for someone to say they’ll do better/try harder, when they won’t!!! Some things you just can’t walk back. The kicker? Many Democrats wouldn’t have it any other way. They hate the country and live for chaos. Democrats believe any deliberate destruction of America and our Constitution under Democrat rule is still far better than any freedom and prosperity under a Republican, especially President TRUMP. That’s where we are now.



  1. The picture you picked out to describe America under this piece-of-shit Biden, couldn’t describe it any better. Let’s never forget and never let anybody off the hook that voted for him, He warned everybody what he was going to do, back When he was up on stage with all the other pieces of shit Democrats when they were jockeying for position to see who would be picked to represent the Democrats.

    (He did, he warned everybody. So anybody that voted for him that says they can’t believe what they’re seeing is a lying son of a bitch!!! And, anybody that reads my comment if you know somebody that voted for Biden you tell them that they knew he was going to do all of these things!!)

    My God there was like 12 to 14 of them up on stage And every one of them couldn’t open the border far enough, or giveaway enough!! Now I, or my wife don’t personally know anybody that voted for him. I’m sure there are a few people in Montana / Wyoming and over in both Dakotas that did vote for him.

    Like on the worthless Injun Reservations. Which all of them should’ve been closed down years ago. They will always vote Democrat. The entire tribes will.

    Unless you have lived in one of these towns out here and watch these pieces of shit roll into town and what they do in the grocery stores and how they act around town, You don’t have a clue what they’re really like. Not. A. Clue.


  2. Bidet was a flunkie in 1988, 2008 and 2020. He’s only sitting on the throne in the 0ffal 0ffice, passing gas, soiling his pants and eating plenty of ice cream cones.


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