I think we all know someone who thinks they know everything, about everything. Those who think they’re so smart that we should all pay very close attention to everything they say and simply accept as gospel and never question it. No need to actually do any research on your own, just take what they tell you and run with it. And it usually a couple of times of doing just that that you learn the hard way that doing so was maybe not such a good idea after all. And before long you learn to take whatever this person says with a grain of salt. Which, of course, brings me to none other than that practitioner of journalist malpractice, ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace.

Since first being ‘selected’ as our *president, Joey B. as been seen by a majority of Americans as being pretty much of a disaster. But considering how it was that he came to be where he is, that really shouldn’t be seen as much of a surprise. And it has been over the course of the last 18 months that Joey’s approval numbers have been in the same basement that Joey could be found during the majority of 2020 when he was running for his current job. And throughout that entire time many in our ‘state controlled fake news media’ have seen it as being their job to convince anyone stupid enough to listen to them that Joey B has been doing an absolutely stellar job!

Which, of course, brings me to ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace. Wallace a well-documented liar, a prolific spewer of left-wing propaganda and presidential debate-rigger who left Fox News because he deemed it to be a hostile work environment, just debuted his brand-new CNN show to humiliating ratings. After nearly ten months with no program that he could actually call his own, absence, apparently, did not make the cable news viewers’ hearts grow any fonder for this loser. Not helping is the show’s rather bizarre title, ‘Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.’ Perhaps a better title to have chosen by the creators of the show would have been, “Who Wants to Talk to Chris Wallace?”

Apparently, it was only around 400,000 people who bothered to tune in to find out ‘Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace.’ The show aired during primetime on Sunday night, the same time millions once tuned in to find out who ‘Commie Chris’s dad, Mike, was talking to. In the all-important 25-54 age demo, ‘Commie Chris’ attracted only 44,000 viewers. How bad is that? Well, even for CNN, that’s pretty bad. But who’s going to watch? The left demands radical, longtime woke moon bat leftists, whereas the right loathes this Trump-hating propagandist. The smattering of moderates in between are probably still watching the non-cable networks, if they watch at all.

Even more humiliating for old ‘Commie Chris’ is the fact that he secured the rare interview with a former Supreme Court Justice, in this case, Stephen Breyer. In the news biz, that’s called a “big get.” But because ‘Commie Chris’ is a “big liar,” no one really cared. Everyone knows he’s a fraud. And but for his dad, he’d be working at a car wash or mowing lawns. If you really want to know how humiliating this is for ‘Commie Chris,’ it was over at Fox that that barn-burner of a show titled ‘Sunday Night in America’ with Trey Gowdy, earned 1.3 million viewers. And I had no idea that Gowdy even had a show. Sadly, he turned out to be pretty of a fraud as well.

Normally when you hear the things that ‘Commie Chris’ says you think he’s at best just ignorant, and at worst just stupid. Meaning that he simply doesn’t know, or is incapable of knowing. But he’s at the center of the information universe, and he’s a fairly smart guy, so when he says the stupid things that he says, it isn’t out of ignorance or stupidity. It’s out of arrogance, and he thinks we’re all too ignorant and/or too stupid to catch on. And as it turns out over 400,000 people fall into that category. But that’s not enough stupidity and ignorance to support his likely very inflated salary. Goodbye Chrissy, and don’t let the door hit you in ass on the way out.

And finally, this is but another example of, ‘Like father like son.’ Mike Wallace was a leftist hardliner from the earliest days. He was a company man through and through and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Riding dad’s coattails he prostituted himself onto Fox News whereby most people were quick to see through his leftist mantra. Mike was certainly no ‘journalist’, at least not as we once defined journalism. Journalism is dead. Today it’s read the script, cough a few times and go to break, then repeat. I continue to greatly enjoy his fall from relevance. He is getting what he has deserved for many years. His reputation is being slowly dismantled.

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