I’ll be the first one to admit that there are lots of people in this world that are a lot smarter than I am. But with that said, I’m nowhere near as stupid as Joey B, and the rest of the Democrats, think I am, or wish I was. But neither are any of them as smart as they think they are. At least I’m smart enough to figure out why it is that gas prices remain high, why millions of illegal immigrants are being allowed to flood across our southern border, and pretty much unabated, and why the nation’s crime rate has now absolutely exploded. And try as they might to convince me otherwise, it’s none of these things that can be said to be fault of President Trump!

And just this past Monday, during a White House press briefing, it was the subject of our exploding crime rate that came up. And it was none other than Joey’s current Spokesmoron, the racist, lesbian, Affirmative Action hire Karine Jean-Pierre, who answered a question posed by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy in what has become her typical evasive fashion. Doocy questioned Joey’s Spokesmoron, Ms. Jean-Pierre, about crime during the daily press briefing, asking her whether Joey B believes that America’s major cities are safe. Jean-Pierre tried to downplay *president Joey’s responsibilities on crime, telling reporters that the problem is “complicated.”

Complicated? So how is it, in any way, complicated? Because even for a guy like myself it actually seems to be pretty simple. Because, basically, we have one group of folks that commit the majority of all the crimes, and another group of folks that enables them every step of the way. Anyway, it was in referring to a recent New York Times article on rising crime that Jean-Pierre noted “the crime is complicated and multifaceted” and pivoted to promoting Joey’s spending bills. And it was Doocy who noted murder rates in major cities were still stubbornly high, and that thefts and robberies in major cities increased by around 20 percent in the first half of 2022.

And in what has become her, as well as Joey B’s immediate response to any and all, bad ‘news,’ Jean-Pierre simply chose to blame the nation’s high crime rate on President Trump, going for far as to claim Joey “inherited a rising crime rate” when he ‘took’ office. When Doocy asked again whether Americans in major cities should feel safe, she simply replied, “It is not a yes or no question, it is very much a question of what has he done, that’s how we see the question.” Of course it’s a yes or no question!! And just what exactly is it that Joey’s that has accomplished as *president other than to actually encourage those who commit the crimes to commit more?

Doocy further pressed the questions on crime and safety, asking Jean-Pierre about comments made by her predecessor, ex-White House press secretary Jen ‘Circle Back’ Psaki, and the fact she was now warning Democrats about their vulnerabilities on crime. You see, it was this past Sunday on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ that, during an interview, old ‘Circle Back’ had said, “In Pennsylvania, the Republicans have been spending millions of dollars on the air on crime ads against Fetterman because that’s where they see his vulnerability,” adding that crime was “a huge issue” in Pennsylvania. Personally, I would argue that it’s a huge issue everywhere!

But Jean-Pierre simply dismissed the comments made by her former boss, actually accusing Doocy of mischaracterizing the comments saying, “I don’t agree with your characterization of what she actually said.” Of course she doesn’t agree! What a complete moron this woman is. And you know, these people would be funny if they didn’t represent such a serious danger to this country. Everything that is wrong or negative is being blamed on President Trump. That will be true in the 2024 Presidential election. Why? Because that’s all they have and we no longer have bona fide ‘journalist’ willing to call them out on their lies, or at least very few!

When this bimbo says that the problem of crime is “complicated,” what she’s really saying is, “We cannot come up with a solution that will not offend our base and the radical wing of the Democrat Party, or would not expose us to total ridicule, or make it look like we are caving to the Republicans.” Crime is always “complicated” to those on the left. It could easily be made uncomplicated if Democrats would simply tell the truth. For by telling the truth, a long memory is no longer needed, and voila! It’s not complicated, if people are not held accountable, what’s to prevent those with a penchant for committing crimes, from carrying those crimes out? Nothing!!!

If you are raised with the notion that you’ve been held back you entire life and that others somehow owe you everything, and the people who are supposed to enforce our laws have the same mentality, how do you expect any of this to go any other way? Let’s just be honest, it’s 13 percent of our society that are allowed to act any way that they want because we can’t hurt someone’s feeling. What a bunch of drivel! The high crime rate is directly connected to lack of law enforcement and the insanity of cashless bail, and that is all the fault of Democrats. When an animal becomes a problem you either put them in a cage or you put them down. It’s just that simple!

Everything that Joey B has done has either directly, or indirectly, attributed to the current rise in crime. I have to admit that even I feel less safe. Of course, that has more to do with how Joey, and any number of other Democrats, have been calling for physical attacks on Republicans and the recent execution, by crazed left wing loon, of a young man, solely because he was Republican. It’s only complicated because we have a liberal Democrat as *president and they will hold no one accountable for their actions and continue to allow people to commit crimes without consequence. Look at every liberal run state and/or big city and you will see the exact same thing.

Perhaps a better adjective to use would be, “inconvenient.” I mean how can you claim to support the rule of law and the constitutional rights of all when the ‘rising crime’ keeps bringing attention to the fact that the Progressive agenda is about both subverting the rule of law, as well as the Constitution? If you don’t prosecute criminals and/or give them slap-on-the-wrist penalties, then they are not incentivized to alter their behavior. Other would-be criminals then see this and become emboldened to participate, therefore you end up creating even more criminals. This is not rocket science, folks. And it’s not complicated! Not by any means!

It was back in 2020 that the Democrats, and their many minions in the ‘fake news’ media, allowed a career criminal to essentially become a hero to the very same people who are now running amok in so many of our cities. Then Democrats told the police that they are dispensable, so now, many don’t care if your property, or your life get destroyed since they get the blame when they try to stop these feral animals. So, it’s not complicated at all. And, I truly do hope that it destroys every blue city and state. Because this is what they voted for, so this is what they deserve. Don’t try to flee to red states bringing your bad policies and your stupidity. Stay home!

Yeah, crime is complicated, just as is the border that no one is walking across, just like the recession we’re not in, just like inflation that isn’t happening, just like Joey’s amazing memory and articulation, just like the real terrorists at school board meetings, just like the election of 2020 was the most secure election in history, just like the hero transsexuals in kindergarten story times, just like the supply chain issues that are getting solved, just like gas prices that are now cheaper than ever, just like food prices that are all time lows, just like the FBI who evenly investigates and enforces the law….blah blah blah, way too complicated for all of us.

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