I rarely ever watched ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace during his 18 year stint at Fox News, and it’s these days that I pay even less attention to him now that he’s relocated to CNN. Like none! Buy still, like every piece of shit it’s every once and a while that he floats to the surface after having said something so outrageous and so patently untrue that I simply have to hear it for myself. And it was just such an occasion during a recent appearance of his on this week’s edition of “The Axe Files” when Commie Chris made the claim that Donald Trump’s “weird” rally last weekend in Ohio shows the president is “going in a darker and more extreme direction.”

And it’s a partial transcript of the rather bizarre exchange that follows:

DAVID AXELROD: What worries me is that the more he’s held accountable for acts of corruption, the more he is insists on the, that the system is corrupt. And that becomes more and more central to what he is saying. And he’s been heading in this direction for a long time. But how do you assess him right now? What do you think is going through his mind?

WALLACE: You know, I think. Let me make it clear to social media, I’m not comparing Trump to Putin, but there are some similarities here, which, as a person gets under more and more pressure, there are a variety of ways of reacting.

You know, the old saying, when you’re in a hole, stop digging. Putin isn’t doing that. And, you know, one could argue that Trump–not comparing them to Putin. But in a kind of tactical or strategic sense, is not doing that. You know, you had that weird thing over the weekend where he started talking about the country in very dystopian terms, and they started playing this music and people were putting up one finger and it seemed, not that I’m in any kind of an expert on this, kind of heading in the QAnon direction.

And what one wonders is, and he is under tremendous pressure, you know, in terms of the January 6th investigations, in terms of the documents and in terms of what he conceivably or may have done down in Atlanta with the DA there, now you’ve got Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, on whether he committed fraud by inflating the value fraudulently of his businesses. You know, he seems to be going in a darker and more extreme direction in terms of American politics. And, you know, that would be interesting, but not particularly important, except for the fact that there are millions of people who seem to be willing to follow him in those directions.


WALLACE: And that gets very alarming, because now we’re talking about the future of American democracy.

So is it any wonder that it’s a shrinking number of Americans who have any amount of trust in what they’re being told by the likes of ‘Commie Chris’ or, for that matter, a Communist like Axelrod? I mean Joey B. does a Satanic speech complete with red lighting, and Marine mannequins in the background and it’s President Trump who ‘Commie Chris’ says is “going in a darker and more extreme direction.” Now as we all know, ‘Commie Chris’ is no big thinker so is likely only saying what he’s told to say. Which he has no trouble doing since he needs constant validation and is desperately trying to be seen as relevant by those who are America hating, leftwing Democrats.

And why is it that we’ve NEVER once bothered to send the FBI to Joey B’s, Pelosi’s, or any other corrupt Democrat’s house. That, of course, is a rhetorical question that we all know the answer to! And don’t me about any visit the FBI might have paid to Hitery, that was nothing more than a stop by for some coffee! Look, we all know what this is so very clearly about, the Democrats are absolutely terrified of President Trump. They are out to do all they can to sabotage President Trump being able to run in 2024. And old ‘Commie Chris’ is happy to do, or to say, absolutely anything to demonstrate that he’s a team player that the Democrats can always count on!

And what seems to go completely unnoticed by this supposed career ‘journalist,’ is the fact that Joey B is out there actually instigating violence around the country. He supports riots, he lies about riots, and he allows mobs to threaten the lives of our Supreme court Justices. ‘Commie Chris’ is a fraud who has no problem with Joey B saying that those who believe in restoring America’s greatness are nothing more than the worst kind of extremists. It’s always utterly laughable when Democrats slip into ‘pious mode,’ clasp their hands in fake prayer, turn their eyes heavenward, and in hushed and fake reverent tones utter the words “our democracy.”

For years I knew that Wallace was a lowlife trash dump of lies and misinformation, but now I simply see him as a bitter liar living off of a fake persona as a ‘journalist.’ Both of these twisted mudslinging hacks should just go have a couple of beers and stop trying to think beyond your basic clouded, curvy and extreme eyesight!! What’s so clear to the rest of is that it’s racism, sexual perversion of children, censorship, versus honest and decent Americans who are tired of seeing their country be destroyed by the Democrats. Not to mention the destruction of our economy, our savings, our retirements and more. It’s a fight to save our nation from these people.

So just for the record, Joey B can use law enforcement to round up his opponents, steal an election, lie to the American people about his son and his illegal deals, sniff little girl’s hair, brag that he molested a 12 year old girl when he was 30, destroy the economy, destroy the nation by shipping illegal immigrants to swing districts, use law enforcement like fascist scum to enforce his will, weaponize the FBI and intelligence agencies against his opponents, and surrender to the terrorists after a trillion dollars and thousands of dead, but not before giving them 90 Billion in U.S. military hardware, and President Trump is dark when he talks about putting America First. Got it!


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