So riddle me this, could this country be any more divided than it is right now because our current *president who, before he was actually ‘selected,’ promised us from his basement that his main goal as president would be to bring the American people together, to unite us as one people. And just as so many of us feared, that was very much an empty promise. And now we have Democrats telling anyone foolish enough to listen to that if the Republicans are successful in taking back control of Congress this November and make good on their promise to investigate the ‘Joey B. Crime Family,’ it will only serve to divide this country even more. What a bunch of malarkey!!!

So, while the Democrats were free to conduct all manner of bogus investigations against President Trump and to ‘impeach’ him, not once but twice, on purely trumped-up charges, the Republicans are not to be afforded the same opportunity to investigate the guy who not only is purposely trying to destroy our country but is, as well, very clearly the single most corrupt individual ever elected to any political office. Does that make sense to anyone? Democrats continue to flaunt their reckless disregard for the rule of law and to demonstrate how they consider themselves as being above the law. A luxury not afforded to anyone outside their party.

So on Wednesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “GMA3,” Steny Hoyer argued that if the Republicans take over the majority in the House of Representatives, “They’re going to investigate” President Joe Biden and are “going to try to tear him down, and our country is going to be deeply divided.” Just the type of comment one would expect to hear from a member of the party that is clearly out to destroy America. This guy must think we’re completely stupid! What have the Democrats been doing to President Trump for the past six years? It’s been one investigation after another and now come the politically motivated lawsuits that are nothing more than political hitjobs.

And it was also Hoyer who then went on to say, “[L]et me tell you what’s going to happen if the Republicans take over the House, they’ve said what they’re going to do. They’re going to investigate the President of the United States. They’re going to try to tear him down, and our country is going to be deeply divided. And very frankly, what the Republicans have done, what Donald Trump has done is deeply divide our country. Hoyer continued by saying, “And I think we Democrats, frankly, and I think Joe Biden, President Biden has worked all his life in trying to create bipartisanship. And so, we’ll pursue that, whatever happens in November.” What a pathetic liar!

And so according to Hoyer, it’s nothing that the Democrats do, or have done, that divides the country. They get more than a little testy when they think anyone else will do what they do. Unlike their attacks directed at President Trump, the charges against Joey have been very well documented. And while spying on, trying to entrap, demeaning, persecuting the entire Trump family is seen as being perfectly acceptable by those on the left, and even some on the right, such tactics are not to be employed against someone the caliber of Joey B. And even they know that Joey B. is corrupt, they circle the wagons and continue to deny that any wrongdoing has been done.

And so, it is yet again that we have the Democrats projecting upon their opposition that which they themselves are guilty of doing. And their opposition are those MAGA politicians as well as those Americans whose only crime is that they value freedom, liberty and justice. And it’s all getting so tiresome, most Americans know what’s going on. The Democrats are running scared. They know that if they don’t stop the MAGA candidates in November and President Trump in 2024, the jig will be up. All of the backdoor deals, the pay for play, the insider trade deals, as well as the fact that a weaponized IRS, FBI and/or DOJ may actually end up being used on them.

Hoyer simply doesn’t want Joey B to be put through all of the things that the Democrats put President Trump through, and continue to put him through. Because he knows that, unlike President Trump, Joey B is GUILTY of malfeasance and treason, and financially profiting from his entire time in office and so much more. The only thing President Trump is guilty of is exposing the political elites, on both sides of the aisle. President Trump came into office with the promise to “Make America Great Again.” But it turned out that many of our politicians simply wanted no part of that. There was far too much money to be made in forcing America down the toilet.

And so I ask you, just how removed from reality does one have to be before one is involuntarily locked up somewhere in a padded cell for their own safety as well as for the safety of those around them? Every time one of these Democrats open their mouths nothing but insanity, absurdity, and idiocy seems to spew forth. We have spell checkers for the dictionary challenged, grammar checkers for those with difficulty properly phrasing their thoughts; you’d think that by now Democrats would have invested in some sort of a stupidity checker. But then, they do have the ‘fake news’ media whose job, it seems, is to tell us what the Democrats ‘really’ meant.

And even if it divides the country, so what? We once had a Civil War, so what’s to prevent another split. Look, the Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution as written, so we have nothing in common with them. Therefore, we’re already divided. Look what the Democrats did to President Trump. And it was courtesy of demonic speech, in front of a demonic red background, that Joey split the country with his words when he called MAGA Americans evil. Our country is well on its way to becoming a Banana Republic. The Democrats hate all those who disagree with their mission to destroy this country. So again, we’re already divided, and they did it.

No one has done more harm to this country than Joey B? He and his handlers have been determined to destroy our nation and do damage to our citizens, since his first days after taking power. None of his Executive Orders have helped our citizens. In fact, they have done more damage than every president before him, combined. And given the fact that he has another two years in office much of the damage he does will likely be irreparable. He has already done much that may be impossible to repair. His reckless open borders policies, his idiotic energy policies, his disastrous economic policies and his outright dangerous foreign policy will be a tough fix.  

And the more favors Joey B provides to nations in return for the millions given to the Joey B Crime Family, the more difficult life will become for those who call this country home. Many countries, such as Communist Chinese, are being allowed to buy massive amounts of farmland in this country with most of what’s produced on that land going back to China, bypassing the American people. And it’s at the same time that our own government is still determined to keep valuable land out of service, even though there are dangerous shortages, that could be resolved if Americans were allowed to work it. It will never stop, as long as these Democrats remain in control.

And finally, Donald Trump was never supposed to actually win in 2016. ‘BO’ was supposed to be able to hand off the baton to Hitlery, so she could then continue the work begun by ‘BO’ and move forward with the complete dismantling of America. Such was the reason for her lackluster campaign, she thought she had it in the bag. And then to be made to suffer the embarrassment of a humiliating defeat at the hands of a political novice, well that was simply an unforgivable act that President Trump is still being punished for. So, there remains only one solution to all of this insanity, a massive Red Wave in November, and a landslide Trump victory in 2024.



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