To be perfectly honest before he became a candidate the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania I had never before heard of John Fetterman. And after reading up on him I came to be amazed that he was ever able to get himself elected to anything. But apparently Fetterman has served as the 34th lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania since 2019 and previously served as mayor of Braddock from 2006 to 2019. And the fact that he seems to be leading the Senate contest, it’s clear that the Democrats in his state will vote for absolutely anyone. And while I am no fan of Mehmet Oz, his opponent in the Senate contest, it’s compared to this dirtball Fetterman that Oz is damn saint.

And on top of everything else that we have heard about him now comes word that Fetterman once voted to free a murderer who killed someone with garden shears and hired a hitman to kill his accomplice. You see, it was some guy by the name of Charles Goldblum that was sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of killing a man with a pair of garden shears in a Pittsburgh parking garage. Goldblum also then hired a hitman to kill his accomplice, a key witness to the crime. The killing, which was part of an insurance fraud coverup, occurred in 1976, when Goldblum and his accomplice Clarence Miller lured their victim, George Wilhelm, into a parking garage.

And it was once they had him in the garage that Goldblum proceeded to stab Wilhelm 26 times. And then when this creep was out on bail, Goldblum attempted to hire a hitman to kill Miller. Goldblum, who has maintained his innocence, was facing death in prison after making seven unsuccessful clemency appeals. But in 2019, against the desires of Wilhelm’s family, Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons, which this scumbag Fetterman chairs, voted overwhelmingly to free Goldblum from prison. The board argued in favor of the decision, saying that the prosecutor and judge concluded that Goldblum was not the main assailant but rather an accomplice.

In 2007, however, a federal appeals court wrote “there is just too much evidence here establishing Goldblum’s guilt” when they declined a request from Goldblum for an evidentiary hearing. Meanwhile, no one has disputed that Goldblum attempted to hire a hitman. Goldblum was released from prison last year, prompting Fetterman to remark that he was “happy that he’s going to be going home to his family.” He also claimed that Goldblum was “not a threat to public safety.” The commutation of Goldblum’s sentence was one component of Fetterman’s continuing to promise to free even more prisoners and transform the state’s pardon process.

Fetterman campaign spokesman Joe Calvello has claimed that “Goldblum was wrongfully convicted and that is why John, along with every other member of the Board of Pardons, voted to recommend clemency.” When he was awaiting trial, Goldblum plotted to get Miller killed, as he was expected to testify against Goldblum. The convicted murderer agreed to pay an undercover detective $2,000 to kill Miller. But Goldblum was not the only criminal that Fetterman has voted to release upon an unsuspecting public. It was just last year that he also voted to release Wayne Covington, who pled guilty to killing a man for money so that he could buy heroin.

And we can add to all of the other reasons that Fetterman should not be elected to the Senate, the fact that he suffered a major stroke back in May. And while many of his Democrat colleagues continue to tell voters that he’s “recovering,” his stroke was months ago and he is now well beyond the typical recovery period. At this point he will never improve, and the lasting effects of the scar tissue where his brain used to be will very likely only get worse as time goes by. He will never be able to comprehend what is happening around him, much less participate meaningfully in an intellectually challenging debate, whether it be on the street or in the Senate.

His disability MUST be considered by Pennsylvania voters. He cannot understand you. He cannot communicate with you. He cannot represent you. And yet they will vote for him anyway. They’re Democrats, it’s what they do. If they voted for a brain dead *president, they will most certainly vote for Fetterman. Being a Democrat is a mental illness. They just can’t help themselves. And so, as the country goes down the toilet they just stand around and applaud it. It really is quite amazing, but also very bizarre. I’ve never understood those who vote for Democrats. Why would one vote for those who are determined to make one’s life miserable while they live high on the hog?  

But let’s be honest, it’s at this point that Fetterman is simply a shill for the Democrats. If he does win the election, he will be removed/resign for medical reasons and be replaced with someone else of their choosing. Even the Democrats know time is running out for Fetterman, but at this point it’s too late to replace him. Their strategy has been to shelter him from debates and limit public appearances in the attempt to cover up his obvious cognitive impairments long enough to push him over the finish line. Then afterwards, they’ll replace him with another Democrat to serve out his term, or at least until a special election is held to permanently fill his seat.

This one act of releasing a convicted murderer should be more than enough to make Fetterman unelectable. But I’ve learned not to underestimate the stupidity of your average low information voters, regardless of the state in which they reside. In a sane world Fetterman wouldn’t even be on the ballot, let alone in the conversation about being sent to Washington. You really do have to wonder about the people in Pennsylvania when someone the caliber of Mr. Fetterman is even being a considered for the office he seeks. It’s easy to see the rationale of the left in making him a candidate, but how did the people of Pennsylvania ever vote this guy into any office?

But what is really troubling though, is the crowds that show up to support this fool. What that tells me about the people of Pennsylvania is that they are nothing more than a bunch of ‘sheeple.’ ‘Fetterwoman’ is truly scary. But to me what is really dangerous about this whole affair is that he will very likely win. So that leads me to believe the people are too stupid, too ignorant and morally corrupt to ever actually participate in America’s Constitutional Republic and truly shows how sick our society is today. This is what is killing America. We have the lies from those on the Left and the tearing down of morals and standards that humans have held dear for thousands of years.



  1. “But what is really troubling though, is the crowds that show up to support this fool. What that tells me about the people of Pennsylvania is that they are nothing more than a bunch of ‘sheeple.’ ‘Fetterwoman’ is truly scary.

    But to me what is really dangerous about this whole affair is that he will very likely win. So that leads me to believe the people are too stupid, too ignorant and morally corrupt to ever actually participate in America’s Constitutional Republic and truly shows how sick our society is today. This is what is killing America.”

    Last week, on 2 different nights, Tucker Carlson did a in-depth spread on this mentally retarded,and as the blacks say, a jive-ass shyster-shucking-con-man.

    For a number of years he has tried to portray himself as a friend to every man that wears CARHARTT, and he may drive a truck for a living, or swing a hammer, maybe run a chainsaw.

    Or possibly a mechanic, etc etc. you get the picture. A friend to all the blue-collar male workforce. Tucker showed how he’s been getting away with this con game and how he actually grew up. Growing up “Privileged”, is putting it extremely mildly.

    “Fetterman grew up in the wealthiest enclave in York, and his father became a partner at an insurance firm that he later on, wound up owning.

    Fetterman’s father achieved success in the insurance industry and the family became wealthy. Fetterman grew up in an affluent suburb of York and both of his parents were conservative Republicans.”

    “On the campaign trail for Mayor of Braddock, Fetterman described his upbringing as “privileged”, saying he “sleepwalked” through his young adulthood, playing four years of football in college and intending to eventually take over as owner of his father’s business.

    In 1991, Fetterman graduated from Albright College, also his father’s alma mater, with a bachelor’s degree in finance, after which he received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Connecticut in 1993.

    Fettermans father over the years became One of the wealthiest insurance salesman in the entire state and owning his own firm with over 300 employees. “

    “He’s never accomplished anything in his life including all of his grades and his schooling has been sealed. To this day people that knew him in college have said they don’t know how he made it through except his parents had to have paid some people off because the entire time they knew him he talked on the level of a eighth grader!

    Furthermore the speech problem that he’s trying to pass off as something recently, is a canard. He’s had serious speech problems even back in college.

    He’s also had serious memory problems his entire life. Even when people knew that he belonged back in those days, he rode the short bus, it was called that for special education, because his IQ just from listening to him, you can tell it’s no more than 75! )

    (From Tuckers show, SEPTEMBER 7th Below is just part of it. You can read it or listen to it. )

    Tucker Carlson: John Fetterman has a long list of documented failures

    “For generations, Braddock, Pennsylvania, was a real place and then inevitably the steel plant closed and the usual disasters arrived — unemployment, hopelessness, drugs. People left by the thousands, but one man saw an opportunity in Braddock, Pennsylvania.

    Not an opportunity for the town, but an opportunity for himself. That man’s name was John Fetterman. Fetterman was 35 years old and had never in his life had a real job. Fetterman was not from Braddock, hardly. He grew up in an affluent neighborhood four hours away. “

    “Fetterman had spent his adult life going to school — first to business school, then to Harvard for a so-called Masters of Public Policy, which for the uninitiated, is an utterly meaningless document that you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get in order to tell people that you went to Harvard.

    But in Fetterman’s case, it wasn’t expensive at all. It was free. His dad paid for it and paid for everything else. As the Philadelphia Inquirer put it, “For a long stretch, lasting well into his 40s, deep into middle-age, Fetterman’s main source of income came from his parents. They gave him and his family $54,000 in 2015 alone.”

    “In other words, John Fetterman was a classic trustafarian, a flaky, middle-aged man looking for a purpose in life and in Braddock, Pennsylvania, he found one. In 2005, a year after arriving in Braddock, Fetterman announced he was running for mayor and amazingly, boldly, given that he was a professional student living off his rich family, John Fetterman decided to run as a blue-collar populist — but the media asked no questions. They loved it.

    In John Fetterman, the media saw themselves. He was just like them. So, Fetterman narrowly won the race and then the campaign to boost John Fetterman’s career began in earnest.

    The Guardian newspaper described John Fetterman as the “coolest mayor” in the country. The New York Times told its readers, who didn’t know any better, that John Fetterman had “turned the busted town of Braddock, PA, into a national symbol of hope, hard work and authentic blue jeans.”

    How inspiring. Fetterman thought it was. He went on a national tour to brag about how he was single-handedly saving this benighted mill town in western Pennsylvania. He gave a TED talk — of course, he did — about how he was running Braddock using the lessons that he learned at Harvard.

    In 2011, he went — of course he did — to the Aspen Ideas Festival to further brag. Here’s what he said: “We created the first art gallery in the four-town region with artists’ studios. We did public art installations. And I don’t know if you consider it art exactly, but I consider growing organic vegetables in the shadow of a steel mill an art, and that has attracted homesteading.”

    “It’s so perfect: homesteading, organic vegetables, art installations and also, again, inevitably a heaping dose of climate theology, all imported from Harvard.

    Fetterman imposed on a town with no jobs, carbon caps on Braddock, Pennsylvania, and he claimed these carbon caps would somehow — he never explained how.

    This would bring more manufacturing jobs back. He called this initiative “Carbon Caps = Hard Hats.” So expensive, unreliable energy will mean more manufacturing jobs and yet somehow no one laughed at him, so John Fetterman kept going.”

    “In his entire tenure as the mayor of Braddock, John Fetterman cast a single vote at a city council meeting and it was a meaningless one. It was a procedural vote for borough president.”


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