Just when you think you’ve heard it all from the Democrats, out pops another from under his rock to spew some of the most ridiculous drivel ever spewed by anyone in his party. Which would be funny if it weren’t so politically transparent. Because at the same time that we have Democrats taking advantage of those who they are actively encouraging to come to this country, illegally, because they think there is a political advantage to be gained by doing so, we now have Democrats accusing Republican governors, who relocate some of these illegals to places that boast of being sanctuary cities, of being “pathetic” for continuing to do so.

And it was just this past Sunday, during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” hosted by the rumored to be soon fired Chuck Todd, that ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, Democrat from Illinois, claimed that “it is pathetic” that Govs. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis were taking advantage of helpless people by sending migrants to northern cities. And he was both serious and was able to make such an idiotic statement with a straight face.  Now let’s be clear, if there is one guy who knows a thing or two about being pathetic, it would most certainly be ‘Little Dick’ Durbin. Durbin is clearly one of the most pathetic individuals you could find anywhere here on planet Earth!

Anyway, ‘Little Dick’ said, “It is pathetic that the governors are taking advantage of these helpless people, making promises to them, and off they go to places far removed from where they’re supposed to be appearing under the requirements of our law in a matter of weeks and months. He is jeopardizing their stay here. Why is it when the Republicans want to enforce their immigration theories, it’s always the kids that end up being the victims? We saw it with kids in cages. We saw it with the forcible removal of children with their parents, some of who have never been reunited. Once against it’s the kids and families transported for political purposes.”

And he went on to say, “They have broken every basic standard of decency when is it comes to dealing with children and family. These people are, at the moment, legally in the United States. Some of them, one family I met, it’s been five months from Venezuela, literally walking to our border. They went through every possible outrage from theft, stealing their cell phones, pushing them into a jungle for a period of time with in man who didn’t think he could survive. They finally made it to the United States, only to be exploited by the governor of Texas, in their case. I don’t think when you get down to the basic rules of politics. This passes the smell test.”

So if I’m understanding ‘Little Dick’ correctly, providing transportation to sanctuary cities is now to be seen as being a bad thing for the millions of illegal aliens that ‘Joey B & Friends’ have lured into this country, with all manner of promises of getting all manner of benefits they get absolutely free, simply by showing up! So how is it Abbott’s and/or DeSantis’ fault that rich white liberals talk out of both sides of their mouth? They loudly proclaim their cities to be sanctuary cities until folks actually start showing up, and it shouldn’t really matter how it is that they show up. And as soon as Liberals are made to deal with problem they come completely unhinged.

And yet, Democrats like old ‘Little Dick’ are taking advantage of Americans who live on the border every single day. Bussing illegals into sanctuary locations and listening to these “pathetic” liberals scream is hilarious. Martha’s Vineyard pronounced themselves to be a sanctuary town that would welcome any, and all, illegals. So why is it suddenly considered to be “pathetic” for having simply taken them at their word? And why is it OK for ‘Joey B & Friends’ to ship illegals to red states in the dark of the night with nary a comment by the self-righteous ‘Little Dick’ Durbin and his ilk? And how many illegals has Illinois taken, other than the few sent to Chicago?

When Donald Trump was President he clearly understood the importance of not encouraging people to make the trip, and he took measures to prevent them from doing so. His policies made sense and, more importantly, they worked. But because they were Trump’s policies, they had to be gotten rid of when Joey got to the White House. So, it’s the Democrats who have created this problem because anything that resulted from policies put in place by President Trump, whether dealing with the economy, energy or immigration needed to be gotten rid of as expeditiously as possible. Therefore, any resulting deaths of these “helpless people” is on them.

But look, what really has old ‘Little Dick’s panties in a bunch is the fact that the Democrats don’t like the fact immigration is now back on the front burner before the midterms. It’s ‘Little Dick’s party that has created this mess, so now he wants to focus on their hardships? Give me a break. Joey B promised them a goldmine, so why should they now be surprised that we have a gold rush. And how hypocritical to demand these millions of unvetted gold rushers stay in the border states far! I’m thinking it’s only fair that governors like Abbott and DeSantis share the wealth, so to speak. Joey needs to shut down the border and send these people back home!

And it’s Democrats, of which ‘Little Dick’ is one, who have orchestrated their idea of this ‘final solution,’ That being, of course, a third world/drug cartel conquest of the United States complete with looting and the killing of U.S. citizens and the purpose of which is to essentially ‘ethnically cleanse’ whites from the political landscape. The Democrat Party is the entity taking advantage of these people, millions upon millions of them, in their effort to try to alter the political demographics of the country. They don’t care how many die, or how many women are raped, or how many children are trafficked. These aren’t people to the Democrat party; they’re a means to an end.

The ‘Emperor Has No Clothes,’ because the white liberals of Martha’s Vineyard have now shown us WHAT and WHO the Democrat Party really is. They are consummate hypocrites. The hypocrisy and tone deafness of ‘Little Dick’ is deafening. ‘Little Dick’ said nothing about Joey’s midnight flights of illegals. He said nothing when Texas cities cried out for help. He said nothing and has done nothing to help the overwhelmed Border Patrol. He’s done nothing about the fentanyl coming across our border. And now he wants to whine about how a few Republican governors refuse to go along with this insanity and are now fighting back! Good for them, I say!!!

So I guess when it’s the Democrats who “take advantage of these helpless people” it’s all well and good, and us peons simply have to suck it up and deal with it or risk being labeled as racist. It’s only when the rich white liberals get to enjoy the fruits of their “sanctuary” policies that it suddenly becomes a problem! The depth of their hypocrisy literally knows no bounds!! By the way, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. That is, if you try and make a legal case for shipping illegals around the country you best be prepared to get counter sued right back! Joey has sent millions all over our land, what these governors have sent is a merely a drop in the bucket!

And finally, let me just say that these “helpless people” do not belong here, and the way they were treated in Martha’s Vineyard was as vulgar a display of humanity run amuck as I have ever seen. But we shouldn’t be surprised, after all, because that’s how liberals typically behave. Furthermore, if Joey can ignore immigration laws by first letting these people in and then flying them all over the country, then so can these governors. These left-wing nutcases are disgruntled because they’ve finely been caught up in your own trap. They seem to think the rest of America is deserving of every scheme they can dream up, while they are special and above reproach.


  1. There was a song written about him back in the 90s by hip hop rap group 20 Fingers: “Short Short Man.” 😄😄😄😄😄


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