It’s the upcoming midterm elections are going to be a very telling event as they will likely tell us much about the current mental state of the American people. Because it’s in 56 days that we will know pretty much exactly, just how ignorant, how gullible, how uninformed and yes, I’m afraid, just how many of them there are that still possess a love for this country. And unless there is a complete repudiation of everything the Democrats continue to stand for, and we have less a red wave than a red tsunami, I fear that this country can safely be said to be officially over.

And just one of the many examples of what is now taking place in the lead up to the elections is what we now see taking place here in Florida regarding the contest that will determine who will be the state’s next governor. On one side we have the state’s current, and very popular. Republican governor, Ron DeSantis. On the other side we have his opponent, the former Republican, former Independent and now Democrat Charlie Crist, perhaps the most desperate man in all of American politics. And it’s Crist who is doing all that he can to portray Gov. DeSantis as the Devil incarnate.  

I think it’s everyone, except Crist, who recognizes DeSantis as being the guy who has made Florida the number one destination for all those folks fleeing Blue States all across the country. And yet, it’s Crist who is now telling anyone willing to listen that he’s the guy who can save Florida from what ails it, but as someone who lives in Florida, I’m not exactly sure what it is that I need to be saved from other than, of course, the continuing damage being done to my country by those like Crist himself. Crist’s decision to resort to such divisive rhetoric is not new to his campaign.

You see, a recently resurfaced video, taken by an attendee at a Crist campaign event in Pinellas back on March 17, showed Crist, who had yet to secure his primary victory, heaping praise on Ukraine President Zelensky while making a subtle comparison to himself. It was then that he said, “And you want to know what the colors are? Look that sign right there. You see the colors, the blue and the yellow. Does that remind you of any country, we’re fighting for freedom too.” And he called Zelensky “amazing” for the “courage and the strength and the decency that he shows.”

And Crist continued by saying, “This is an election about decency, about being decent to one another, about being kind to everyone.” And he added, “It’s called a Florida for all.” Crist then called Gov. Ron DeSantis a “divider” and informed the crowd that “some” apparently call the governor “DeSatan.” He said, “We got a divider on the other side and the uniter over here. You know, some people call him DeSatan. Have you heard that? … I’m trying to be nice. DeSatan versus that?” He said, “The choice is crystal clear. There is no question about it. He’s bad. We’re good!”

Despite attempting to brand himself as being a uniter, as well as a savior, Crist has chosen to follow in the footsteps of Joey B, as he has continued to unleash all manner divisive, and exceedingly toxic, rhetoric and insulting millions of voters along the way. When he is not deeming DeSantis “the biggest threat to democracy we’ve seen since Trump,” he is insulting millions of Floridians. It was as recently as last month that Crist declared, “Those who support the governor should stay with him and vote for him, and I don’t want your vote!” Well, he hasn’t got to worry about that!

And he added, “If you have that hate in your heart, keep it there. I want the vote of the people of Florida who care about our state. Good Democrats. Good independents. Good Republicans. Unify with this ticket.” Crist praised Joey B for having the “courage” to demonize millions of Americans following the president’s angry anti-MAGA speech. He asked, “How many of you saw Joe Biden speak last night on national TV?” He continued, “And he’s told it straight. Democracy is at stake. And the President laid it out, and he couldn’t hold back and I’m so damn proud of him for it.”

Those the least bit familiar with Crist understand that the only thing he is a savior of is, Charlie Crist. The corrosive rhetoric against DeSantis was to be expected, after all what else has this loser got. Democrats have nothing to run on except failure, so expect the mudslinging to get uglier still. Any politician who can so easily switch parties shows that they clearly have no core values and are in it for the grift. Sounds like our boy Charlie. Gotta love Charlie – the ultimate political bottom feeder. I’m no political expert, but I doubt that Crist is helping himself much with such comments.

Interesting echo chamber in which these Democrats live. DeSantis is immensely popular, which is a primary reason folks are moving to Florida from blue states. Crist knows he doesn’t stand a chance, which is probably why he’s spewing a never-ending stream of lies. The man has never accomplished anything of importance, including his one term as Republican governor of Florida. Many believe he is also bisexual, but that’s the least of my concerns. He’s nothing but a political joke, pure and simple, and the absurd comment about Governor DeSantis is more than ample proof.

We love our governor here, he has kept us all safe and free and kept the Marxist groomers off our children, kept CRT out of our schools, cleaned up the voting system and done many great things for us. Crist has no chance against DeSantis, and name-calling only makes him look small, if that’s possible. Frankly, I’m beginning to think that Crist is running his campaign as a form of satire mocking Democrats and he has no intention of even trying to win. His positions are gibberish and he’s smart enough to know it. I think he’s actually trying to hand the election to DeSantis

Has anyone else noticed how there has not been one Democrat anywhere running any ads touting any specific achievement when it comes to improving the lives of working-class Americans? Most every ad I’ve seen is basically saying, “Vote Democrat because even though we’ve made your lives more expensive and more miserable, at least we’re not Republicans.” If you vote Democrat in November, and they are able to remain power, then you deserve all the misery and economic pain the Democrats will give you. And what will piss me off is the fact that you’ll be forcing me into the same boat as you.


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